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More Evidence of Palestinians, King Suleyman . . . Oh Wait, It’s the Jews & King Solomon

By Debbie Schlussel

More and more archeological evidence piles up every year, betraying the Palestinians’ specious claim that they ever had anything to do with Jerusalem or what is now the State of Israel.  Each time, the excavations find more Jewish construction and objects dating back thousands of years, but not a single item or structure from the so-called “Palestinians” or any other Arabic or Muslim community.  Although I’m jaded and not surprised by a single propaganda tactic or lie put forth by the artificially-created “Palestinians” and their Muslim allies, they have yet to point to a single ancient discovery that establishes any claim to these areas.  And all of this is, of course, on top of the Jewish Temple, of which the Western Wall remains.  It always was a Jewish site and has been there since ancient times.


Archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar & Ancient Jewish Walls of Jerusalem

The latest is the recently excavated fortifications of Jerusalem, which date back 3,000 years to the time of King Solomon and King David and support the Biblical narrative about the area. Pottery found in the area bears ancient Hebrew, NOT Arabic. Ditto for royal seals bearing Hebrew names. It also answers that anti-Israel ignoramus, Pat Condell, and his baloney claims that Jerusalem was never a Jewish city.

“It’s the most significant construction we have from First Temple days in Israel,” says archeologist Eilat Mazar.

Ancient stone fortifications that were recently uncovered outside the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City date back some 3,000 years to the time of King Solomon and support the biblical narrative about the era, according to archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar, who spoke to a group of reporters at the site on Monday.

If the age of the wall is correct, the finding would be an indication that Jerusalem was home to a strong central government that had the resources and manpower needed to build massive fortifications in the 10th century BCE.

“It’s the most significant construction we have from First Temple days in Israel,” Mazar said on Monday. “And it means that at that time, the 10th century, in Jerusalem there was a regime capable of carrying out such construction.”

The section of the city wall revealed, which is 70 meters long and six meters high, is located in the area known as the Ophel, between the City of David and the southern wall of the Temple Mount.

Next, the brazen Palestinians will tell us it was really King “Dawud.”

An inner gatehouse for access into the royal quarter of the city was uncovered in the city wall complex, along with a royal structure adjacent to the gatehouse and a corner tower that overlooks a substantial section of the adjacent Kidron Valley. . . .

“The city wall that has been uncovered testifies to a ruling presence,” Mazar said. “Its strength and form of construction indicate a high level of engineering, and the city wall is at the eastern end of the Ophel area in a high, strategic location atop the western slope of the Kidron Valley.

A comparison of this latest finding with city walls and gates from the period of the First Temple, as well as pottery found at the site, enable us to postulate, with a great degree of assurance, that the wall that has been revealed is that which was built by King Solomon in Jerusalem in the latter part of the tenth century BCE,” she continued.

“This is the first time that a structure from that time has been found that may correlate with written descriptions of Solomon’s building in Jerusalem,” she added.

“The Bible tells us that Solomon built – with the assistance of the Phoenicians, who were outstanding builders – the Temple and his new palace and surrounded them with a city, most probably connected to the more ancient wall of the City of David.”

Mazar specifically cited the third chapter of Kings I, which includes the words “until he [Solomon] had made an end of building his own house, and the house of the Lord, and the wall of Jerusalem round about.” . . .

Pottery shards discovered within the fill of the lowest floor of the royal building near the gatehouse also testify to the 10th-century-BCE dating of the complex. On the floor, excavators found remnants of large storage jars that survived destruction by fire and that were found in rooms that apparently served as storage areas on the ground floor of the building. One of the jars shows a partial inscription in ancient Hebrew indicating it belonged to a high-level government official.

“The jars that were found are the largest ever found in Jerusalem,” said Mazar, adding that “the inscription found on one of them shows that it belonged to a government official, apparently the person responsible for overseeing the provision of baked goods to the royal court.”

In addition to the pottery shards, cult figurines were also found in the area, as were seal impressions on jar handles with the word “to the king,” testifying to their usage within the monarchy. Also found were seal impressions (bullae) with Hebrew names, indicating the royal nature of the structure.

Jerusalem . . . the City of David has always been Jewish and it always should be. The “Palestinians”–or Muslims of any kind had NOTHING to do with it.

Read my column, “Whose Jerusalem?” for more on the facts regarding Muslim claims to Jerusalem.

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