May 2, 2006, - 6:43 pm

The Truth: Why Women REALLY Don’t Run Plants . . . Or Immigration Agency’s Corruption Investigations

Remember “,” the Oscar-nominated dud from last year about a female miner who sued over alleged sexual harassment? It was one of those “enhanced” fiction-movies-based-on-fact as told to you by the feminist NOW gang. Their agenda: Women are discriminated against, and that’s why there’s a glass ceiling not just in offices but in blue collar industries.
But yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had a great article, “Why Few Women Run Plants.” And guess what? The reasons had nothing to do with gender “discrimination.” Hardly illuminating for the non-NOW crowd, but highly informative for the more numerous, ignorant conventional wisdom absorbers.
The article found that women who worked for Georgia-Pacific’s Fort James Corp. (which makes toilet paper and napkins) chose not to advance/take promotions because they were deterred by family needs, long, odd, or unconventional hours, and rural locations. Men did not have such a problem with this issues and that’s why they advanced.

Life for Women at Georgia Pacific Unlike Hollywood Version

So what did Georgia Pacific do? The company discriminated against the men by providing women with expanded recruiting, support, mentors, alternative work schedules, on-site day care, and hosting an annual “women’s leadership forum” to discuss and address “challenges” facing women. No such help for men.
But the Wall Street Journal reporter, Erin White, laments that Koch Industries, which bought GP, has stopped some of this special treatment and is going “more slowly” in the rest. But there is still plenty of special treatment for women–affirmative action hiring based on gender.

Grrl Power Gets Special Treament @ ICE: Julie Myers, Traci Lembke

And if this is so important, we urge Ms. White to investigate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and how a/k/a “The ICE Princess,” the agency’s chieftess, has changed the job requirements for corruption chief (overseeing the Office of Professional Responsibility) so that an unethical woman, , would apply for the job.
Sources say Ms. Lembke, who is currently “Acting” in the position, complained about the long hours. So The ICE Princess rewrote the job requirements to allow Lembke to work less hours and work from home, in addition to other relaxed requirements.
Would a man get those concessions? Don’t count on it.

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2 Responses

I’m beginning to hate this Myers woman.

Paraclese on May 3, 2006 at 1:41 am

Girl power is rampant in the Government hiring offices and very prominent in the promotion of woman that are not qualified to do the job.
Is it any wonder the government cannot perform the simplest of functions as of late.
The Discrimination against men is now institutionalized in America.
Isn’t it grand?

ScottyDog on May 3, 2006 at 12:38 pm

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