April 21, 2006, - 11:14 am

OUTRAGE: Criminal Aliens Mass-Released to Make Room for Julie Myers/Michael Chertoff Show-Raids

While I was away for the last part of Passover, Immigration chieftess a/k/a “The ICE Princess,” did some show raids of aliens and managers at Dutch pallet-maker IFCO Systems, around the country.
The outrage, as one high-ranking Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent told me, is that criminal aliens were released to make room for these staged arrests:

Now I know why Detention and Removal was reducing occupancy from 1200 to 900 by releasing “minor criminals,” such as wife beaters and child abusers. It was apparently so that there would be room for pallet makers!

But even before Passover was over, many of the illegal aliens arrested by ICE agents under Myers’ “command,” were already released, as reported last night on ABC’s “Nightline” (which showed the aliens leaving detention facilities with their “notices to appear”–as if they will). So, what was that Homeland Security chief was saying about “ending catch and release” of illegal aliens?

That Little?: Homeland Security’s Chertoff/John Waters Look-Alike Still Has Impotent Immigration Enforcement Policy

And why IFCO, hardly a household name? Why, not, a bigger, more well-known company that ICE knows knowingly hires illegal aliens? A company like WAL-MART. We’ve detailed how Myers’ predecessor Michael Garcia . ICE agents had tape of top Wal-Mart execs pressuring contractors to hire them.
A raid on Wal-Mart and arrests of its execs would have been news. This isn’t. We’ll see if the arrests continues and are followed by meaningful prosecutions. Don’t hold your breath. The raids are particularly phony because, as we noted back in January, near Galveston before even checking their IDs to see if they were legit.
Mr. Burns told the press that this week’s raids took over a year of planning. If it takes a whole year of planning to do one or two days of raids solely on one obscure employer and then release a good deal of the arrested aliens anyway, what is the point? We are in trouble.
Below is a chart detailing what’s really going on. As ICE agents tell me, they did many, many more raids on and arrests of illegal alien employees and employers under Bill Clinton than under George W. Bush.

If this were not bad enough, below are the instructions Julie Myers gave her Detention & Removal Operations agents regarding which aliens can be released (“NON-MANDATORY DETENTION”): those convicted of “crimes relating to domestic violence, stalking, and the abuse or neglect of children,” among others. As the agent who sent us this wrote, “Kick ’em back on the street [candidates] include child abusers!”

As we’ve written, don’t look for much to change in immigration enforcement, because , and sources at the ICE Palace say she wants out, just months after she started. If she has any respect for the American people and any genuine concern about the hemorrhaging borders (doubtful), she will resign soon. But that’s the thing about her appointment and Homeland Security in general: There’s no skill or concern involved when you’re running the show, there. It’s simply a “Family Affair.”

(Mr. Julie Myers Woods/Gen. Myers/Mrs. Julie Myers Woods/Chertoff-Mr. Burns “Family Affair” courtesy of David Lunde/Lundesigns)

****UPDATE: Feedback from a trusted reader on one of Julie Myers’ many appearances, yesterday, to promote her show-raids of illegals (not saying we agree with everything in the e-mail, but . . . .):

Subject: Julie M on Cavuto
Greetings…..Thurs. 4/19 Cavuto / Fox News…….
Julie Myers was on re: the “photo op” raids that took place rounding up the illegals.
This is the longest she has spoken on any show that I have seen her. Cavuto asked her questions, 1 on 1. (Now I am not going to be nasty cause it is still Holy Week . . . .)
OH MY GOD !!! (Not shouting but emphasizing. I’m still in disbelief)
1. What an embarrassment she is!!!!!! (SHAME ON BUSH!)
2. She mispronounces simple words (just like the guy who appointed
her, GWB. One word was Social “Security.” Already forgot the other, I was so disgusted.) There was a good 3 – 4 mispronunciations.
3. Her inexperience shows soooo very, very, very much. Also her lack of maturity .
4. Educated???? In what????? You’d never know it when she opens
her mouth.
5. Mucho lack of any authoritativeness. Does not possess even a
quality to “pretend” to be anything in law enforcement. She could have spoken at least “firmly” or with “conviction,” not like a very young high school kid.
I do not know any ICE Agents at all, but tell ya what: My heart goes out to each & every one of those that are truly a professional & effective.
How in the hell do they contend with & “report” to a boss of her
stature????? How do they even get out of bed everyday & report for work?????? How very very disgusting.
Sure glad she is p.g. Hope she has twins or triplets, so she can be a stay at home mom (no offense to any other woman, honest). She needs to stay at home & outta sight!!!!!!!
Conclusion : Those “run a way eyes” are to spook one out, so one is totally focused on them & so they are distracted to not hear a word she says!!!!!!
What a joke. You nailed her right to the “T,” & I’m glad I learned about her through you, or my head would be still spinning trying to figure her appointment out. Seeing is believing & I have seen enough!!!
Be sure to tell the ICE Agents that you know: This civilian with no law enforcement experience “prays” for them, so they don’t quit their jobs. ‘Cause any damn dummy can see right through her. WE are in deep doo-doo.

