April 24, 2006, - 3:42 pm

Why It’s a Good Idea Not to Name Your Identical Twins Almost Identically

From the “Their Mother Was an Idiot” Dept.:
Poor Cardelle Hendricks. His mother named his identical twin brother Carnelle Hendricks (a difference of one letter, the “N”).
Unfortunately, as the Detroit Free Press’ talented Zlati Meyer reported, that resulted in the innocent CarDelle Hendricks languishing in a Detroit area jail for about nine months in 2002, for a crime his brother CarNelle committed. While he repeatedly claimed from the jail cell that he was innocent and that police were really looking for his twin brother, no-one believed him.
Police have probably heard that one before (although a rape case involving identical twins, also in Michigan, has stumped scientists and police from identifying which of the twins’ DNA is the rapist’s).

Gazillionaire Bag Lady Olsen Twins are Fraternal, Not Identical; No ID/DNA Problem in Crime

CarDelle is suing and has already won a $20,000 settlement. Lesson to mothers with identical twins: Don’t name them CarDelle and CarNelle, especially if one of them becomes a hardened criminal, while the other remains a law-abiding citizen.

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When twins go bad, they can cause serious problems by swaping identification, passports, cover stories and they do have the same DNA! More than one case has been called Operation Evil Twin for a reason.
Screw Cardelle and his jerk-off brother. I got sued by a twin once, when they go bad, they go really bad, and often are complicit in their deception. Unfortunate for the twin that sued me, he drew a smarter than the average bear. See ya, dirtbag!

code7 on April 24, 2006 at 9:03 pm

Better still, don’t have BLACK MALE children…police love filling prisons with them.

EminemsRevenge on April 25, 2006 at 10:18 am

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