July 21, 2005, - 12:59 pm

The Island: Yzerman, Red Wings to L.A. in Pro-Life Movie

By Debbie Schlussel
Last night, I attended a screening of “The Island,” in theaters, Friday. Starring Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor, the movie has a strong pro-life message. Humans are cloned for body parts–and to get the body parts, the clones are killed. Thankfully, the film’s message is that this is wrong, and that those who support this cloning are just garden-variety, calculating murderers. For once, Hollywood makes a major-budget silver-screener with a pro-life theme (if unwittingly).

Steve Yzerman: Detroit Red Wing’s mural makes uncredited appearance in “The Island”

But the more interesting point of the movie is that Steve Yzerman and the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings have moved to Los Angeles. Yes, that’s the message you’d get, if you pay attention to the chase scenes set in Downtown L.A. They were shot in Detroit, and producers didn’t do a very good job of obscuring the mural of Steve Yzerman in full Red Wing regalia. So much for Hollywood “make-believe.”
On the other hand, with the new NHL agreement in place complete with a tight salary cap, Yzerman’s return to Detroit is uncertain. Perhaps an unwitting showbiz omen? Only if Yzerman is around and skating in the year 2050, the movie’s setting.

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