May 4, 2006, - 1:27 pm

ICEPrincessVision: To Our ICE Friends & Enemies, Your Reaction Wanted . . .

Who saw JulieVision, this morning?
As we , , Assistant Homeland Security Secretary and head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a/k/a “The ICE Princess,” delivered a highly PR-pimped speech to her ICE minions in our favorite new blind pig, “The Garcia Room.”
Since The ICE Princess is supposed to be the head immigration enforcement figure in the nation, we wondered what she was going to say in the address. Unfortunately, we were otherwise disposed at the time in question and plan to watch all of what we hear was a high-quality Scotts speech, at a later time.

Smell Test: Immigration’s PrincessVision is On the Air

To those of you who did hear The ICE Princess’ delivery, what was your reaction? Please send them here, and we will post the best responses (anonymity promised).
What is her long-term investigative strategy to stem the alien smuggling and phony ID problems? Why has the agency virtually giving up on investigating sham marriages by Muslim foreign nationals and focusing on those practiced by Latinos and others? Did she address why catch-and-release is still going on en masse? Did she say why she ordered release of alien workers that were caught in Galveston, before their IDs were even checked for validity?
Did she say what her long-term plan is? Did she announce when she will take off for maternity leave and what will be done to address our nation’s hemorrhaging illegal alien problem, in her unnoticeable absence? What are her plans for a rudderless agency in a lot of hurt? And what was your assessment of her speech, ie., max-gro (10), nursery plant food (1), or somewhere in between?
If you liked and believed what she had to say, we will print those, too (if we receive any). Tell us why, though.
We look forward to your reaction.

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