April 12, 2006, - 9:53 am

Gloria Steinem/Martha Burk, Meet Ghada Jamshir: MUST WATCH VIDEO

Over the years, I’ve asked why annoying feminist activists like Martha Burk and Gloria Steinem whine about women not being members of a private golf club for billionaires and other trivialities. I’ve asked why Gloria Steinem blamed 9/11 attacks in which almost 3,000 Americans were murdered by Muslims on men (American men, not the 19 Arab Muslim men who did it). I’ve asked .
I’ve never gotten an answer. But now, there is a woman who is a REAL feminist and who is brave enough to go on Al-Arabiyah, the popular Arab Muslim TV network, to denounce this Islamic hatred of women (see video provided by MEMRI, here). Her name is Ghada Jamshir, and she denounces the Islamic practices of polygamy, child rape, and female circumcision. She also denounces

Ghada Jamshir Denounces Islam’s Treatment of Women

(For those who are not familiar with mut’ah, it is the Islamic practice of temporary marriage for the sole purpose of sex. In a mut’ah marriage, a man can marry a woman for as briefly as a few hours or longer (a year) for, again, the sole purpose of having sex with the woman. Then the man can divorce her without any strings–no alimony, no child support for any kids fathered, nothing. Mut’ah marriage is primarily a Shi’ite Muslim practice, which was outlawed by the Sunni Saddam Hussein. Now that he is gone, the practice is back and widespread in Iraq.)
Ghada Jamshir appears to be a brave woman for saying what she did on Al-Arabiyah. Now, she needs to hire a bodyguard and get a gun. Her life is in danger.
Watch the WHOLE video.

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4 Responses

That was AWESOME. What a brave and wonderful woman. I love her response when he says people have called her a heretic.
When did this interview take place? Do you have anything else from her? I’d love to hear/read about it.

Concerned Conservative on April 12, 2006 at 10:26 am

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, it just amazes me the liberals aren’t the ones leading the war cry against the Islamo militants.
Simply amazing. All the nuts came here salivating about Jill Carroll, where are the same ones talking about this?

Jeff_W on April 12, 2006 at 3:12 pm

It sounds like to me that “mut’ah” is just an Islamic word for “legal rape”. funny how muslims jump on westerners for being evil for such acts as “adultry”…

Avatar on April 12, 2006 at 3:18 pm

What was also sad is Irshad Manji wrote “The Problem with Islam,” then felt the need to hire bodyguards to protect her from people of her own faith (she later decided against having bodyguards). Reason being is she said that Israel treats its Arab Muslim citizens well, that the Koran condones violence, that modern Muslims treat women and gays horribly…
For this, she felt under threat of death. The world needs FAR more Manjis and Jamshirs.

hqsbud on April 13, 2006 at 10:15 am

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