April 28, 2006, - 12:02 pm

Northern Border’s Godfather of Illegal Aliens – Abu Moskowitz Update

In light of Monday’s May Day Illegal alien protests, those of us in the shadows of the northern border often feel neglected. While the southern border with Mexico is very important, so is our border with Canada.
It’s the area from which a lot of nefarious Islamists with bad intentions emanate. And our inspector/agent friends at Customs and Border Protection at the Ambassador Bridge, Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, and Metro Detroit Airport are under immense pressure from inscrutable superiors to let the bad guys in.
That said, we note that the usual suspect in a different agency is not doing much to carry out his part of the bargain–yet another reason why two agencies handling aliens and entry/exit at the border should be merged. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge for Michigan and Ohio isn’t doing much. To date, he’s held the post for over two years, and has established himself as the Godfather of Illegal Immigration (in addition to Islamist fraternization & goomad recruitment).

Abu Moskowitz: ICE Supermodel is The Godfather of Illegal Aliens

(With apologies to Marlon Brando and the Corleone Family)

The figures don’t lie, and they tell a stark story of failure on Abu M’s part:
* Yesterday’s Detroit Spews reports that the Pew Hispanic Center reports there are 100,000-150,000 illegal aliens residing in Michigan. And that’s from Pew, which is biased and very liberal. Yet it’s double the more rosy figures Abu Moskowitz’s office keeps touting. No surprise that the reporter, Louis Aguilar, says Abu M’s PR machine didn’t return his calls for the report.
* Intrepid reporter Dawson Bell reports in yesterday’s Detroit Free Press that there are 731 foreign nationals in Michigan prisons at an annual costs of about $30,000 per prisoner. 138 of these could be deported, Bell reports, using figures provided by Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending. The largest number of these foreign nationals–245–are from Mexico.
That’s disturbing, since we know that Michigan is the heart of Islamic America. Yet few of the foreign nationals who should be deported are Arab Muslims. Why? Because Abu M, as we’ve reported many times, has shut down investigations in the Islamic community in Dearborn, Hamtramck, and surrounding areas.
Instead he focuses on Hispanics and Chinese–you know, the groups that share nationalities and characteristics with NONE of the 9/11 hijackers who were the ostensible reason for the creation of the Homeland Security and ICE agencies.
More scary is that there are only just over 700 foreign nationals in prison in the entire Michigan, when Pew says there are 150,000 foreign lawbreakers in the State–and we’re quite confident that far more than 731 of them have broken other laws beside the crime of their illegal presence here.
So what has the Abu Moskowitz done about this? Not a thing as far as we can tell. Except party and hold confabs with a “former” Islamic terrorist and the extremist members of his community who oppose all immigration enforcement.
And that’s why he’s the Godfather of Illegal Aliens. He gives them the protection they need by doing next to nothing.
While illegal aliens are marching on Monday, they have a friend whose with them in spirit occupying a swanky office (complete with $30,000 in new furniture you paid for) on the 18th floor of Detroit’s McNamara Federal Building.

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4 Responses

I hope Abu knows that he is taking one hell of a risk with his position. I mean, can you imagine what would happen if any kind of death or destruction was traced back to his incompetence? Just a thought.

Paraclese on April 28, 2006 at 5:18 pm

Ha ha ha ha ha
You people are lunatics.
So Canadian Isalmo-Fascists are creeping over the border hell-bent on the destruction of America?
I bet you haven’t been this worried since you lay awake for six months waiting for Saddam Hussain’s Republican Guard to come marching into your town to terrorise the women and children, and rape the cattle, after your glorious leader Bush told you about all those nasty weapons of mass destruction he had.

Nortcliff on April 30, 2006 at 7:26 am

Boycott all Mexican food and Mexican restaurants on May 14thÖ..(Motherís Day)
(Yes, and that means Taco Bell, Tres Margaritas, Monterrey House…whoever sells Mexican food. Come to think of it maybe the boycott should be for an entire week.)
O.K. This is my idea for all of those who would like to make a statement concerning the recent demonstrations by illegal aliens who are demanding their ìrightsî to welfare, Medicaid, free school, and the rest of their long laundry list of demands.
As you know there will be more demonstrations tomorrow on May 1st (which happens to be the old communist ìpeoples dayî) by illegal aliens who think they own Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona, etc… I believe that it is time for we legal American, taxpaying citizens to make our own statement.
Letís all agree to boycott all Mexican food restaurants on May 14th (Motherís Day). If you are like me, who likes his Mexican food on a regular basis, this could be hard. But, Iím thinking that just one day out of 365 canít be all that bad. We can eat American cooked steaks, seafood, chicken or any of the other delights that we are so good at.
The point is, I think it could be a very powerful statement to our government which doesnít seem to comprehend the fact that it is we they should have compassion for and it is we who need to be protected from an invasion that is costing us dearly in many ways.
So how ëbout it! Letís do it! Money talks and it talks loudly. Letís shout out loudly that we are tired of illegals disrespecting our country and weíre not going to stand it anymore!
Please, please, please, pleaseÖÖÖÖ forward this onto every taxpaying, hardworking American you know.
P.S. The reason I picked Motherís Day is because it is one of the busiest days in the restaurant industry. This would really hit them where it hurts!

Gregorio on April 30, 2006 at 4:42 pm

Not a bad idea Greg. Just as long as it’s not next weekend as I’m going to my favorite Mexican place with family. Of course the one I’m going to is actually run and owned by non-Mexicans, those, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Manatoch on April 30, 2006 at 8:59 pm

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