June 6, 2006, - 8:48 am

HOMELAND SECURITY OUTRAGE: DHS Official Joins Homicide Bomb Filmmaker

As usual, the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (note which is the adjective – American- and which is the noun – Arab) is hosting the Department of Homeland Security’s official, paid Islamo-fascist butt-kisser Daniel Sutherland at its annual convention.
Of note, along with Sutherland, the group is also hosting , filmmaker of “,” the anti-Semitic, pro-homicide bomber movie. Is it now the official position of DHS that homicide bombers and terrorists are cool and to be celebrated? If not, why the heck is he kissing butt, yet again this year, of a group that does believe that and is openly celebrating this man and his movie? Ask Mr. Burns (Michael Chertoff).
Your tax dollars “at work.” (Also of note, the ADC is hosting one of the few non-dead Jews it likes, Mike Wallace.)

DHS’ Daniel Sutherland: Paid to be America’s Benedict Arnold

(on right, with “former” terrorist Imad Hamad at left)

(Apologies to Benedict Arnold)

Does Homeland Security Condone this Movie? Apparently So.

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I feel sick on this election day here, and now I have more to stomach after reading that our DHS officials still find the act of terrorist-enabler ass-kissing is still an acceptable practice. Today I have the misfortune of leaving the 50th Congressional District Candidate Selection blank. I can not in good conscience vote for Brian Bilbray and the alternative is that batshit crazy, open borders, liberal, Francince Busby. I can’t believe that it’s come down to this. After today, there will be 2 adjoining congressional districts with piss-poor representation; the 49th with “Jihad” Darryl Issa, and the 50th with either Bilbray or Busby. It’s a gloomy, remorseful day.

Yiddish Steel on June 6, 2006 at 11:12 am

And it’s only going to get worse

KOAJaps on June 6, 2006 at 5:01 pm

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