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14 Responses

It’s simply a “Family Affair.” That’s why I have no confidence in George W. Bush: ALL THE DAMN CRONYISM!! It’s sickening! George W. Bush is “The Chihuahuan Candidate!”

Yiddish Steel on April 21, 2006 at 12:15 pm

I am so sick of the charade by GWB. He is aiding and abetting Illegal Immigration and is leaving our Borders wide open.
One of his constitutional duties that he swore to uphold was to enforce our borders.He could send the national guard to the border in a New York minute but he keeps on telling Illegals he is going to give them Amnesty for breaking our laws.
They are coming in by the thousands to get on the Amnesty promise.
It is time for him to be impeached immediately for lack of regard for the laws of this nation. He is opening encouraging the invasion of our country by Mexico.
This is Treason is it not?

ScottyDog on April 21, 2006 at 12:41 pm

Excellent reporting Debbie. However, we need to remember where the ‘buck’ stops and that is with none other than “family values don’t stop at the border” Senor BUSH.
I’m not fond of the ‘ICE Princess’ either but trust me on this one — she is nothing more than a sock-puppet for G.W.
A cursory examination of Bush’s position on illegal invaders reveals the true situation. There is a massive amount of information available for anyone willing to look. He even resorted to playing the ‘race-card’ against the very people responsible for his last presidential victory! Then there’s the in-laws thing with his brother, etc. etc. I also remember how he shocked ex-governor of California Wilson with his views on illegals in a meeting they had years ago.
Senor Bush has single-handedly destroyed what is left of the republican party. Unless they take him to task on this much like they did with he tried to force-feed us Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court. Can you guess what HER views were on the illegal invaders was??
Let’s not get too distracted with Julie. She is following orders to a degree. We must keep the pressure on our representatives in Washington. After they have spoken on all this with their “guest worker” plan, then WE will speak, in a loud and clear voice, when they are up for re-election!

Paraclese on April 21, 2006 at 1:02 pm

Also, rumor now has it that there are a throng of people in Mexico moving toward our border in anticipation of becoming new “guest workers.” They are waiting to see what Congress does on this. They have Vincente Fox’s full blessing along with the maps he had printed up for them on where to cross the borders.

Paraclese on April 21, 2006 at 1:10 pm

rumor has it.shut up and vote republican.Or we will have hilery.

danny on April 21, 2006 at 4:12 pm

“rumor has it.shut up and vote republican.Or we will have hilery.” – Danny
Take no council of your fears, Hillary will never become President of the United States. Though she may be popular with the darling left in the MSM and in the cultural wastelands of New York and California, she would not win a single state below the Mason-Dixon line. Further, she is probably one of the most hated women by the very large group of voters who gave Bush his last Presidential victory — Protestant Christians. Who by the way, outnumber both Catholics and Jews by an enormous percentage in this country.
This group of voters is overwhelmingly pro-Israel and much more conservative than Bush has turned out to be. They are disappointed in him. It would not be wise for anyone, politically, to alienate them. Hillary has and often.
Danny, you should try to see things from a more global perspective. If you are Jewish then you are a member of two groups — not just one. There is a larger group and then there is the much smaller group. If the larger one perishes then the smaller one must necessarily perish along with it. It is easy to fall into the trap of concerning ourselves with just the smaller group we belong to while essentially ignoring the larger group. This is a great error.
Everyone in the US should be very concerned about illegal and even legal immigration. Why? Because its all about numbers. In a representative form of government, those who can produce the most voters rule. That means that their religious beliefs, their cultural norms will predominate whether we agree with them or not. This is how, for example, Sharia law could eventually take place. In a government like ours, this is well within the scope of possibility. This is one of the great dangers of representative forms of government — they only work well with homogonous or near-homogenous populations. This is also why the Ted Kennedys and Barbara Boxers are so contemptable. They have a sworn duty to protect our people and our cultural way of life. Yet, for the love of money [greed] and p.c. insanity they assist our eventual displacement and destruction.
Indeed, we are also destroying ourselves even without their help. As in Europe, we are not having enough babies to replace ourselves. This is what has led to the mass importation of millions of Islamic peoples into Europe without the slightest thought being given to the consequences for the native peoples. The jobs Europeans “just wouldn’t do” were filled but then vanished on the winds of economic change. Leaving behind an enormous population of restless people who have no problem having more than enough babies to replace themselves.
We are following closely in Europe’s foot-steps. It is even shocking to hear the same slogans used in favor of immigration in the 1970s in Europe being used today by our own politicians. The slogans are nearly verbatim. If you want to see our future, look no further than Europe. Perhaps this image sums it up best:
This is the fate of Europe. I hope it is not ours.
Sorry to be so dire with all of this but we must pay attention to it.

Paraclese on April 22, 2006 at 5:09 pm

Basically the West is not looking good these days. Giving the Muslims “democracy” won’t stop this encroaching Ottoman armies, and it’s starting to look like a war on the horizon. Not between us and them, between them and Red China over who dominates North America once we’re weakened by inevitable conflict at the neglected border. That’s how I see this ending up if we don’t get our priorities straight right away.

