April 24, 2006, - 1:55 pm

CBS “Religious Special”: Brought to You by Illegal Aliens & Their Cleric Buds

If you wasted your Sunday (or in some cases, Saturday), this past weekend, watching the boob tube, hopefully you didn’t watch the official network of .
If you did, you were “treated” to a so-called “religious special” brought to you by your friends at the Columbia Broadcasting Network and their illegal alien and left-wing cleric buddies. The special, “A Fair Harvest,” was put together by the National Council of Churches, the PCUSA, and sundry other left-wing clerical groups, including Muslims (as noted in the credits).
But the special had nothing to do with the Easter of Passover that just came and went, unless Rep. James Sensenbrenner is the new Judas/Pharoah. And it had nothing to do with fairness. The special was all about how poorly illegal aliens treat us, but how much farming and other necessary work (you know, “the jobs Americans won’t do”–whatever) the illegals do. It was also about how evil the immigration legislation passed by the House is. Sensenbrenner, the House bills introductory sponsor, was mentioned and vilified by name.

The full title, not advertised in CBS’ materials, is “A FAIR HARVEST: RELIGIONS RESPONSE TO IMMIGRATION ISSUES.” Does that sound like your religion? Didn’t think so.
Nothing religious about this show. It’s just a free national half-hour of political propaganda from the far left . . . provided free to them courtesy of Katie Couric’s new employer, the Dan Rather Network.

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Well, I didn’t know that this – what did you call it? religious special? – was on the bloodshot eye this past weekend! What a shame. A missed opportunity! Hopefully the ratings were somewhere down at the bottom of the Mariana’s Trench.

Saganashkee on April 24, 2006 at 3:25 pm

what is bloodshot eye?sorry,i’m not cool..so bloodshot eye???

danny on April 24, 2006 at 4:19 pm

i get it (blood shot eye) means you were`on a nite-airline.How stupid of me.Did you hear Hamas is ending the peace truce.So now ….can it get worse?arab =animal

danny on April 24, 2006 at 5:22 pm

The National Council of Churches, as you indicated, is anti-American with an anti-Christian world view. They’ve aided and abetted tyranny around the world by turning their backs on the oppressed in Cuba, Sudan, Vietnam, China, North Korea. They want us to shut down Gitmo, but have no problem with Castro’s gulags.
As far as treating illegals in this country, let’s take a look at how Mexico treats illegals in THEIR country (people from South and Central America who do the jobs Mexicans don’t want to do):
1. Considered felons by the government,
2. They fear detention, rape, and robbery,
3. Police and soldiers hunt them down at railroads, bus stations and fleabag hotels. Sometimes they are deported, more often officers simply take their money,
4. While illegals in the United States have held huge demonstrations in recent weeks, the hundreds of thousands of undocumented Central Americans in Mexico cannot protest or publicly say anything negative about its president otherwise they are thrown into Mexican jails,
5. While Mexico demands humane treatment for its citizens who migrate to the U.S., regardless of their legal status, Mexico provides few protections for migrants on its own soil. The issue simply isn’t on the country’s political agenda, perhaps because migrants make up only 0.5 percent of the population, or about 500,000 people – compared with 12 percent in the United States,
6. The level of brutality Central American migrants face in Mexico was apparent Monday, when police conducting a raid for undocumented migrants near a rail yard outside Mexico City shot to death a local man, apparently because his dark skin and work clothes made officers think he was a migrant. He wasn’t,
7. They canot buy any property or drive,
8. They cannot take advantage of any social programs, free healthcare, or free schooling for their kids.

Thee_Bruno on April 24, 2006 at 6:47 pm

Danny, my brutha! Whaddya mean you’re not cool?!? After you and me made the rounds at the Barry Manilow/Michael Bolton concert, how can you say that?
I think “bloodshot eye” is a reference to CBS. Look at the CBS pic Debbie posted.

The_Man on April 24, 2006 at 8:30 pm

RELIGIOUS LEFT THEOCRACY: This episode illustrates the dinosaur media’s asinine hypocrisy regarding the issue of religion in politics. CNNBCBS, ABC, et al constantly parrot warnings from liberal activists about the “religious right” trying to impose a theocracy on America every time a religious conservative takes a stand on a given issue. But when the leaders of the RELIGIOUS LEFT impose their beliefs on others regarding immigration, welfare, gun control, or any other issue, that’s supposed to be OK: “progressive reform.”

Charley Varrick on April 24, 2006 at 9:16 pm

“Thou shall not bear false witness….unless it’s convenient.” The new eleventh Commandment.
“Thou shall not steal…unless it’s from the “racist” gringos.”
I heard somewhere that Dick Morris is a hired consultant for Vincente Fox.
CBSBS MSNBCBS, CNNBS, ABCBS, NBCBS, and getting ever closer FauX.

SickBoy on April 25, 2006 at 10:44 pm

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