May 11, 2006, - 3:07 pm

Immigration Chieftess Lies; Even ICE-Wives Upset

Instead of actually enforcing immigration laws, it appears the job of top Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials is to spread a campaign of lies on media tours.
At least that seems to be the view of incompetent ICE chieftess , Secretary of ICE, a/k/a “The ICE Princess.” The ICE Princess made so many propaganda appearances on FOX News recently, it made our heads spin. It also made us wonder for what office she is campaigning.
And that’s what it’s all about a PR campaign against illegal aliens, but not a real one. She believes that as long as she is getting attention and getting on camera, we will believe it. But to paraphrase one of our fave Presidents, Abraham Lincoln, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.
E-mail has been overflowing with apt criticisms of The ICE Princess’ appearances, yesterday on Neil Cavuto’s show and this morning on Fox & Friends. There were so many lies, we found more use for our sets of Wacky Packs.

Julie Myers Wacky Packs (Schlussel Collection)

We’d love to debate her, but she couldn’t handle it and wouldn’t dare. Here’s what one reader said (and he is NOT an ICE agent in the know):

Your ICE Princess was on Cavuto yesterday. Julie talked about how ICE is going to be cracking down on document fraud & how wide-spread it is & how easy it is to get. (No s–t, Sherlock.) I got the impression she JUST learned about this.
Cavuto mentioned about the last raid ICE did with the 1200 illegals & she said ALL were deported except for a few (got sick hearing this lie, cause didn’t ICE hold only 200 & let the rest gooooooooo?) So I was too livid watching her to HEAR what other b.s. she said.

Yes, indeed, almost all of those arrested at IFCO Systems were released with a Notice to (Dis)Appear, and this is after she ordered hundreds of other illegal detainees released from Detention and Removal Operations nationwide, to make temporary room for the show-arrestees. Your tax dollars–and her phony PR campaign against illegals–at work.
Ditto for the fight against document fraud, since we know of investigations that her various ICE Special Agents in Charge ended, because they did not care about the document fraud.
Another reader was angry at similar lies on “FOX & Friends”:

Wake up….Ice Princess Spinning on Fox News…6:15 a.m……..Steve getting jiggy with her….

And finally, there is this from a wife of an ICE Agent (when Myers was nominated, we didn’t realize how prophetic we were when we subtitled it “”):

As a wife of an “ICE” Officer, I hear it from
everyone. You have no idea how many officers in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) feel the same way that your friend, , feels. They wish they could financially be able to quit their jobs due to the the lack of support. Most feel like they’re doing their jobs for nothing. They all know that the situation has gotten out of control and no matter how hard they work, there’s always another ag-felon illegal alien to catch. Our jails can’t hold all of them because, believe me, my husband tried to fill’em. I believe the only possible solution is to close off the borders, but then the terrorist have won then, and we are no longer a free society.
We don’t have enough jail space in our jails to hold all the really bad illegals, let alone all the ones who haven’t committed murder, rape, etc. It costs American Taxpayers $50 per day to house an illegal in jail. That’s not the bad part. Once in jail we then become responsible to pay all medical, dental, and optical care. I know of one illegal that our government paid out millions of dollars in medical bills for several heart surgeries–for one prisoner. The man was too weak to deport. If you jail all of them then you are running into a huge can of worms. These people come to our country because we are still considered the “Land of Opportunity”. There has to be another was to integrate these people into society but legally and we can’t do that until the borders are closed.
Tell your friend he’s not alone as everyone I’ve spoken to in Texas and Michigan feels the same way. The trick is to not give up and to communicate with your superiors. This president’s term will end and that’s why we limit the number of years a president can serve. And someone will come in who can realize what the people of the United State want.

Maybe some day, there will be hope. For now, The ICE Princess’ policies phony immigration policies remain EMPTY, ABSENT & HOPELESS.

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4 Responses

I fully support the immigration processes we have in place, and suggest current residents work to improve the situation rather than encourage illegal immigratation to continue in whatever form. In fact, I take a rather extreme view of illegal immigrants. If you see them going over The Wall (either way), then it is a turkey shoot. If you find one here already, throw him/her in jail for a couple of weeks to give a chance for a valid reason to be here. No valid reason? Deportation right away. I would not go so far as to raise McCarthyism as a standard, but if the rules are not to your liking, feel free to leave.

Dreamer451 on May 11, 2006 at 5:24 pm

Is English the first language of the ICE wife quoted above? If so, she needs to brush up her grammar skills.

LoveAManInAUniform on May 11, 2006 at 5:33 pm

Those graphics are great!

Thee_Bruno on May 11, 2006 at 5:46 pm

What am I telling you, Fox is the propaganda tool for the Bush administration and not the Republican party as many would say. Hell, you can get the Ice Bitch to say she released 15,000,000 illegals into society under the instruction of President Bush and they are currently helping the economy, and Fox T.V. would be elated.
What Republican/conservative supports this administration and the Guest Worker Program and Bush’s immigration policy?
So why does Fox do? Because they are the voice for the Neo-cons and Neo-libs. Where the GOP and DLC are working together to derail America. Don’t believe me? Read the story above.

KOAJaps on May 12, 2006 at 2:34 pm

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