May 26, 2006, - 2:14 pm

We Made a Difference: Hasbro Cancels Stripper Dolls for Girls

Recently, we wrote about aimed at 6-year-old girls, further denying them a childhood.
Many of our readers to complain about this outrage. And it apparently worked. Hasbro announced that it has cancelled the scheduled production of the stripper dolls, giving some phony reason about their music marketing partner.
The real reason is well-expressed outrage by readers of this site and other equally upset, concerned Americans. Sometimes we can make a difference, correcting wrongs. And in this case, we did.
To any of our readers who think you cannot make a difference, this is evidence that, indeed, you can.

“The Pussycat Dolls”: NOT Coming Soon to Your Daughter’s Toy Chest

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