June 7, 2006, - 9:00 am

Meet the Real Faris Alami: Illegal Alien Sham Marriage & SS Fraud Expert (Attention, ICE/Abu M)

is a great example of the media whitewash on illegal aliens. He’s a great example of how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is NOT doing its job.
And he’s yet another chapter in the , “Stupid Americans and the Illegal Aliens Who Love Them.”
He doesn’t drink or smoke, and his current wife makes pleasant-smelling chicken in a “tidy home.” Muslim, Palestinian, and hard-working, Alami is a loving father who adores babies and America. Right?
Wrong. His second ex-wife–out of at least three wives, thus far, during his illegal stay–says otherwise.

Aw, Isn’t That Cute: Illegal Alien Faris Alami Likes Babies . . .

Almost As Much as He Likes Sham Marriages & Social Security Fraud

In March, when illegal aliens began protesting, the mainstream media was doing its part for the alien jihad, too. Not to be left out, The Detroit News and its “reporter” Michael H. Hodges (who used to write far-left opinion columns) did their part.
They told Alami’s story. THEIR (and his) version of it:

Faris Alami’s got a great job.
He’s married to an American he adores and is the doting father of 8-month-old Noah. In his spare time, Alami volunteers at the Troy Chamber of Commerce, whose president can’t say enough about him.
He attends his mosque and, on occasion, goes to services at his wife’s Presbyterian church, whose congregation is nuts about him. Alami, 33, is a homeowner and a taxpayer, and works nights on his electrical-engineering degree.
But the government wants to boot him out of the United States — anywhere, anytime someone will take him.

The only gushy thing the reporter missed is that Alami is a prominent member of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, where America is always an adjective, never the identifying noun–and where he is involved in “Bridge Building” (!).
But here are the facts: Alami came here on a phony student visa. He dropped out of community college shortly after getting here, but stayed anyway. He was ordered deported in 1993. And yet 13 years later, HE’S STILL HERE.
There’s a reason we weren’t told that the wife Faris Alami loves is the third one he’s “loved.” It’s hardly news that many illegal aliens, especially Muslims, engage in sham marriages to U.S. citizens to evade immigration laws and invade our country.
And apparently Alami is one of them . . . who just happens to have engaged in Social Security fraud. Here’s what his second ex-wife wrote me:

Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 13:03:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shandi Cooper scoopergrl@yahoo.com
Subject: Important Faris Alami article
To: dschlussel@yahoo.com
I just wanted to let you know I am the ex-wife of Faris Alami. Actually I was his second wife. He used my Social Security Number that took me three years to clear up. He cheated on me, I decided to leave him, and then he asked me if I would stay married to him so that he could get his green card.
No I am not the bitter ex but I do want people to know what type of person that they are dealing with.
Also, if they switch the last four digits of his social security number they will find all kinds of things with his name on it. He would do this and if they caught him he would say that he did not understand with a heavy accent. I saw him do this many times.

