April 27, 2006, - 6:44 am

Big Phonies: Oprah, Angelina & George (Clooney) “Discover” Sudan

Years ago, I wrote about Oprah Winfrey’s refusal to do anything about what is happening in Sudan.
Well, yesterday, she finally did–along with her friends, renowned African scholars and foreign policy experts Angelina Jolie and George Clooney.
But it is too little, too late. And their timing is by design. It fits in well with their political agenda. You see, now there are no Christians left in Arab Muslim Sudan. They’ve all been mass murdered (after torture, gang rape, and forced conversion to Islam). So, now, it is finally okay for these vapid celebs to display their phony concern.
On yesterday’s edition of “Oprah,” movie star George Clooney and his father did a little segment about their visit to Sudan. Clooney reported that since the Arab Muslim government doesn’t consider Blacks real Muslims, they have been fighting and killing Black Muslims.

George Clooney & Dad:

Now That Christians Are Gone, It’s OK to Report on Sudan

(Islamofascist Oprah by Preston Taylor Holmes of Six Meat Buffet)

No, that’s what’s going on now. . . now, that they’ve killed off all the Black Christians and animists that they’ve been warring against for years. You know, the years that Oprah, George, and Angelina didn’t give a damn. In fact, many of the Sudanese Blacks who are now Muslims are the offspring of the many Sudanese Black Christian women who were gang-raped by Muslims and then murdered after their children were born.
Not a word about that now that Oprah, George and Angelina have finally discovered America–and Sudan, too. Not a word about why Bin Laden felt so at home, living for years in Sudan, as a guest of it’s extremist Islamic government, while he planned the bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa and other terrorist attacks.
Nope. Islam was hardly mentioned on the Oprah show. Clooney made the genocide in Sudan sound as if it was strictly a civil war between White and Black Muslims. Hardly. No mention of the Sudanese Christians and how they’ve been obliterated.
Ditto for Jolie, who doesn’t even mention Islam at all (or the fate of Islam’s Christian victims in Sudan).
Yesterday, Jolie took out a half page ad in USA Today entitled, “An Open Letter From Angelina Jolie: Four Facts Americans Should Know About Darfur,” an ad that was touted by Oprah on yesterday’s show. But they aren’t facts at all. They are opinions.

Take “Fact #1.” Jolie claims that:

Since February 2003 Arab “Janjaweed” militias and their allies have killed hundreds of thousands of people through violent attacks and the disease and starvation that have followed.

Again, earth to Angelina: this has been going on in Sudan for decades. It didn’t just start in February 2003. And it was not about Arabs. It was about Islam’s attack on Christians. But she wouldn’t dare say that, lest she upset her millions of .
Jolie has been getting a lot of adulation in the gushing, pandering celebrity media for her ad. Last week, it was lauded in a brown-nosing “People” Magazine article. This morning, she’s supposed to present her foreign policy expertise on NBC’s scholarly “Today Show” and again Sunday, on “Dateline.”
But the question is: Why now? Why didn’t Angelina Jolie say a word about Sudanese torture, rape, and mass-murder victims when they were Christian? Why didn’t she care when these Christians were being slaughtered solely for being Christians? Where was she?
Maybe she was too busy visiting Palestinian refugee camps, promoting their anti-Semitic propaganda, and
Yup, she was just too busy. The woman People Magazine, this week, calls one of the “Most Beautiful People” in the world, isn’t really so beautiful on the inside. It’s pretty ugly, actually.

Angelina Jolie (in Black Dress) At Arab Children’s Hate-Fest:

Then Strangely Silent on Sudanese Arab Muslim Oppression

Did Jolie have the guts to complain about the “Arab” Janjaweed’s torture and mass murder when she (an anti-American, anti-Semitic hate-fest)? No, of course, not. Too busy kissing–and kissing the rear of–Jordan’s Queen Noor.

In her ad, Jolie claims–in “Fact” #4–that

We can stop this [what is happening in Sudan], but only if government leaders make it a high priority.

But, in fact, government leaders did make it a high priority. Several Congressmen, including Republican Chris Smith of New Jersey, and many others (Democrats, too), heard the plight of Francis Bok and other “Lost Boys” of Sudan (orphaned, tortured, exiled Sudanese Christian Blacks). They introduced bills to bankrupt Sudan, boycott oil drilled there, and prohibit its sale in the U.S., which almost passed until 9/11 happened and Sudan became one of our phony “allies in the War on Terror.”
Where was Angelina Jolie then? With budding Palestinian terrorists.
Then, there’s Oprah. She’s the BIGGEST phony on this issue.
On yesterday’s show, Winfrey “educated” her audience about various civil wars around the world. Far less time was spent on the situation in Sudan than she spent on “the bad Christians.” To balance out the short segments on Sudan, Oprah spent most of the show presenting Christian armies who torture, maim, and murder. Just to be fair.
But the most hypocritical part of the show was when Ms. Thang chastised her audience. “You know how you always say, I didn’t do anything about this because I didn’t know? Well, now you can’t say that because now you know. You just saw it here.”
I wondered if Barbara Vogel was watching. Because she knows that Oprah knew quite well about the Islamic gang-rape, torture, and mass-murder of Sudanese Christians. She knows how Oprah knew . . . and chose to ignore it.
Vogel, a teacher at Aurora, Colorado’s Highline Elementary School and her 4th- and 5th-graders raised enough money to buy freedom for 1,000 Sudanese Christian slaves from their Muslim masters. They sent Oprah hundreds of letters with photos of freed slaves. But after teasing and disappointing them over a few years with false alarms of airtime, Oprah said the story was just “too complicated” to feature on her precious show.
Too complicated? What Oprah really meant was that Islamic inhumanity to Black Christians in Sudan was just too inconvenient to Oprah’s agenda-laden career of pro-Islamist propaganda.
This isn’t rocket science. It was hardly “too complicated” for Oprah, if she really wanted to delve into it. But she didn’t want to.
Now, that there are no Christians left for the Sudanese Muslims to torture and kill, the topic fits in very nicely with her “Oprah Eternal Queen Humanitarian of the Universe” campaign.
Timing is everything.

