May 9, 2006, - 3:25 pm

An Immigration Agent Who Knows How it is Done

Meet Hung V. Nguyen.
He is an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent who literally knows how it is done. Because he, himself, was an alien.
A Christian, he fled Vietnam on a boat when he was just 12. He was raised by a hard-working Polish family in Illinois and wanted to repay his debt by being a pilot or federal agent. He helped close a loophole allowing “parents” to apply for passports without their 14-year-old-or-under kids present, a loophole rife with fraud and very vulnerable to the document black market and smuggling rings.
Regarding immigration, he told The Washington Post:

There has to be a proper way of doing it. You have to have rules and regulations. You can’t have open borders. They’re using the system against us. They’re throwing so many things at us that sooner or later someone will get through. They just overwhelm you. Once they have a little loophole, they keep on doing it.

But Nguyen gets it wrong in one area. He goes on to tell the Post:

[E]very country has a law and you have to abide by it. Especially after 9/11. The children can’t do harm to the country, but the adults, you don’t know who they are. They can travel with a U.S. passport anywhere in the world. That’s a loophole that can affect the security of this country.

In fact, children are not always innocent. Sometimes they are well-indoctrinated fanatics who do much harm. Many children, who are in their teens and old enough to know what is going on can do a great deal of harm to the country. It’s a fact of life in Israel, where many of the teenagers throwing deadly rocks and even recruited to be homicide bombers are just children in their teens.
It’s a fact of life we may soon, unfortunately, experience.

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Why was Nguyen not put in charge of ICE instead of the airhead in charge, Julie Meyers?
Oh, I forgot she was too busy tipping off the Mexican Government where the Minuteman were conducting operations and where they lived.
In todays world, if you are a traitor you get to be in charge of ICE helping the invasion from Mexico.

ScottyDog on May 9, 2006 at 7:17 pm

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