June 7, 2006, - 4:24 pm

Girlie-Man America Update: “Brokeback” Groomzillas

Yet another development in the blurring of the sexes and the feminization of America’s men.
It used to be that a wedding was the bride’s domain. She planned everything (or is lazy and hires a planner), and the groom just showed up in his tux. No more.
Today’s USA Today reports that more grooms are getting involved in planing weddings. There are even books for grooms in how to plan a wedding: “The Knot Guide for the Groom” and “Well Groomed: A Wedding Planner for What’s-His-Name (and His Bride).”
Guys picking dresses and bridesmaid outfits, flowers, and cake flavors. Come on. What is this–“Brokeback Wedding”?

At Least the Lego Groom is Still Masculine

Since many bachelorette parties are trending toward the antics and behavior of bachelor parties, it’s hard to tell, these days, whether it’s the groom or the bride who wears the pants in the relationship.

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Watch it, thweetie, or I’ll hit you with my bridesmaid’s purse.

Thee_Bruno on June 7, 2006 at 4:54 pm

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