May 25, 2006, - 4:18 pm

Desperate But Not Serious: Why the Feds Aren’t Serious About Hezbollah’s Restaurateur

Since last week, a debate that shouldn’t be happening is.
The –was a keynote speaker along with the spiritual leader of Hezbollah (Sheikh Mohammed Fadlallah) at a Hezbollah event. But he and the predictable Islamo-fascists, CAIR’s Dawud Walid and “former” terrorist Imad Hamad, claim there’s no evidence he’s connected with terrorists.
Chahine admittedly gave money to the group for “orphans.” Missing words: “Of the martyrs.” Whether or not he knew where the money was really going–and you have to be a complete imbecile to think he was unaware–is not relevant. In 1996, Bill Clinton signed into law a package of counterterrorism law that made it illegal to give money to Hezbollah (and other Islamic terrorist groups), regardless of the alleged (and usually phony) purpose.

The Guy The Feds Should Indict But Won’t: Chahine’s Imam,

Mohammed Ali Elahi & Hezbollah Spiritual Leader Sheikh Fadlallah

Convicted Murderer Khalil Chahine (left), Indicted Tax Evader Talal Chahine (second from rt), Hezbollah/Iran Agent Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi

@ the Hezbollah Mosque

But U.S. Attorney not only did NOT seek a count for violating that law in the grand jury indictment of Chahine, but he let Chahine flee the country. Why not and why? Generally when a man has his property raided by federal agents twice in a few months, he knows he better get going. If Murphy really wanted him, he’d have gotten his ham sandwich indictment right away, as in before the raids ever happened.
But it appears Murphy didn’t really want Chahine to stay here and answer charges. That would mean Chahine would be subject to questions about , an Iranian agent and conduit to Hezbollah spiritual leader Fadlallah. And questions about how his mosque was funded.
And questions about why he lied on his application for U.S. citizenship, failing to disclose that he is an agent of Hezbollah and the Government of Iran. And questions about whether Imam Elahi was helping in laundering money to Fadlallah and Hezbollah. Sources say that Elahi is off-limits at Detroit area international ports (Detroit Metro Airport, the Ambassador Bridge, and the Tunnel). He’s not subject to the rigorous searches and questioning reserved for the Little Old Lady from Pasadena and blonde chicks like me.

Hezbollah’s Three Stooges: U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy, FBI SAIC , ICE SAIC

At a court hearing, an IRS agent held up a photo of Chahine with Hezbollah’s Fadlallah. And yet, Mr. Elahi’s own proudly displayed photo with Fadlallah, taken during a visit to Lebanon a year ago, doesn’t seem to be of any concern to Murphy. Why should it be? and gave him enthusiastic applause and kudos, including when Elahi praised Hezbollah.
As I noted previously, Chahine’s contributions were not directly to Hezbollah, but to Al Mabarrat Association. It has a Dearborn, Michigan affiliate, Al Mabarat Charitable Organization (note the U.S. version uses one “r”, the Lebanese version–two “r”s). Al Mabarrat Association is clearly an open front for Hezbollah, and has Fadlallah’s photo on its website front and center. Despite that, U.S. Attorney and the IRS refuse to prosecute the U.S. branch of the charity for apparently violating the law and apparently donating the money to Hezbollah. And the State Department and Office of Foreign Assets Control and the Department of Treasury refuses to put either the Lebanese or American charity on the State Department terrorist list. On the contrary, the U.S. government allows it to operate and has licensed it as a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization, subsidized by American taxpayers.
Al Mabarat Charitable Organization’s Dearborn officers–Fouad T. Beydoun, Ahmad J. Bazzi, and Nazem Baydoun–are from families that all come from Bint Jbeil, the Hezbollah stronghold in the South of Lebanon. Al Mabarat Charitable Organization’s taxes show annual outlays of close to $1 million, but improperly fail to provide a separate schedule listing where the money went. Where is the money going?

Al Mabarrat’s Website Features Hezbollah Spiritual Leader Fadlallah

Talal Chahine with Hezbollah Spiritual Leader Fadlallah (from court records)

To those who think the indictment of Talal Chahine will result in anything, think again. His indictment was about PR, NOT justice.
Let’s not forget that Hezbollah not only murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and American civilians in Lebanon, tortured Col. Higgins, U.S. Embassy Attache William Buckley, and U.S. Navy diver Robert Stethem to death, hijacked TWA 847, and blew up the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina (with a similar attempt at the Israeli Embassy in Argentina), but today, Hezbollah is working with Al-Qaeda. Hezbollah trains the Qaeda insurgents in Iraq that are murdering our soldiers, and Hezbollah has provided the IEDs (explosives) that blow them up. Hezbollah also participated in the bombing of the Khobar Towers.
Many of us haven’t forgotten, but our spineless, despicable feds in charge in Detroit apparently have.
And to all the idiots who keep telling the Detroit media that they will continue to eat at La Shish–because the owner’s tight association with Hezbollah’s leader is not enough evidence that he’s tied to terror–we say, there is a place on the O.J. jury for you, too.
If only these stupid restaurant patrons chose to drink at Jim Jones’ bar rather than continue to eat at La Shish and support a bloody terrorist group. Society would have been far better served.

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Debbie I don’t want you to give yourself an ulcer. Just lower your expectations like I did. That way you can only be pleasantly surprised if ever they happen to do the right thing.

shleppy on May 25, 2006 at 7:04 pm

…I believe shleppy has a good point there?
Interesting to note Clinton ACTUALLY DID some good during his presidency by signing into LAW a “counterterrorism package of laws.”
All these years I thought he was entirely useless when he was America’s president, and now I stand corrected~

The Canadien on May 25, 2006 at 7:45 pm

Hey debbie I think you are so hot can I take you out to the finest middle eastern food of all time, called Lashish.
My uncle restaurant. He said its on the house

theonedreamguy on December 10, 2006 at 4:02 am

Hey debbie, Can you please tell me how can a man give 22 million monopoly dollars to hizballa and yet he charges his own nephew every time I dined at his place. I think he should be charged being the cheapest man of all time. I think you are mistaking talal by someone else.
theonedreamguy reporting life from planet earth

theonedreamguy on December 10, 2006 at 4:10 am

Who is Khalil Chihine’s mother? Is it Elfat?

JZ on February 22, 2014 at 8:59 am

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