April 28, 2006, - 11:43 am

Notes on Mark Bingham, Another Hero of United 93

A far-left website is falsely claiming I chose not to include Mark Bingham, an American hero and other passenger on United Flight 93, in because he was gay and was chosen as the gay Advocate’s Man of the Year in 2001.
Puh-leeze. That’s absurd. When I wrote my review, I actually (and apparently, mistakenly) thought Tom Burnett (whose name and photo I did include) was the gay one.
It’s one thing to be opposed to special rights for gays. It’s yet another to deliberately discriminate against someone because you don’t like who they’re sleeping with, not something I do. The writer making the phony allegation not as familiar with my work as he/she/it claims to be (see this less important example, in which ).
Actually, I do not care about his sexuality. It is completely irrelevant to the brave actions of Bingham and others on the flight who likely saved the White House or U.S. Capitol (and those inside) from sudden death. Bingham–and many others whose names I did not mention–were heroes on that flight, plain and simple. They were targeted solely because they were mostly Americans flying over American soil in planes with full tanks of gas. And as we know, gays are especially hated by Islamic fundamentalists such as the terrorists on United 93.

United 93 Hero Mark Bingham w/ Mother Alice Ann Hoglan

I simply had room for three photos and–in a rush to write the review as quickly as possible after a late evening screening–put in the names most familiar to me of those whose heroic actions on United 93 were portrayed most prominently in the film and whose plans to go down fighting were told to family members in telephone conversations. There were others, in addition to those I mentioned, about whose exact actions we do not know, but who also did heroic things. I did not mention the name of every male on the flight. And, again, I mistakenly thought Burnett, whom I did mention, was the gay passenger.
Bingham called his mother, Alice Ann Hoglan, to say good-bye and give her details of what was happening on board. While we do not know as much about his likely role in foiling the hijackers, I certainly include Mark Bingham in the group and, as far as we know, his actions were as heroic as anyone else’s.
Bingham’s brave mother, Ms. Hoglan, can be e-mailed here. I’m sure she would appreciate your words of support and comfort on this auspicious weekend of the release of “United 93” in theaters, as we approach 9/11’s fifth anniversary.

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Uh oh. Just found this along with a bunch of pictures bashing Bush:
“Use this one to find your local rep:
At least send one email, I gotta shitload more going out to other addresses, plus hopefully PillowTalkPrincess will help out. Lets put the pressure on.
“Mom? This is Mark Bingham.”
And then there’s some they sent to Debbie:
Sent some email to Debbie Schlussel and Robin from the Stern show.
“Mom? This is Mark Bingham.”
What do these people say about President Bush on their website? They call him a “warmongering smirking asshole.”
The problem is Debbie, these sick bastards will do ANYTHING to promote their cause. Even use Mark Bingham’s memory!!
Check these sickos out here:

Lori on April 28, 2006 at 1:08 pm

I think my stance on this issue is somewhat similar to Debbie’s, though her being a woman it is natural that she is a bit more prone to “tolerance” than I am. It’s really the activism that bothers me more than anything. I feel sorrow for the loss of Mark Bingham regardless of what his sexual proclivities were. But to use his loss as a tool for radical activism is a bit beyond the pale in my opinion.
I had no idea Mark Bingham was gay. But then that’s the whole point with the radicals, they insist that I know that. Above anything else, apparently, that’s what is of utmost importance. I sent an email to Ms. Hoglan expressing my condolences. I felt no need to make mention of her son’s gayness.

Paraclese on April 29, 2006 at 4:09 pm

The hypocrisy is astounding. Christian Activists publicize any small action by any Christian as heroic and spread it all over the media while gay activists are derided for ├Čadvancing an agenda├« for making it known that Flight 93 hero Mark Bingham was an out and proud gay man. In this county it takes a whole lot more courage to be public about being gay than it does about being Christian.

dbm7864 on May 3, 2006 at 1:32 pm

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