May 9, 2006, - 10:59 am

I’m a “Hijacker” . . . According to Bitter “Munich” Star Eric Bana

Ever since 9/11, the verb “hijack” has been one of the most overused and twisted by the PC-crowd and Muslims. We heard the allegation that the 9/11 Islamic terrorists “hijacked our religion” from Muslims and PCers. (More like the religion hijacked them.) And we heard other assorted misuses.
The latest and perhaps most absurd example comes in from “” star Eric Bana, promoting the DVD release of his terror-apoligism trash. Bitter that his bloated-budget, sympathize-with-the-terrorists movie was a box office disaster versus a gay cowboy movie, Bana says that critics like me–who –“‘hijacked’ people’s opinions.”
Good to know that Bana thinks Americans are such dummies that we “hijackers” prevented them from going to this long, boring silver-screen fiction. Remember that the next time he asks you to go to one of his films. Also interesting to note that when a critic properly criticizes a film it is now “hijacking.” Funny, I didn’t hear Bana whining about the “hijackers” who roundly trashed the arguably better films, “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,” “Ishtar,” and “Waterworld.”

Eric Bana: Failed Movie Star Turned Hijacking Expert

Let’s review the definition of the word “hijack.” Here are several definitions we compiled from several dictionaries:

1. seize transport vehicle: to take forcible control of a public transport vehicle, e.g. a passenger aircraft while in transit, taking the people on board hostage, and often diverting it to another destination
2. stop vehicle to rob it: to seize a motor vehicle, e.g. an armored car carrying money, in order to rob it of its contents
3. steal something from seized vehicle: to steal merchandise, money, or any other items from a hijacked motor vehicle

Hmmm . . . if anything, it seems Eric Bana and his friends–“Munich” director and scriptwriter Tony Kushner–are the real hijackers. You see, they stole the memories of the lives of the Israeli athletes, including American citizen David Berger, when they showed their deaths as a bizarre interlude in a more bizarre sex scene. They stole the careers of heroic Israeli Mossad agents who tracked down terrorists and sent them to their just reward.
And they stole reality when they portrayed Islamic terrorists–who planned murders of innocents–as nice, high-culture folk with cute daughters; but ignored the memories of their victims whose cute daughters had to grow up fatherless by no choice of their parents.
Their transport vehicles were moviehouses around the country and the unfortunate power they had to put their absurd version of reality on the screen. But few bought the hype and allowed themselves to be “hijacked” by this sad crew.
Bana is hoping that more Americans will buy his DVD and forget about the just criticism of his failed film:

Now some time has gone by, and hopefully people will get to receive the film on their own terms without projecting on it. This film is purely and simply too bloody good for people to have predisposed ideas about it.

Memo to Eric Bana:
People did get to receive the film on their own terms, when it was in theaters. And they chose not to go. Americans don’t like films that say it’s okay to blow up the Towers, but not okay to pursue the attackers who did it. They like films that show Americans will and do respond, as they did in the box office success, “.” And they want the truth, which “United 93” is and “Munich” isn’t.
A “bloody good” film? Well no-one can accuse Eric Bana of modesty. Just bloody bad taste.

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Here’s how wacky it gets. A friend who is a big time liberal, when asked by his other liberal pals if he had seen Brokeback Mountain, told them he wasn’t going to go because he does not like that genre of film, i.e. westerns. They called him homophobic even though his reason had nothing to do with the gay characters. Oddly enough, he still didn’t call these people intolerant, but he was also quick to say that if you didn’t go see the movie because you don’t watch gay themed films, then you are homophobic. I asked him if he watches gay porn. He said no. I said, “You must be homophobic then.” I’m still ot sure if he gets it.

MagicalPat on May 9, 2006 at 12:37 pm

Regarding the claim that the Jihadists “Hijacked the religion [Islam]” by kelling people:
Islam was started by a warlord. Islam is spread ONLY by the sword. For example, do you remeber in history 101 that North Africa was once Christian?
So how does one expect muslims to be peaceful? The whole religion is evil and violent.

Annoying Conservative on May 9, 2006 at 4:51 pm

This Hollywood moron is your typical, America-hating, LIBERAL froot-loop.

Thee_Bruno on May 9, 2006 at 6:08 pm

Newsflash: Eric Bana has no idea who you are!

Manatoch on May 9, 2006 at 11:42 pm

Debbie, you call United 93 a “box office success” and Munich a “box office disaster.” But let’s look at those pesky facts. Munich’s total domestic gross was $47.4 million. United 93 won’t be able to beat it.

brickabrat on May 10, 2006 at 4:39 am

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