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50 Responses

Okay, Oprah and Clooney are the presidents of what nation?
In all honesty, the genocide that’s been happening in the Sudan started under Bill Clinton: http://www.theinternetfoundation.org/Africa/Sudan/Genocide.htm but we all KNOW Amerikkka’ record when it comes to Black folk…
The almighty alpha and omega, GW, SHOULD HAVE BEEN cognizant of the Taliban’s proclivity towards jihad: http://www.usatoday.com/news/science/archaeology/2001-03-22-afghan-buddhas.htm but once again Uncurious George was asleep at the wheel. THIS is probably the only country on the planet that expects ENTERTAINERS to set national policy…maybe that has something to do with voting an ACTOR into the Big House.

EminemsRevenge on April 27, 2006 at 9:27 am

Talk about a phoney check out this EminemsRevenge guy. Bush was asleep at the wheel after being in office just hardly a year. Then Bill Clinton must have been in a coma for eight years that we suffered attack after attack and when Bin Laden was offered up on a silver plater I guess they cold not wake billy up or he was to busy getting a knob job from Monica.man when this: EminemsRevenge guy dies I want his gall. Do you remember the USS Cole and all those dead and Wounded sailors. what about the first Towers attack. Hey then there was our embassie’s that were bombed.At least after the attack when Bush took office he got the message and acted. Clinton never did a damn thing about attack after attack.I guess you must have been asleep to because you failed to notice that. Damn Gag. puke.

Jack Hamilton on April 27, 2006 at 11:36 am

Oprah’s agenda is really not about White I-Slams vs Black I-Slams, its really RACE: Whites vs Blacks/Browns. Just wait until, if America, powered predominantly by Whites, intervenes in Sudan, it’ll be “White Christians” vs Brown I-Slams, because all the Sudanese I-Slams (White & Black) will coalese into one Brown people. We Whites can try to help but we will always be blamed & we are out-numbered. Re-produce in higher numbers, control the nukes, & take the high ground.

enemaofthestatusquo on April 27, 2006 at 11:56 am

Bill Clinton was in office for a month when they bombed the WTC the first time, and not only did he NOT blame his predecessor…but he CAUGHT the culprits!!!
i KNOW reading comprehension is NOT a Republican ideal, but i stated above that Clinton was also quiet when the Sudan genocide began…and unlike you Reich-wingers who “think” that GW is your lawd and saviour…i don’t try to apotheosize Bill Clinton. ONLY politician i MIGHT trust is Obama, the ONLY African American i know of besides Kerry’s wife…LOL

EminemsRevenge on April 27, 2006 at 12:42 pm

Right now Oprah is like a sacred cow to many people. By many people I mean Black women. I wouldn’t have even brought it up but I think in reality many Black women are our kind of people, which is why I detest Oprah so much. She isn’t the only one in the media to brainwash that constituency and turn mine (White males) against them, but she’s certainly the worst. Hopefully the saying “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” will apply here in one way or another.

KnightoftheImpaler on April 27, 2006 at 12:43 pm

That’s why WE gots to beat our bitches Knight…THEY be mingling with y’all devils…LOL
Face it, the real problem you have is with women who have power nad intelligence…which is why you guys are scared to death of Hillary, and i’m sure if you had to deal with the Debster in REAL life you’d be “Jew bitch”-ing behind her back. Seems that it’s almost a pre-req amongst Republicans to blame everythang on someone else…REAL MEN take responsibility for their actions and are not threatened by women.

EminemsRevenge on April 27, 2006 at 1:13 pm

Actually ER, it’s Democrats who blame someone else for personal failures. If nothing else the Republicans are the party of personal responsibility.
On another note, we seem to agree on the attractivness of strong women. Why didn’t you come to my defense on the strong women thread. I am so disapointed.
Oh by the way, the most popular women in Republican circles have been Margrett Thatcher and Jeane Kirkpatrick. How does square with your statement.
Hillary is a harpie, and not a strong woman. She has achieved nothing on her own. She remains the wife of Bill Clinton.

jerry on April 27, 2006 at 2:05 pm

Yes yes, let’s make this all about race. How much faster can we kill the Man? He ain’t dying fast enough.
Don’t lose the primary issue here. This is about Christianity. THEY ain’t dying fast enough. Don?t focus on Ms. Oprah and the actors. Look deeper.
The MSM, particularly NBC, knew all about this long before Ms. Oprah did. What little they did say only implied to the public that it was a racial issue. They knew the truth but said nothing. And yes, Mr. Bush knew about it too. Why wasn’t a direct intervention made?
Here is the question: why must Christians be disposed of? When you can answer that question in a global context then you will begin to understand not only the West’s predicament but also Israel’s last hope. Think people. Time is short.

Paraclese on April 27, 2006 at 2:26 pm

I bet powerful women with intelligence love our big city sophisticate EminemsRevenge. And a REAL MAN, too! I am highly impressed.
Pretty ironic to hear EminemsRevenge talk about anyone blaming someone else.

