May 30, 2006, - 10:23 pm

American Farm Held Hostage, Day 14: Farm Finally Freed From Capitivity, No Hoffa Found (As Predicted Here)

We , when we in its latest silly incarnation of “.”
Today was DAY FOURTEEN of the . And, fortunately, after 14 days in captivity, the FBI finally freed the Hidden Dreams horse farm from the hostage situation, ending its Hoffa search escapade. After two weeks, the FBI finally saw the absurdity of this incredible waste of taxpayer dollars and resources in search of a body they will never find (and , even if they found it, so what?!).
But before the silly search was ended, we were treated to the empty humor of FBI spokewoman Dawn Clenney, who joked about taxpayers paying overtime to workers digging up the farm on Memorial Day weekend. “We’re the FBI. We doze, but we never close.” Haha, Dawn. You’re so punny.
In addition to the overtime, the two weeks of digging up the Milford Township, Michigan horse farm in search of Hoffa “achieved” the following results by the Famous But Incompetent (we refer to FBI management, not the street level agents):
* A $1 million taxpayer tab on the dig up of a Michigan farm for Jimmy Hoffa;
* 50 FBI agents plus assorted K9 dogs, anthropologists and archeologists (and they thought they’d be exploring African ruins and pottery; instead it’s a dung-filled horse farm);
* A barn and its cement floor destroyed and removed by the FBI (will taxpayers have to pay to replace it?); and . . .


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Some may call this thread conspiracy theory, because, the same conspiracy theorist bring up the same question. Some may call you a traitor to the Bush administration or a commie, but guess what, both side of the aisle saw no problem with it. I call it the way I see it, a police state. Where federal agents could come in and under the guise of a murder investigation, take over your home, destroy a barn and in the end pay the farmers with our tax money to rebuild after their mistake. I may be wrong but didn’t the alleged murder take place in Detroit and the primary investigating team be the local if not state police?
When Andrew Cunanan killed Gianni Versace, the ONLY reason why the FBI stepped in was because, Cunanan killed a groundskeeper at a V.A. cemetery. And there, the Florida cops went in for the arrest. The FBI said that they were watching the case but didn’t get involved because no federal crimes were committed (just before the killing at the cemetery)
But why for Hoffa? Because they can…now.

KOAJaps on May 31, 2006 at 3:18 am

…he’s also not in my trunk..

jaywilton on May 31, 2006 at 7:24 am

I know Jimmy Hoffa got himself mixed up in some crooked business but it’s not like he attacked thousands of American civilians and anyway he was telling the truth when he said he had nothing to do with the Commies. So I say just let the man rest in peace.

KnightoftheImpaler on May 31, 2006 at 3:58 pm

Knight, it’s not allowing him to rest in peace but the government’s prying eyes into our privacy. the NSA did it on your computer (if you have Windows). You think Hoffa’s going to rest in peace? Nope. Nor will we

KOAJaps on June 1, 2006 at 12:21 pm

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