April 30, 2006, - 11:40 am

Me in Today’s Raleigh-Durham News-Observer

Thanks to Raleigh-Durham News-Observer Movie Critic and Writer Craig Lindsey for interviewing me for his feature article, today, regarding Hollywood’s ever-escalating silver screen attack on the right.
In “Burning Bush,” Lindsey cites and quotes me, thusly:

The most successful Bush-bashing on celluloid is “,” the Wachowski brothers’ graphic-novel adaptation, with Natalie Portman becoming the protege of a pontificating, masked terrorist (Hugo Weaving) in a fascist, futuristic England. The film has unleashed a flurry of opinions — both from admirers who praise it as “the most subversive cinematic deed of the Bush-Blair era” (James Wolcott, the Vanity Fair columnist and blogger) and from detractors who damn it as “” (Debbie Schlussel).
Schlussel, a Detroit-based blogger-reviewer, takes umbrage at these Bush-bashing films.
“I think that going after America, and going after the president, are very easy targets, unfortunately, for Hollywood,” Schlussel says. “You would think that Hollywood would become more creative and would also realize that half the country voted for President Bush. Even though his approval ratings are lower now, when it comes to elections — twice — half the country voted for our president. So they’re angering half the country by making these movies.”

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