Jeff_W on April 27, 2006 at 2:42 pm

Don’t lose the primary issue here. This is about Christianity. THEY ain’t dying fast enough…Here is the question: why must Christians be disposed of? When you can answer that question in a global context then you will begin to understand not only the West’s predicament but also Israel’s last hope.
Let’s COMPARE religions: http://www.adherents.com/Religions_By_Adherents.html
That ol’ persecution complex don’t cut it no more!!! MORE people have died in the name of Jesus than any other religion in history, and that “Israel’s last hope” is one of the biggest crocks ever–as GW said on the campaign trail (before his mamma shut him up) Jews cannot get into heaven without being “saved”–and the only interest you cash fundamentalists have in Israel is seeing Armageddon come about so that you can rapture it out of here.
Israel PROVED in ’67 and again in the Yom Kippor war in ’73 that she can take care of herself, if anything, the U.S. has HINDERED Israel from permanently securing its sovereignty.

EminemsRevenge on April 27, 2006 at 3:21 pm

Ethnic cleansing is real, but it is a cover for something worse because the something worse is only getting worse.
When Britain boycotted South Africa, the goal was formally to end segregation, and informally rip down the cultural wall that isolated and protected tribal Africa from industrial Europe.
In reality, White Africa now has complete access to the minerals and resources of Tribal Africa. The problem, of course, is that some tribes won’t sell out … and have to be genocided while the UN looks the other way.
The French armed the murderers in Rhowanda … then hypocritically went in as peace keepers.
There is a fortune there in mineral wealth just waiting for the French to exploit.
As Pope John-Paul said, “Savage capitalism is as bad as savage socialism.”
This game was also being played in Sudan, and elsewhere, while the UN and Bill Clinton looked the other way … then hypocritically went into Bosnia to distract the rubes at home.
Now it’s too late … except now the hypocrits are out there performing PR to put a ‘happy face’ on resource motivated geneocide ‘after the fact’.
The WW2 generation would have put those people on trial for crimes against humanity.
How so wonderfully Malthusian … how gratifyingly self-fulfilling for the Malthusian liars. Malthus was bad science even in his own day … and this modern scam is unforgivable.
Want to know who the Hollywood crowd is … they are the ‘Genocide for fun and profit’ crowd … all under the lie of malthusian socialism and Hollywood revisionism.
I simply cannot believe how many ‘people of color’ are signed on for this modern holocaust.
What does it actually feel like to voluntarily sign up for extinction?

Athling on April 27, 2006 at 3:24 pm

M&Ms revenge you little punk hypocrit …
More people have died for your filthy Socialist Secularism than ALL of the religious wars put together. Atheists don’t care ‘who’ or ‘how many’ they end up killing.
Islam started the Crusades … they trashed a Holy Shrine to show their contempt for the people that they ‘invaded’ and conquered and enslaved … or did your marxist professor forget that part?
Not to worry though … Armageddon is right around the corner thanks to Islam, socialist punks, and godless Neo-Cons.
It’s the perfect mix … mutually stupid and self destructive … and, no, you don’t even need a Jew or Christian in the works to kick it off.

Athling on April 27, 2006 at 3:34 pm

&Ms revenge you little punk hypocrit …
More people have died for your filthy Socialist Secularism than ALL of the religious wars put together. Atheists don’t care ‘who’ or ‘how many’ they end up killing…LOL Athling…YOU accuse me of being something that is a purely EUROPEAN concept and i’m the hypocrite???
Hate to burst your bubble boy, but since i’m a Jamaican from the Bob Marley/Marcus Garvey school of thought, atheism, which is DIFFERENT from social secularism…something that started in Europe during the 19th century…and as a yardie i like arguing with somethang y’all are ignorant of–FACTS!!!
i COULD tell you that like Stephen Dedalus i said *non serviam* to the Catholic church and became TRULY catholic, but such a statement is a bit too sublime for you.

EminemsRevenge on April 27, 2006 at 3:50 pm

Eminem- What a LOSER name to choose. He is just a Kevind with a BIG mouth Ath. He probably belongs in prison with the man he is advocating on the site.
HELLO M! Are you living in this century JackA$$. Christianity doesn’t take the credit for things done by Christians under false guidance. Not to mention, we DON’T have the “WORST” record in history! Was David a Christian? No! Christ wasn’t born! Was Christ EVER heard advocating MURDER in the name of religion? NO! Was Hitler a Christian? No! Does the Spanish Inquisition somehow now hold a sword over the heads of all Christian faiths? NO! Most of us aren’t even of the same faith! Do you know what Faith that was A$$hole or do you just spit back all of the rhetoric you keep hearing?
You are just stupid and by my guess a college student rebelling against Mommy and Daddy- just because! Come back when your pubic hair grows in and we’ll see what you think KID!
If you are old enough for college, why don’t you go fight for our country? Oh yeah! You a a F-ing chicken who stands behind the “I Hate W!” campaign, so that you don’t have to go to war.
Why don’t you go spit your venom on The Fray or some other liberal site. Then you’ll get your A$$ kissed like you’d like to. Support the BABY KILLERS PARTY! Ooh! Show us some more morality!

TheIcePrincess on April 27, 2006 at 3:53 pm

I think the neo-cons have turned capitalism into socialism just like Clinton and his neo-liberals did. Remember, most of these people were 1960s liberals until Reagan brought them in just for political power. He was committed to American principles but at the same time he knew how to play the cuthroat game of politics. He brought in the Lindbergh/Garrett conservatives like Pat Buchanan, the Buckley/Goldwater conservatives like himself (and Ann Coulter for example), and power-hungry clowns who weren’t even close to conservative but were neccessary to use at the time. I would probably classify myself as somewhere in between the first two kinds, whereas the third kind unfortunately rules the Republican party (among other things) at the moment.

