July 25, 2005, - 12:03 pm

Double Standard: Dead Brit Brazilian, Meet Dead German Tourist in Indonesia

There’s the outrage when Brazilian is accidentally killed when he didn’t stop for police in the British subway.
Then there’s the outrage . . . oops, no outrage! . . . when the same, exact facts occur, but the tourists are Westerners and the “anti-terror police” are Muslims in a Muslim country.
Read this from the June 6, 2003 edition of the New York Times and ask, why no outrage here?
Indonesian troops shot and killed a German tourist and wounded his wife in Aceh Province, where the government is battling a separatist insurgency. The 54-year-old man and his wife, 49, were shot while in the village of Lhok Gayo as troops investigated “suspicious flashlights” near a house, said a military spokesman, Lt. Col. Firdaus Komarno. The soldiers called out to the couple to identify themselves, but the pair did not respond, Colonel Komarno said. The troops then fired several warning shots, he said. (AP)

Where was the outrage when this happened? It was but a tiny blurb on a back-page of the times. That’s it. No network TV news reports. No liberal Air America crowing. No Muslim communities screaming. No Prime Minister of Indonesia issuing a prominent national apology. And no families of the dead threatening lawsuits.
In the War on Terror, there will always be double standards. We, Westerners, make a mistake, and everyone’s calling for our heads. Our leaders, media, liberal-left, and trial lawyers are beside themselves (with the media, leftists, and lawyers secretly gleeful that the War on Terror temporarily failed). They–Muslims–make a mistake, or murder deliberately, and it’s no biggie.

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