May 16, 2006, - 12:04 pm

Remember, Bush National Guard Move is Smoke & Mirrors

We before the Prez’s BS “5-Years-After-9/11-But-6-Months-Before-An-Election-I’m-Finally-Doing-Something” Speech, last night. And predictably, Mr. Bush did not answer ANY of them.
But, one question was answered in our own mind.
Bush did not say anything about expanding the program of using the National Guard on our borders beyond a year. That’s why he’s using the Guard. Because after a year–and safely past the Congressional elections in November, which is what this is all about–the program will sunset, and end forever. But no Guardsmen will have to be laid off.
If Bush were really serious, he’d hire 6,000 new Border Patrol Agents to do the job. But he won’t. Because in a year, he’d lay them off, stick us with the unemployment benefits bill, and have endless, just bitching all over the media by angry laid off Border Patrol Agents about how Bush doesn’t really care about the Border.
Which is exactly the case. Bush doesn’t care about the borders, or he wouldn’t have waited until 5.5 years into his presidency to do something about it.
But he does care about elections. And those are just 6 months away. Timing is everything.

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IF Bush was simply trying to appease the voters in the upcoming election he could have said that he’s pulling all the troops out of Iraq and placing them on the Mexican border…not only would the GOP SWEEP in November, but there would be a reasonable amendment drive so that he could SERVE for another term!!!
Whilst i MAY disagree with his policies, GW scored a grand-slam last night by sticking to his guns.
BECAUSE of CAFTA and NAFTA GW has what is probably the best and most comprehensive immigration plan out there, and his National Guard plan was the only capitulation in last nights address. THIS plan is something that most THINKING people can endorse…alas too many of y’all think like this: [scroll up?]

EminemsRevenge on May 16, 2006 at 12:53 pm

I’m not a democrat or republican, yet I hate Bush!
Would you actually support this bum getting impeached?
I mean enough is enough with this clown already. He knows or cares nothing about the war against jihadists and our country’s security.

Avatar on May 16, 2006 at 10:10 pm

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