Hmmm . . . why didn’t “reporter” Hodges tell us of Alami’s other wives? It’s the new game of illegal alien “don’t ask, don’t tell” in which far too many of the mainstream media engage. If only immigration authorities would investigate these charges about Alami, but there are two obstacles.
As The Washington Times recently reported, ICE’s new PC policy is not to investigate sham marriages anymore. That’s what agents in Dallas ICE offices told the paper. One adjective is missing from the Times’ sotry. It appears ICE is still going after some sham marriage aliens. Just NOT the Muslim ones. Most sham marriage participants the government is going after are Hispanics and Christian Arabs. Despite coming from terror-linked nations, our jihadi friends are simply off-limits.
Like Faris Alami. And like . He’s the second reason people like Alami are still here–at least, why they are still here in Michigan, the heart of Islamic America.
It would look bad for , ICE Special Agent in Charge of Michigan and Ohio to send his agents to question Alami’s first and second ex-wives and investigate his various instances of Social Security fraud. After all, Moskowitz is tight with another sham marriage artist who is now a U.S. citizen and a prominent Muslim leader who has not only been invited to the home of Moskowitz, but is frequently courted by top Homeland Security official Daniel Sutherland. In the early ’80s while overstaying a student visa, Hamad married a San Francisco woman in a sham marriage. He is currently on marriage number two, to Arwa Hamad.
The U.S. government knew this, but under Bill Clinton and Janet Reno, they gave up fighting Hamad. And embraced him.
Like Hamad before him, Alami is now getting the strong support of Michigan Democrat Senator Carl Levin, who is pressuring Homeland Security not to carry out Alami’s removal. Not that DHS has done its part. Like clockwork, they’ve renewed this fraud’s work visa every six months, while Alami’s army of lawyers clogs the courts with his case–a case that should have been over 13 years ago, when he was ordered to leave. And don’t forget the 250 gullible parishioners at Birmingham, Michigan’s First Presbyterian Church who wrote DHS letters demanding Alami be allowed to stay.
So will Alami continue to get the Hamad treatment. Or will he finally be sent packing, as is long overdue?
Bet on the former.
Alami told the News, “I feel American. I understand business here. This is what I know.”
Yes, unfortunately, he knows the business of our desperate-but-not-serious immigration system very, very well.

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Senator Carl Levin (Lib), AKA – Fat Bastard with a bad comb-over, is so damn busy making U.S. Citizenship meaningless by making a Canadian Figure Skater a citizen to make the U.S. Olympic Team, and now he’s worked his way up into phony, sham marriages. Scum-bag! A life-long beuracrat that has ZERO F’in’ work experience in the private sector and NOT A DAMN CLUE about life in the real world.

Yiddish Steel on June 7, 2006 at 10:43 am

Again, your organization seems to consider this man very important to your agenda. So let’s talk. Yes, I have known Faris personally over many years. He is the dedicated father of my wonderful grandson, exemplary husband of my daughter. His character, achievement and dedication to family, community and job are impeccable. I might have thought you would see his story as an example of resurrection and hope. He shared all his early life experiences with me long ago – all part of his youth, separated from family with literally no recourse except to make a life here. Since I am a scientist who lives in both the industrial and university research worlds, I quickly understood that Faris has always been a wonderful candidate for a technology career – the sort of promising candidate we seek and hire in my American industry. He is completing the engineering degree you disparaged for some reason, at night – math, physics. From my background and my experience, I am entitled to say Faris is a blessing for our Country.

Dexter Snyder on June 7, 2006 at 11:12 am

Even the parents of the Columbine murdering kids said their children were good kids and they didnt think they could do such acts. Your subjective opinion means very little in the public eye. No one cares how good Alami is to his family. That says nothinbg about ones political opinion and/or support for Jihadists. What people care about is the character one has given themselves to lie and cheat their way into American citizenship. How much money or support does he give to Palestinians to muder Israelis? Does he support the insurgency in Iraq killing Americans? Does he refuse Sharia law taking any part in his life and those of his “fellow” americans? does he consider himself American first and Muslim second?
Do you even know the answers to these questions about you son-in-law?

Avatar on June 7, 2006 at 11:26 am

Avatar, you are assuming Mr. Snyder considers your questions important. I am guessing he doesn’t consider your or mine concerns on those issues a problem, so why would he consider Alami’s positions on those a bad thing?
I would like to hear what Alami’s two previous ex-fathers in law have to say about the saint Faris Alami.

Jeff_W on June 7, 2006 at 12:16 pm

Mr. Snyder, if in fact that is your real name, were you not on this website before defending the law-breaking Faris Alami?
Your sense of decency seems to have arisen in the Middle East and not in this country. First he has broken the law by being here — you ignore that. Also, in this country many of us consider it a scandal to marry and divorce 3 times. Is this not the case where you are from?
And why does he prey on gullible American women? I suppose he is careful to choose those without overly protective fathers as would be the case in your country. Yes, Mr. Alami seems to be here for all he can get from us. Would love to meet him some time.

