May 16, 2006, - 1:20 pm

SCARY: Another 9/11 Test By Traveling Muslim Arabs?

Calling all Americans who’ve fallen asleep after 9/11. Read this report by WBEN reporter Tom Connolly about Muslim Arabs detained at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, last night–and listen to the audio, which has even more, scarier details:

A traveler stopped at Buffalo Niagara International Airport last night lead to some tense moments when the young man claimed he had a bomb.
The teenager and his father were stopped by airport security and while the father was cooperating with authorities, his son allegedly started praying loudly in Arabic and then announced “I have a bomb”, “I wanna die”‘ and “We’re all gonna die”.

[DS: The audio report says he said “that he is prepared.”]

With guns drawn on him, the 16-year-old then tore off its backpack and reached into it. Officers wrestled him to the ground and found he had no weapons or explosives, but several cell phones.

[DS: The audio report says he had five cellphones. Cellphones can be–and have been–used as bombing devices and detonators.]

The FBI questioned the young man, who was then taken to Erie County Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation.

The audio report said the 16-year-old was flying home to Nassau County, Long Island, New York, and would not tell police why he was in Western New York for ten days.
Psychiatric evaluation? This kid should be prosecuted for issuing a terrorist threat, as non-Muslim kids all over America are, every day, when they make threats at school.
Now we know what they mean when they say “Flying While Arab” or “Flying While Muslim.” Clearly, this father and son were testing the system for vulnerabilities. They are not nuts at all.
But we are for blowing this off as a psychiatric event.

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I was on an international flight out of JFK last year. My wife and I got nervous because while we were checking in a group of 4 Middle Eastern men came in to the terminal together and then split up. They got on line for the same flight in two groups of two. What was really disturbing was that they were getting on a flight to Paris with not luggage. On the flight they all went to the restroom at the same time. Two went into the compartment while two more stood aroung outside looking around in all directions. I got the distinct feeling that this was a dry run for something else. I am a survivor of the WTC on 9/11, but I am not a tinfoil hat paranoid. I just got a real bad feeling about the way they were acting and what they were doing.

Architect on May 16, 2006 at 2:11 pm

No doubt this “moderate” Muzlum was probably visiting a sleeper cell either in the greater Buffalo area or some place in Muzlum-friendly Canada.
Boy, that Mohammad sure knew how to pick his brain-dead followers.

Thee_Bruno on May 16, 2006 at 2:18 pm

I have to agree with Architect. After reading Annie Jacobson’s columns and subsequent book about what happened to her on her flight, “Terror in the Skies”, (corroborated by others) I have no doubt that it was a probe.
Why I think so is because the Middle Easterners on your flight, knowing how nervous and “jumpy” people get on airplanes after 9/11, would have the sense not to do what they did if it was something innocent. You just don’t all go to the bathroom at once while your posse stands watch waiting outside and making passengers nervous for nothing.

Thee_Bruno on May 16, 2006 at 2:27 pm

It’s a good thing the TSA and DHS are doing their job eh? This kid should of had a weapons function check to the head…twice. Oh, I’m sorry, that’s insensitive *sniff sniff*. …but then again, it’s ok to “express” yourself if a sanctioned “minority”, but not a law abiding, ‘God’ fearing, tax paying, member of a functional family in the U.S. nowadays right? Right. Come on agents, frangible rounds lose alot of kinetic energy post target contact. You guys get cramps out at the ranges during training. Front sight picture, sight alignment…squeeeeeze …release and reacquire…

SickBoy on May 16, 2006 at 3:27 pm

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