KnightoftheImpaler on April 27, 2006 at 4:01 pm

i served with GW…LOL
The Nazis were able to come to power because of the Lutheranism…abd you may not have noticed it, but bin Laden recruits amongst Islamic states–any population that is faith-based is ripe for both fascism and fanaticism.
Was Christ EVER heard advocating MURDER in the name of religion? NO…but Paul was.
i only used the term “Christianity” in the above posts because that is what YOU people call it, but actually y’all have chucked the GOSPELS and picked up the racist and anti-Semetic teachings of the most prominent self-hating Jews in history, Saul of Tarsus whose alleged Christian hunting has no basis in Judaic history. i’d suggest you all read http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1931541264/102-3384645-3744132?v=glance&n=283155 [no, it’s not MY book] if you want to see what your beloved “christians” did to the Jews throughout history…i won’t even mention the obvious ‘christian’ involvement in this:
The African Diaspora: The forced and brutal dispersal of millions of Africans into foreign lands created the African / Black Diaspora. ?During the four centuries after Columbus arrived in the Caribbean, some 12 million people left sub-Saharan Africa for the Western Hemisphere. They were not voluntary immigrants. They came aboard slave ships, packed almost literally like sardines. At least one-tenth of them died before they reached the New World. Millions of others perished on the trek from the interior of Africa to the coast, or during the hard months of ‘seasoning’ in the Western Hemisphere. The slave trade brought a demographic disaster to Africa outweighed only by the deaths of even greater numbers of indigenous peoples in the New World from the epidemic diseases Europeans unwittingly carried with them” (McPherson). African slave labor in the mines and plantations of the New World produced much of Europe’s wealth from the 16th to the 19th centuries, but the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade “was not the only black diaspora. From the 8th to the 20th centuries, Islamic slave traders from North Africa carried another 12 million black Africans into slavery around the rim of the Mediterranean and into the Near and Middle East” (MacPherson).
Mapping Africa: Africa and the Diaspora Movement (Kennedy Center’s African Odyssey Interactive)

EminemsRevenge on April 27, 2006 at 4:17 pm

Debbie, I love your columns and the informative material that you uncover and share with your readers. A side note to certain people who use “lol” in their posts. If your not a pre-teen girl, you should try to come up with something a little more clever and adult to get your point across. OK little girl?

Trooper on April 27, 2006 at 4:21 pm

Christianity doesn’t take the credit for things done by Christians under false guidance.
Really funny how you name so many black events! Why don’t you go to some RECENT events in History and see what Christian/ Republican/ Conservative America have done so wrong to them. It was OUR party, in it’s EARLIEST days who freed the slaves. Have you ever hear of Abe Lincoln. He was killed by a liberal pig!

TheIcePrincess on April 27, 2006 at 4:29 pm

PS- Any DUMB A$$ who uses the name Kennedy as a tool in their defense deserves NOTHING! And by the way- you NEVER served with Bush- KID! You can’t play you rap songs about Bush on this station, we don’t wanna hear it! We are well aware that you can NEVER believe a liberal!

TheIcePrincess on April 27, 2006 at 4:33 pm

The Nazis were into bizarre occult notions of purifying their race that had nothing to do with Christianity (it also shouldn’t be confused with their enthusiasm for eugenics, which could mean any number of things on its own and which many people especially Black America by and large still believe in). Many devout Christians deeply regretted having voted such animals in even before they found out about the Holocaust. Also, Stalin who killed from 30 to 50 million people (unrelated to casualties of war, though the civilians he deliberately put in the line of fire should count as murder too) had nothing to do with Christianity at all except being called a “Christian Gentlemen” by his boytoy FDR.
The Inquistition was not the work of Christians per se, it was the work of a powerful psychopath who loved his job too much and took it too far. Relative to other things that happened in Europe in those days, it was almost certainly blown out of proportion by English propaganda. Oliver Cromwell was just as bad. I think Queen Isabella was a strong leader for someone at a time in which enlightened values were unheard of, definitely one of the greatest female leaders of all time despite her mistakes.

KnightoftheImpaler on April 27, 2006 at 4:48 pm

Let’s review what happened under Klintoon’s watch;
1. First WTC bombing that murdered Americans.
What did Klintoon do?
2. Khobar Towers bombed in Saudi Arabia that murdered U.S. military personnel.
What did Klintoon do?
3. Two U.S. embassies bombed on the same day in Africa that murdered Americans and others.
What did Klintoon do?
4. USS Cole bobmed in Yemen that murdered U.S. Navy personnel.
What did Klintoon do?
5. ATF agents and David Koresh’s Branch Davidians engage in an armed standoff in Near Waco, Texas.
What did Klintoon do?
Orders the incineration, via Janet “The Behemoth” Reno that murdered 71 people, including innocent women and children.
5. Al-Qaeda operates cells in America for years plotting to murder Americans.
What did Klintoon do?
Eviscerated the military and intelligence agencies, and erected walls between the FBI and CIA.
6. Top secret missile guidance technology illegally transferred to China via Loral Corp.
What did Klintoon do?
Turned a blind eye after giving a wink and a nod in exchange for campaign contributions from Bernie Schwartz and the Communist Chinese.
7. Top secret nuclear data stolen from Los Alamos by China.
What did Klintoon do?
Turned a blind eye after giving a wink and a nod in exchange for campaign contributions from and the Communist Chinese.
Hollywood celebs have been detached from reality and have been promoting their anti-America, pro-Socialist, and pro-Communist agenda for decades. Deb’s article further proves it.
Hollywood hates religion, but they love Islam.
Lastly, I think this article not only has a lot to say about anti-American Hollywood, but it also speaks volumes about that “wonderful”, “peaceful” religion called Islam, that was invented by a demon-obsessed pedophile named Mohammad.

