May 16, 2006, - 2:47 pm

Only in America: Welcome to Saddam Hussein’s Gas Station

Only in America do we help and promote those who help and promote our enemies.
Today’s Detroit Free Press has a report on a “Spiffed Up Gas Station,” by consistently clueless reporter Julie Edgar.
What’s she clueless about, this time? Well, she does a whole story promoting a new Shell gas station right near where I live, owned by Shakir Alkhafaji.
As I’ve written numerous times–and as has been reported in her own newspaper (check the Free Press database, Julie)–. He’s one of only three Americans to do so (one is Samir Vincent, who already pled guilty to Federal charges, and the other is oil billionaire Oscar Wyatt). Not a peep about this in the story, though.

Saddam’s Gas Station: Shakir Alkhafaji (Right)

Stands in Front of the Gas Station that “Oil for Food” Built

, in 2004, about Alkhafaji (in my review of “Fahrenheit 9/11”), and it’s just the Cliff’s Notes version:

Jim McDermott was on the take from Saddam Hussein. McDermott was one of three Congressmen who went on Saddam’s propaganda tour of Iraq in Fall 2002. The trip was funded by Life for Relief and Developmen (LRD), a “charity” which laundered money to terrorist group Hamas’ Jordanian operation. LRD is funded in part by Shakir Al-Khafaji, a man who did about $70 million in business with Saddam through his Falcon Trading Group company (based in South Africa). LRD’s Iraqi offices were raided by US troops last week, and the Detroit-area “charity” is suspected of funding uprisings, such as the one in Fallujah. Its officials bragged of doing so at a recent private US fundraiser.
Mr. Alkhafaji, one of two [DS: since I wrote this, the number has risen to three] Americans named in Iraqi newspapers as a participant in Saddam’s “Oil for Food” scam, gave Congressman McDermott $5,000 in October 2002 for McDermott’s legal defense fund in a lawsuit against him.

(LRD and Alkhafaji were under investigation by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in Detroit, until Special Agent in Charge came to town and ended these investigations. Something to do with , “former” terrorist and FBI Award Revokee . Ditto for FBI Special Agent in Charge , whose Detroit office was also investigating Alkhafaji.)
The gas station, which I previously knew was an Alkhafaji enterprise, is one of many of his Saddam-profits-financed projects I see on my daily drives around town. He also owns an Italian restaurant nearby and numerous other ventures. All of them paid for by Saddam’s money. His various campaign contributions, mostly to liberal Democrats, were seen as Saddam’s contributions. Alkhafaji was Saddam’s Democrat in America (his Republican was another Detroit area Iraqi expat).
In 2003, I asked Alkhafaji to do an interview on my radio show, but he insisted on seeing the questions. After I faxed them, he was suddenly “at a funeral in Iraq,” even though I saw him at a local gas station pumping gas into his car. (Since he is a Shi’ite who betrayed Shi’ites for money from Saddam, he cannot go back to Iraq. The Shias would kill him for being a traitor. Of note, his brother was murdered by Saddam, but he continued to do biz with Saddam, anyway.)
Again, not a hint of any of this in Julie Edgar’s Detroit Free Press article. She’s more interested in his fancy

Syrian limestone and columns on the facade, granite-topped, custom-made cabinets throughout, ceramic-tiled bathrooms . . . .

Gee, sounds just like one of Saddam’s palaces. Only he’s on trial. And Shakir Alkhafaji is free, living just miles from me. Thanks to our hands-off feds. And reporters who are dazzled by luxe architecture, but not phased by financial dealings with a mass murderer enough to mention it.
But many of his fellow former Iraqis in Detroit are angry. They keep pointing me to his Alkhafaji’s many ventures asking why. Why has he escaped prosecution, when he made millions in blood money from Saddam, in violation of our laws?
That’s the question the Detroit Free Press needs to revisit. But they’re too busy writing about palatial gas stations.
So, Julie, will that be regular or unleaded?

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5 Responses

Nice to see this Enemy of America being thoroughly investigated – NOT!
I wonder how many of his business transactions of the many enterprises (Italian restaurant – laughable) he owns are done in cash.
If I lived within his business empire, I’d get the word out to boycott this ba$tard.
BTW, the guy behind him in the picture doesn’t look intelligent enough to even pump gas.

Thee_Bruno on May 16, 2006 at 4:37 pm

Seems that only God is protecting us from our own government. As the immigration situation gets worse (and it will because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings)the dangers to the country will increase until we the People take matters into our own hands.

Frank on May 17, 2006 at 1:26 pm

It’s getting hard to try and be outraged by more government incompetence, dereliction of duty, or both.
As President Reagan once said, “The government is not the solution to the problem; the government IS the problem.”

Loser on May 17, 2006 at 3:08 pm

I think we are getting a very modern view into why Abram (Abraham) packed it up and got out of Babylon … he got fed up with the lies, lies, and more lies.
It saddens me to see our own government whoring itself out like this … so I guess the Whore of Babylon has had many little illegitimate brats over the years, and they all got jobs in Federal service.
When we get another 9-11, the ropes will be out and I can think of quite a few little sell out sluts in governemnt who are going to pay the price for their treason.
Oh well … stupid is as stupid does.

Athling on May 17, 2006 at 7:27 pm

Would you know if this Julie Edgar attended the University of Wisconsin-Platteville during the early-mid 1980’s? I spent my freshman year at UW-P during 1983-1984 and was a reporter on the student newspaper, The Exponent.
As it happens, one of the editors of the Exponent was one Julie Edgar whose conduct was such that “clueless” would be a pretty good description. If the Julie Edgar at the Detroit Free Press is the one that I’m thinking of, then the DFP must have awfully low standards for hiring journalists.

Charles Rector on May 19, 2006 at 4:30 am

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