Marcubius on June 7, 2006 at 1:37 pm

How gullible and naive people are. Has Dexter heard the word ‘deception’? He should talk to Alami’s second wife. Alami is clearly trying to act sweet so that he gains sympathy from the people. An illegal is an illegal and must be shunted out. There are millions of ‘good’ people in this world. I think everyone should get into this country illegally, find someone like Dexter to patronize and find someone like Dexter’s daughter (as a third wife) to marry and become a US citizen

jack on June 7, 2006 at 1:38 pm

I think everyone needs to add Carl Levin to their email list. If we could get a couple of thousand emails going with copies of this post…

Marcubius on June 7, 2006 at 1:44 pm

“Faris Alami Likes Babies”
Yeah, if they’re cooked just right they taste like chicken.

Architect on June 7, 2006 at 2:26 pm

We need more people like Faris Alami in this country. He has much to contribute;
1. His culture is a treasure for us to learn about. This helps America to become more multicultural (the glue that makes America strong).
2. He is an immigrant who wants to become just like any other American.
3. He is here to live the American Dream. He brings skills and determination.
4. His language and customs, although different from ours, are something that we can partake of and expand our knowledge of the world.
I know all this because this is what LIBERALS have been telling me for the last 30 years. LIBERALS have been telling us that unbridled immigration, illegal and otherwise, makes America stronger. LIBERALS have been telling us that multiculturalism makes America stronger.
*** Sarcasm off ***
These are lies, pure and simple. The reason they’ve been spewing those lies is because they know that it makes America weaker, not stronger.
We’ve been importing diseases, poverty, and illiteracy by the boatload since 1964 and I can tell you first hand that it’s made America weaker. We are spending billions of dollars on people who don’t pay taxes, speak foreign languages, refuse to assmilate, and dilute our culture – not strengthen it.
This Turd-World $hitbag, Faris Salami, should be investigated for;
1. Social Security fraud,
2. Mail fraud,
3. Grand larceny (as his second wife wrote that he uses a phony SS# to procure goods/services)
4. Theft,
5. Immigration law violations,
6. Being an enemy of America.
Gee, do you think those intrepid reporters at The Detroit News would do a follow-up on their initial phony piece?
Don’t you just love these Turd-World scum who come to this country to take all they can?
He and his ilk are not interested in assimilation (they live in their own ethnic enclaves, dress like they do back home).
They contribute very little compared to what they take (schooling, medical care, SSI, food stamps, WIC, welfare, money for criminal justice).
They care nothing about our history, language, and culture.
As for Faris Salami’s father-in-law, is it any wonder why we’re in such trouble? This idiot is no scientist because he can’t deduce anything judging from his post. (BTW, when do REAL scientists feel compelled to brag about themselves being scientists, in the first place?)
Look at his post; “His character, achievement and dedication to family…”
Now, let’s dissect it.
A. As to his character – the guy cheated on his second wife, engaged in Social Security fraud, immigration law violations, and all of the other crimes he seems to have committed as I stated earlier. That’s SOME character.
B. AS to his achievemnet – what has he achieved besides impregnating mornic women in an effort to stay in this country. He hasn’t achieved anything academically (drop out), nor professionally.
C. As to his dedication to family – he creates an “achor baby” with some dumb broad so he can stay in this country. Big deal – millions of latino illegal aliens do this all the time.
This stupid, unsuspecting fool of a father-in-law will get a rude awakening when it comes time for the parents to decide which religion this kid’s going to have to follow. Islamic law dictates that all spawn (even if the mother is not Muzlum) must follow Islam. Just look at all of those other unsuspecting women who were stupid enough to have kids by these vermin.