Thee_Bruno on April 27, 2006 at 4:53 pm

The Nazis were into bizarre occult notions of purifying their race that had nothing to do with Christianity (it also shouldn’t be confused with their enthusiasm for eugenics, which could mean any number of things on its own and which many people especially Black America by and large still believe in). Many devout Christians deeply regretted having voted such animals in even before they found out about the Holocaust. Also, Stalin who killed from 30 to 50 million people (unrelated to casualties of war, though the civilians he deliberately put in the line of fire should count as murder too) had nothing to do with Christianity at all except being called a “Christian Gentlemen” by his boytoy FDR.
The Inquistition was not the work of Christians per se, it was the work of a powerful psychopath who loved his job too much and took it too far. Relative to other things that happened in Europe in those days, it was almost certainly blown out of proportion by English propaganda. Oliver Cromwell was just as bad. I think Queen Isabella was a strong leader for someone at a time in which enlightened values were unheard of, definitely one of the greatest female leaders of all time despite her mistakes. I’m not defending Torquemada’s brutality, but like I said Oliver Cromwell and many other Englishmen were just as bad and he was nowhere near as vicious as the Ottomans.

KnightoftheImpaler on April 27, 2006 at 5:09 pm

Despite our young African friend’s sickening attempts to seduce the moderator of this forum, I have an honest question for him. Every white woman alive today had a white father. What is his opinion of them?

Lori on April 27, 2006 at 5:27 pm

i would LOVE to get the comic book where y’all get this “history” from:
It was OUR party, in it’s EARLIEST days who freed the slaves. Have you ever hear of Abe Lincoln. He was killed by a liberal pig!
The ORIGINAL Repbulican party was RADICALLY LIBERAL…and the one who shot Lincoln was a Dixiecrat…the BACKBONE of the new neo-con movement!!!
As for the “Every white woman alive today had a white father” comment…half the bitches on Maury don’t even KNOW who the daddy is…and whether you’re a Darwinist or a creationist, ALL HUMAN life started in the dark regions…the “white” race probably evolved from cast out albino mutations…and i guess Knight missed THIS in his history class: http://russia-in-us.com/Religion/Christianity/hist_rus.htm
NO facist state has ever evolved from a humanistic society.

EminemsRevenge on April 27, 2006 at 6:11 pm

And what African civilization could he offer them in comparison to those their fathers have built? I like my electricity, cars, airplanes, telephones, computers, medicine, computers, and civil government among other things…

Lori on April 27, 2006 at 6:58 pm

No I didn’t miss that, believe me I knew it. So Stalin relaxed repression of the Orthodox Church in wartime to boost morale. That’s just smart political sense. He was evil, he wasn’t stupid. “A single death is a tradgedy, a million deaths is a statistic.” No one can accuse someone who says something that brilliant of stupidity, even if he used that wisdom to be the worst dictator of all time by his own criteria.
Whites were not “cast out” (except if you ask professional Black politicians) we moved to the ice on our own accord and developed from there somewhere along the line. People who are “cast out” don’t accomplish what we have (the only race where it’s not politically correct to say that anymore). As far as the stuff about the conservative Republicans and Blacks, I’d explain a little-known too you but I’m feeling too lazy and anyway it’s in one of my other replies to this blog here. I’ll leave you to use your brain and figure this one out for yourself.

KnightoftheImpaler on April 27, 2006 at 7:09 pm

Guys, why in the world are you trying to debate the idiot, EminemsRevenge? He never makes sense, he just wants attention, thus the “Amerikka” nonsense, etc. Seriously, Danny makes more sense.
EminemsRevenge’s first rational, to the point post will be his first. Try pinning him down on anything and he will post 50 non related issues and theories. He just throws up red herrings and straw men on a constant basis.
I just ignore the troll and he will never be in our Hate Club. Even we have some standards.

The_Man on April 27, 2006 at 8:05 pm

EminemsRevenge, Catholica Lapsi, the Apostle Paul NEVER advocated murder. PERIOD. Careful with that slanderous sleight of hand about Paul and RESPECT his stature.
UNLESS you are a fool~
Paul IS a GIANT in the Church.
REMEMBER Numbers 12:8ÖWhy then were YOU (Miriam and Aaron) not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?”
Donít be PRESUMPTUOUS as Aaron and Miriam wereÖMIRIAM paid the price (skin affliction) WHICH was only reverted AFTER Aaron begged Moses for Godís mercy.
Substitute PAULÖand you get the picture~ DRAW the necessary conclusion.
ALSO remember what JESUS said to the SADDUCEES who didnít believe in an afterlifeÖîGod is God of the living, not the dead~
Paul is VERY MUCH alive~~
WHATEVER EminemsRevenge isÖyouíre NOT an APOSTLE!
AGAIN CarefulÖyou ARE NOT above Paul.
Saul, as a devout Jew, a Pharisee, DID hunt down Christians in the beginning regardless of the error of the work you quoted.
HAVE YOU NOT read the Book of Acts or the various Epistles? It took ALMOST 2 YEARS for the converted Paul to be accepted by the Apostles. WHY? He was feared and not trusted by the other ApostlesÖfor a long time. They avoided himÖto avoid being trapped and killed for their beliefs.