KnightoftheImpaler on April 22, 2006 at 6:35 pm

Nail on the head. Those who have figured out how to create their own mob have mastered “democracy”. Our Republic is in danger. More and more automatons.
In regards to DS’s posting, I venture to say, well, with the “show raids” on a palette manufactuer, who is their competition in Texas or the region for that matter? Just a thought…
In ’06 and ’08, I believe the Democans will take “power” from the Republicrats. How else will “we” pay for the “new” mob. I also venture to say none of this is about “rights” or even a “Reconquista”, rather it is ALL about anger and jealousy at the “West’s” predominant, so far, demographic…stereotypical “whites”.
As far as Down town Julie, well, there are PFC’s with more “border security” and “troop management”, hell even more tactical knoledge than her Excellency.
We don’t need MORE legislation, we need MORE DEPORTATION!

SickBoy on April 22, 2006 at 8:17 pm

after all your typing +(research)….. all you should do is shut the fuck up and support little israel.

danny on April 23, 2006 at 3:23 pm

Basically, we have more than one threat on our hands. That is not good, considering the kind of leadership we have had in the past when such a problem rears its head. In WWII, FDR was far from blind to the menace of Hitler but didn’t think dear old Uncle Joe would hurt a fly. The isolationists were usually the opposite (though FDR was by and large even more blind than they were, and in spite of their flaws they must be credited with saving Western Europe from the Iron Curtain in the long run). Unlike Churchill, FDR was a horrible and overrated leader who only won the war because the military was full of great ones. When all the great leadership is in the military, that is a recipy for disasater. Well, I don’t see another Reagan around to clean up this mess. What I see is America headed towards a situation similar to Eastern Europe. Having roots in Eastern Europe, I can tell you that’s definitely not a good thing to say the least. I have faith that will never happen, but that is our current course until someone changes it.

KnightoftheImpaler on April 23, 2006 at 5:34 pm

Enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on this important topic, well almost everyone.
Somehow I get the impression that “Danny” is a thirty-something year old woman who doesn’t realize that if the US goes under there won’t be a “little israel” to support. Or maybe the whole point of this topic was just a meaningless attack on little Julie Myers because… well, we just don’t like her?

Paraclese on April 23, 2006 at 7:27 pm

paraclese(para???) .what’s your impression of muslims living in america?by your assessment of me,than an arab in america is here for love + you and ,thee man ,thee-bruno,the lameman,jay-wilted…etc.are all here for love…right.

danny on April 24, 2006 at 6:55 pm

Yes, it’s Para not Peri. Glad to see you know a little Greek. Unfortunately, you failed to connect the dots in my conversation above. My words are clear to those who understand but confusing to those who don’t. Knowledge must be administered in small doses.
Our eyes are upon the face of the earth and we see people for what and who they are. Free from all illusion. We know that people are tribal because God hath made them that way. Each kind after its own kind. This is good. Every good and decent man has a responsibility to his own people primarily and to other people secondarily. Here is an example of what happens when God’s ways are ignored:
In Arab/Muslim nations the men control the sexuality of their women. By doing so they guarantee the future survival of their own people and culture. This is one end of the continuum.
We in the West however, have voluntarily allowed our women to control their own sexuality (mistake?). This is the other end of the continuum.
Can you see any problems when these two groups are merged together within the same borders? What does the Mid-Eastern man think when he sees Western women wearing 3 Band-Aids (thongs) on the beach? Do you suppose that Muslims will want their children to be taught our ways in grade school? And pay taxes for such (I give you the Balkan war)?
Who gets what economically and why? Whose legal system do we follow? How are women and children to be treated? Who runs the government? What language is to be used? How are laws to be enforced? When is the military to be used?
Diversity kills, Danny.
As another consequence of our Western enlightenment, through abortion alone we have lost an entire generation of our people. And yes, our people are dying. As Mark Steyn has noted, “It’s the demography stupid.” It’s all about numbers now Danny. If you could only see what the MSM hides from us, you would be shocked at what is now found in Europe. If the West is to help Israel we must stop our own bleeding first.
I won’t burden you with any more, but their is much more…

Paraclese on April 25, 2006 at 4:10 am

It’s not like Israel and the U.S. don’t have these problems too. Not to the extent Europe does, but native-born American citizens are definitely dropping in numbers. Whites are declining more rapidly and it’s not politically correct to mention it on T.V., whereas Blacks are declining a bit more slowly but since they’re a minority to begin with they are quickly starting to be outnumbered by illegal aliens (not to mention hit the hardest by illegal immigration, they’re the ones on the front lines and more of them are bravely starting to speak out about it). Israel is declining too, while the Arabs within its gates are continuing to populate like rabbits. Europe is the worst, it’s looking like it will die in a couple generations. And the media is not addressing these conditions.

KnightoftheImpaler on April 26, 2006 at 7:48 pm

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