Thee_Bruno on June 7, 2006 at 4:39 pm

Thee_Bruno makes some excellent points. I would also say that our problems have some root causes.
We don’t know who we are anymore. In fact, it has become a sin for us to even discuss it. Western children are not being taught who they are.
Make no mistake, Muslims and others recognize this about us when we ourselves don’t. How many of you know that little girls in Malmo Sweden are actually dying their blond hair to keep from being raped. And NOT random rape, but deliberately being saught out by Muslims because they are Swedish. That this reached epidemic proportions but the Swedish Govt. deliberately covered it up (I’ll give the link later if it’s still available).
How many of you would find the following details about Westerners offensive:
Did you know that, collectively, you are, by far, the most charitable people on earth? That you have done more to relieve the world?s pain and suffering than anyone else? That you are, by far, the most tolerant people on the planet? Did you know that culturally you are responsible for the technologically rich society we enjoy today? The modern conveniences that make everyone?s life so much better? The marvels of modern medicine, electricity and virtually everything that runs on it? Your institutions of higher learning. Your form of government and legal system all say important things about who you are. About why you are different from other societies.
As Westerners, here is just a partial list of what your culture has accomplished for the entire world?s benefit:
Why is the West important? Why are all the world?s masses desperately seeking entry into the West rather than the reverse? Why have Westerners in particular become vulnerable to the dangers of hosting those from foreign cultures? Why might this be our hour of testing?
There is a Jewish woman whom I admire that has an exceedingly good grasp on all of this. That would be one Melanie Phillips. She has brilliantly described the dangers of Western tolerance, feminism, and leftism. I would highly recommend her views to everyone.

Marcubius on June 7, 2006 at 5:31 pm

I want our Muslim friends to see for themselves why I have questions about our being able to peacefully cohabit within the same borders. To see how their people prey on Westerners within the West itself no less!
This link is still available. This is a long article with findings by Ethnologist Maria Backman who was able to get the Muslims themselves to confess why they prey on our women. Scroll down to her name to read this.
Also this is by no means only occurring in Sweden but all over Europe. Austrailia seems to have gotten a handle on this when it was occurring there. This is important for Muslims themselves to see.

Marcubius on June 7, 2006 at 6:02 pm

Let me add one other point here about “us” (don’t get offended by the term “us”. We have to break out of that mental PC trap to successfully do anything about our problems)
For those of you who have not been to Europe, I can tell you that while we are in fact Westerners like them, there is a difference.
From my observations, there are two primary reasons why we here in the U.S. have not (yet) suffered as they have.
1. The Muslim population is still comparitively small.
2. We are a much more religious group of Westerners than our European cousins.
Whether you are Christian, Jew, or atheist, our Judeo-Christian framework is still fairly strong and provides a societal stability that is important. If you are not religious, I’m not going to argue with you. These are my observations of why we are not suffering too much yet. But things are changing…

Marcubius on June 7, 2006 at 7:00 pm

One last little PC note for the evening. The reason I have been trying to get women to speak out on these things, which I have found exceedingly difficult because they are more prone to “tolerance” than we are, is because as Debbie astutely noted in an earlier post:
white male = evil
And of course, everyone else = good

Marcubius on June 7, 2006 at 7:37 pm

Because of our tolerance and Western attitudes, we are particularly vulnerable to populations who don’t share our misguided notions of “equality.” To them we are like sheep to be slaughterd. We are easy targets.
I showed you in the Jill Carroll thread how little elementary school kids are literaly being indoctrinated to accept other cultures in place of their own — Mexican. And “Lawyer Mom” just could not understand our “level of hate.” And Jill Carroll, to me, seemed the very epitome of leftist indoctrination — she no longer identified with her own culture and people but instead with Muslims.
What makes all of this so insidious is that because of greed and our government’s policies, not even the slightest thought is being given about whether two cultures may clash. They don’t care! Once the foreign population is there we are expected to seamlessly integrate. There are problems with this — we are different, we are unique, we are not the same. The natural responce is the so called “white flight.” which as we know, we are evil for wanting to be with people like us. The problem will soon be nowhere to fly to.
Anyway that’s how we got here. Now how to stop it? Can we get our government to do anything or do we become another Europe?