The Canadien on April 27, 2006 at 9:42 pm

First of all, who and when did the Jolies, ACLU-neys, Baldwins, Sarandons, Winfreys et al become anointed as the conscience of America?
Each and everyone is a self-loathing, Anti-American hypocrite and deserve to be shunned be society.
At one point, and it will be soon, all these hate proselytizers will be reduced the irrelevance that they so richly deserve. It is starting to happen. When someone like Jon Voight?s little girl has to pay for an ad in a paper it is a tell that no longer do the media find her relevant.
Apparently, the Hollyweirdos do not have a monopoly on inanity, mental deficiency, delusion, hate and visceral vitriol for good, God and America. Reading (?) the posts of one ?EminemsRevenge? gives me pause. Despite the fact that he has not the first clue other than begin able to type ?Google? and find obscure links to support his even more obscure ?thoughts? he ought be embraced, advertised and held up an as poster boy for the left.
(First of all, ?EminemsRevenge?? What on God?s green earth is that supposed to mean? What other names did he say, ?nah, that just sounds stupid, this is a much better name!)
This fool of a tool does serve two purposes. First, he does get others to think, something he apparently is genetically incapable of doing. Despite being, well, how do I phrase this accurately, WRONG, he does offer fodder for others to investigate his wild claims and in the process increase our knowledge and realize that we are not only morally superior but also intellectually superior. (And, most of us have a rudimentary knowledge of syntax and the ability to employ a spell checker.)
Second, he and his kind are just the type of brain-washed, anti-American symps who pervade the unwashed class. Their mindless rantings, patella-reflexive embracing of most anything immoral, living in the abstract, diatribes are not only misguided, amusing but have the opportunity to be exploited.
The Anti-American, Anti-Judeo-Christian message that the Hollyweirdo?s are able to deliver as a result of their fame falls on deaf ears for the most part and those who listen are already among the converted. But the manic musings of writers such as he ought be cut and pasted and sent to papers, radio and TV stations everywhere as proof-positive that the ?reporting? of these media outlets are directly responsible for the mental atrophy contained therein.

Jaksavin on April 28, 2006 at 8:48 am

A Jamaican? I know Jamaicans … they aren’t Marley fans, they don’t endorse drug gangs, the don’t endorse parasites, they see YOU as a reactionary fool living in a fool’s paradise.
Think it through … nothing, not one thing original in your concepts … just reactionary BS.
Even your opinion of Catholicism is reactionary.
Everything you speel is reconstituted Marxism wrapped up in a BS drug cult … and you’re too stupid to even see it … must be the drugs, mon.
Everything in your life, even the meaning of it, is a hand-me-down from the white man … How pathetic.
No wonder my Jamaican friends look down on you.

Athling on April 28, 2006 at 2:59 pm

Ok STUPID whatever your name was! You know who you are.
The Republican party of OLD is NOT your party, you idiot. They WERE the more liberal party, when the U.S. was still keeping slaves and I think YOU should be thankful for that. They only take on a cause when it is a REAL cause. Like the choice being left up to a state, whether a woman can vote or not. They got the ball rolling to ALL that is MORAL and righteous. They did all of the things that the bigots of old disapproved of. However, you compare righteousness to liberalism because you desire immoralities reign! Once again- STUPID!
As far as John Wilkes Booth, well I’ve studied him quite well. He is in my family tree. He was a fascist pig. That is a liberal in todays terminology. He was an actor, a womanizer, a boozer, shall I go on. Not to mention, the Democrat side of my family tree is full of racist pigs to this day. They live in a virtually white state, where racism doesn’t exist, yet they find MUCH time for it. That is unless you are talking about suiting sexual vices, then they wouldn’t care, because they would take an animal out of the barn for sex.
NOTICE AGAIN: They are DEMOCRATS! However, unlike you, they have 2 or 3 brain cells left (despite being disgusting pigs) after their drug and alcohol problems. They are wise enough to know that their party of choice not only allows their bad behavior, but it allows their racist wishes to come to fruition. Since they are voting for the party that keeps YOU down- KID! They are also decendents of old slavers. They are typical leftist trash! Hence, I have NO contact with them.
The other side of my family is either military, ex-miltary, college educated, medical professionals or BIG shots in one of the BIG3. So don’t even bother cracking on me about my roots, when I’m sure there was some crossing of branches in your family tree!

TheIcePrincess on April 28, 2006 at 3:39 pm

I think it is clear that true Christians are Israel’s most devoted supporters to anyone with a brain.
I like to read the comments to get other people’s opinions but that seems to be disrupted again by M&M. I’ve looked at his comments on other pages and he seems to be on this site for 2 reasons.
1. He enjoys being lude toward women. Not just any women no he picks them out. His overt displays of raunch remind me of the rap culture that spawned him. Look for example at how he talks to Debbie here:
Frankly Debbie, I dont know why you allow this. It encourages him to act out and teaches him to treat women like dirt.
2. Then we have his twisted political/racial beliefs. Its all about racism. He lives it, breaths it, eats it, sleeps it. It consumes him. Not content in his hell he wants others in there with him.
So why is he here besides that? He’s no conservative. He hates Pres. Bush. He is obviously not wanted here by any other commentors. All he is doing is confirming the stereotypes that lots of people have about him.