Marcubius on June 7, 2006 at 8:32 pm

As if you haven’t heard enough problems yet, we have the demographic problem. I told you that this is becoming acute in places like Italy and Germany. These are future projections. Now we are having some problems here as well. In short, we ain’t having babies. And they know that. I showed you various quotes on this. Mark Steyn showed what the future of Europe will look like if this trend is not changed — Churches and Synagogues go down and Mosques go up. You will eventually have a total Islamic culture and everything that goes with that.
It is now estimated that here in the U.S., 45% of all children under age five are now minorities. Mostly Mexican. They do have babies. If you’re an integrationist and have no problems with that — fine — just don’t expect anymore Western Achievements. Can people who don’t have thousands of years of Western culture be expected to produce or maintain one? Maybe? Will laws and legal systems eventually change? New types of governments? Our grandchildren will find out. But I doubt it will be anything like it is now.

Marcubius on June 7, 2006 at 9:52 pm

Another note on our tolerance: because we are expected to be more tolerant than Muslims it is almost always we that are expected to conform to their ways — not them to ours. This is huge in Europe and I think it may be why our own government seems to be appeasing them — instead of us. We are expected to be tolerant to a fault.

Marcubius on June 7, 2006 at 10:00 pm

You are hereby under arrest for too many consecutive postings under one blog entry without allowing for responses interspersed with your own.
hehe 😉

Avatar on June 8, 2006 at 12:36 am

Dexter is kind of cool ,well spoken.Dexter It’s the zionist organization’s.You can say it.But with that cool calm you have dexter,if you really cared about the arab hate problem.You Dexter should be there teaching the youth.Not leaving it to hate hate muslim teacher’s.You to busy here in the U.S.A.?

danny on June 8, 2006 at 6:39 pm

This is all far too ridiculous!
First of all: A Presbyterian church embracing a dedicated Muslim???
Did anybody ask the church how they feel about this?
Is the church aware of the religion he belongs to?
If so, accepting what was said as fact, did the church Pastor graduate from the same Theology school as Jesse Jackasson?
Another point:
Daddy-in-law, a scientist?
How many scientists have daughters who are Presbyterians? NOT impossible, but your average scientist believes in evolution and passes those values on.
I must also wonder when it is that he plans to kill his wife and child, since he is such a devout Muslim and it is his duty to “kill the unbeliever where they lie” and treat half-breeds as dogs.
And as for Daddy-in-law, I must wonder what kind of scientist he is who lives in both the industrial and university research worlds.
For all we know poin DEXTER is just the alter-ego of EMINEMS Revenge using his spell-check. I didn’t see the brilliance of a scientist portrayed in his speech which was antonymous to reality.
What else do we know about a good father? NOBODY is good enough for their little girl, right? Yet he is balking reality about his son-in-law being any less than perfect. GIVE ME A BREAK!

TheIcePrincess on June 8, 2006 at 7:08 pm

I’m sorry everyone for getting carried away on this but I’m extremely concerned about these things and wanted to let our enemies (who read this site) know that we understand both them and us. Not trying to steal anyone’s thunder, won’t happen again.

Marcubius on June 11, 2006 at 3:13 am

I’m surprised that there is no mention of the “perfume-selling” scam that Faris “managed” in Phoenix, Arizona in the late 1990s. I know he took advantage of hundreds of gulible and hard-lucked American teens and twenty-somethings, pressing them to work for no hourly wage, providing him with the profits from all sales. There should be investigation by authorities into that less-than-commendable career. And I do not recall hearing any mention of the “love of his life” Lara when I knew Faris in 1997. Seems she became a bit more lovable when the authorities and his ex-wives were rethinking his status. This man is the farthest thing from American.

JR on July 27, 2006 at 2:20 pm

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