Julia on April 29, 2006 at 9:09 am

Julia;Why don’t you and the “other commentors” that you feel are so great and add to this site start a exclusive site .If you really look back on m+m’s post’s he lacks the hate many of your pals have here.Telling debbie what to do here + what to allow is perfect . Spend a little time and look up past crap from some like the-man,thee-bruno…etc…the list is not to long but it is a large % of the “commentors here.and keep reading the new Test.bible and support little Israel Frankly Julia you are just like them.Start a siteand you all can bask in the stupid that is

danny on April 29, 2006 at 4:31 pm

M&Mz … duh.
Everyone should have figured it out by now … I hit him hard and he’s afraid to address it because of the ‘Syntax’ he uses .. FRAUD.
M&M is a white boy pretender … probably from New York.

Athling on April 30, 2006 at 12:24 am

Athling;M+M’s not afraid of you or some of your like mind”Troll” bud’s here.He stands up and tries,but it all falls on want-to-b scholars as you. The ones I see you laughing in tune with on Debbie’s site only prove that scrach the surface and you are just another fustrated ass with nothing but a keyboard to troll sites with.Want- to -be ignorant?, poof there your are- Athling.Big shot,now type something to feel like the world cares.

danny on April 30, 2006 at 6:06 am

Didn’t someone here once say something about “premature articulation?” First, where did I say I was a Christian? Second, I stand by every word I said above and, if time permits, It will be explained. I am waiting to see how the “amnesty” plan goes. This will tell the direction of things to come. Third, the level of brain-washing is worse than I thought.
No woman should allow herself to be talked to the way 2Ms talks to them. The fact that some do tells me that they have gotten so used to it that they are not offended by it as they should be. This is yet another indication of where we are on the timeline of things to come. The public school system and the MSM have done their jobs quite well on the minds of many.

Paraclese on April 30, 2006 at 12:07 pm

Danny, maybe you are right about 2Ms. Maybe he is another Tim Wise. I talked to Tim, who is hurting the Jewish people here in the US tremendously, and asked him a few questions. I’ll tell you what was said sometime. Tim is being booked for speeches all around the US at various Colleges. The level of self-annihilation he preaches is bewildering and, unfortunately, very effective.

Paraclese on April 30, 2006 at 4:14 pm

Thanks for your posts, Danny. No joke, I enjoy such a good laugh from all of them. You have an amazing ability to type like you probably talk in person.
For anyone upset by EminemsRevenge, don’t worry about anything he writes. He’s just a kook seeking attention. His posts just ramble about nothing and everything at once. Just ignore him and he’ll get bored.

The_Man on May 1, 2006 at 1:06 am

Darfur: cLooney’s Trend Glommimg

Imagine, if you will, George cLooney stepping onto the dais with Simon Deng on one arm and Manute Bol on the other, look out at that crowd shouting; Darfur is yet another front on the global war on Islamic fascism!He

Atlas Shrugs on May 1, 2006 at 2:17 am

M&M Yes, the Republicans at the founding of the GOP were radically LIBERAL, that was back when LIBERAL meant ‘for liberty’/’freedom’/’individual rights’/unalienable rights’/’created equal’. The Democrats are for ‘majority rule’ and if democracy is unbridled by Republican principles, then Democracy becomes the ‘tyranny of the mob’. To fool the majority of the people especially here in Dixie, & to retain their prime power base, the Demos co=opted the word LIBERAL, but have changed its meaning to ‘libertinism’/’libertine’ meaning ‘disolute & immoral’. But a funny thing happened about 1970, most People here in Dixie & in most of the US began to see thru the ruse.

enemaofthestatusquo on May 1, 2006 at 4:28 am

For a site that is devoted to political commentary, the amount of infantile back and forth amazes me. Wasn’t the featured article about Hollywood liberals with out a clue like Oprah, Angelina and George? How did we get into John Wilkes Booth? Why don’t we stick to the subject and relate facts supporting our opinions rather than resorting to name calling and profanity?
Here, I’ll give it another try. Angelina, Oprah and George are only looking for the latest cause du jour. They will only speak out if the cause they are supporting gets them face time on television and print space in the compliant left wing media. And please don’t hold up Angelina’s adopted children as an example of her sincerity. She uses them as props. Clooney is a marginally talented actor who has, at best, a adolescent grasp of geopoletics and Oprah appeals to the shallow housewife crowd who only believe what they read in the Times and the tabloid celebrity magazines. All of them use the mainstream media to put forth their agenda because it is readily available to them. None of them will have a serious debate with anyone having a divergent opinion because they know that their agenda can’t stand up to serious scrutiny.

Architect on May 1, 2006 at 1:18 pm

First I think you should know that the Republicans on this site (most of them) don’t know what a TROLL is (the on-line version). Most of them are GROWN UP Americans, who ignore your fascist leftist terminologies. The only reason I know is because I have young children. Hence I must learn a lot about the left to keep them away from pedaphiles! As for the Republicans here, we ALL get these collumns emailed to us! Why? Because we stand for something worth our time.
Why are you on this site? Because you TROLL the internet. So, as it is typical for you inane Democrats to spin things (meaning that you turn the issues around and make your own vices, somehow, our fault), I understand why you are constantly calling us TROLLS. You assume we get here how you get here. Wake up and smell the reality KIDS!
I fully agree with what you said and why you said it. However, after spending much of my time before the elections infiltrating the leftist’s propeganda filled sites, I found that they don’t respond to what you said. Are you expecting them to take a hint or something? Not gonna’ happen! The only thing that gets rid of them is force, calling them out for who they are and asking them questions regarding the legitimacy of their rants. As you see, with a bit of that, M&M is no longer hanging on like a tick.

TheIcePrincess on May 1, 2006 at 3:06 pm

Oh Danny !!!
Good thing M&M has a brute like you to defend him 🙂 LOLOLOLOLOL
I don’t know … maybe it’s me being a Marine who sees all of the crap guys like you think you know that irks me.
Open my mind? It’s been opened by reality … not the drugs you phoney SOBs on the Left call Utopia.
So why are you here Danny? Cruising the web trying to pimp off your Pervy ideology to the normal people?
Or … let me guess … you and M&M work for SLATE … wooo hooo !!!
If M&M was who he said he is he’d have gone off like a real Jamaican … but he, like you, is a phoney .. no read diction man.
It’s simple Danny … pretending to be something doesn’t make you something … and needing to pretend exposes just how shallow your whole world view really is.
Was that over your head Spud?

Athling on May 1, 2006 at 6:16 pm

Hey Athling!
Be nice to the KIDS! It’s tough for an immature kid to be in prison. We don’t know what happens when they go to their cells at night. They have been told by the other inmates that we are the enemy. Therefore they must attack people like Debbie. UNHolywood is the only learning tool through those never-ending days inside.
Obviously- I’m kidding, but only about the be nice part. So you recognize the SLATE BS huh? Did you post on the Fray before? If so, then you know that, unfortunately, we can’t be kind or the liberal freaks will run rough-shot on the site. They hope to keep people like Debbie, Ann, David, etc. down, and make them stop writing.

TheIcePrincess on May 1, 2006 at 8:19 pm

TheIcePrincess, we need you in public office!

Paraclese on May 1, 2006 at 8:38 pm

Yeah, she’s awesome.
I’m a darned sight nicer than she is when she gets POd 🙂

Athling on May 2, 2006 at 1:04 am

Michelle should have her own TV show-time. I liked how she included the liberal’s “root cause”! These hollywood-types are just about clueless. Wasn’t that the name of one of their movies?!

Chief RZ on May 2, 2006 at 4:32 pm

I’d like a show where Debbie and Ice could play ping pong with liberals.
But, alas, no way that can happen in MTV land.
The latest Angelina Jolie stunt is to advocate education in poor nations.
She failed to mention the marxist doctrine that goes with it, and the advocasy of infant genocide to slowly eleminate these people to make room for EU corporate colonization (exploitation).
The New Marxism is curiously like the Old Marxism in that racism is viewed as a pragmatic prelude to localized genocides to facilitate the coming Industrialized Utopia of the NWO …
This is all code buzz for Elitists genociding the poverty over-burden, and dooming the survivors to marxist slavery to work for their Elitist Obermunchkins like Scoros and Heinz-Kerry.
I always get a kick out of how many stupid dorks cannot wait to sign up for slavery … do they think the party and the drugs are forever?
The party is over chumps … and somebody has to pay the bill. Are you expendible? If you are a dope head, the answer is YES.

Athling on May 2, 2006 at 7:07 pm

I really think that you need to go into historical evidence of the Arab-Israeli conflict in order to try to back up some of the statements you make. You should understand that the Palestinians were displaced from their homes and be more sensitive to the living conditions that they are in, due in fact to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 with the help of American tax dollars. You should read Edward Said’s Orientalism, Rashid Khalidi’s Palestinian Identity, Charles Smith’s The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, as well as look into the partition plan devised by the United Nations which gave Palestinians only 45% of the land, although they owned the majority of the land while Jews were awarded 55% of the land although they were only 7% of the population at that time.

Mimi0123 on May 6, 2006 at 12:49 pm

I guess my comment really angered you, but hey, it got your attention. In fact, you’re right. Jews were about 33% of the population. What I meant to say, on the other hand, was that Jews owned only 7% of the land. And if you think that’s a lie, why don’t you check out “Facts and Figures on Palestine”? (WASHINGTON D.C. 1991) And tell me, if Edward Said is an advocate for terrorism against innocent civilians, why was he so highly praised by Columbia University? Why is his book “Orientalism” still a best-seller? Or is Columbia University an institution that sponsors terrorism?
Oh, and if American soldiers came barging into your home with AK-47’s, giving you the choice between life if you go or death if you remain, I’m sure you would be “leaving” too. Am I right? In your views, that’s not “displacement”, or is it?
Do you run this site? You pay to have it so you can express your bird-brained views about conflicts in the Middle East? Are you truly concerned about what is going on there? Have you ever BEEN there? I bet you have, right? You’ve been to Israel. I highly doubt you would ever step foot into the West Bank or Gaza, or better yet…any other Arab/Muslim countries in the Middle East. Are you just trying to perpetuate stereotypes of Islam and Arabs even further? How nonchalant of you to do such a thing, HA! So easy it is for offspring of a Holocaust survivor to try to persuade your know-nothing readers that Palestinians are motivated by their hatred toward Jews, rather than the fact that they’ve been living under OCCUPATION (I bet you couldn’t stand a DAY living that way) for the past 39 years. Should we feel sympathetic for you and your ahistorical entitlement to the land that your people populated thousands of years before the Arabs became the rightful inheritors? I bet you feel guilty for the way that Palestinians are treated by Zionists (the same way your fellow Jews were treated by the Nazis) and that is why you have to continuously promote stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims as terrorists to disguise the real crimes and massacres committed by your own people. And of course, Israel will never be seen as the aggressor so long as it declares itself a democratic state. What a complete distortion of the real facts.

Mimi0123 on May 7, 2006 at 7:54 pm

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