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Party Like It’s 1939: Obama Bans Israeli Nuke Scientists From US, Bans Sale of Radiation Detectors to Israel! Why Netanyahu Canceled @ Obama’s Nuke Summit (EXCLUSIVE Exact Translation of Ma’ariv Article)

By Debbie Schlussel

Barack Obama is now trying to force his absurd policy of reducing America’s nuclear strength to Israel.  He wants to emasculate our only consistent ally in the Middle East’s only true stick against an Iranian nuclear attack.  And he’s signaling it in pronounced ways.


Jews, Er . . . Israeli Nuclear Scientists & Radiation Detector Buyers, Not Wanted Here

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu canceled his planned participation at Barack Obama’s nuclear summit.  And although most sources report that it’s because Israel would be subject to Arab Muslim scrutiny and attacks on its nuclear program (with Egypt and Turkey likely trying to force Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty), there are other important reasons why Netanyahu canceled.   His cancellation is also clearly in response to a ridiculous new policy by the Obama State Department to reject visa requests from all of Israeli nuclear scientists who work on Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona , Israel (see my exclusive, exact English language translation, below).  They are seeking to study at U.S. universities.  And in addition to rejecting their visa requests, the U.S. is now imposing severe restrictions and even embargoes on Israel with regard to the purchase of nuclear-related products . . . even radiation detectors! (Exclusive, exact English language translation, below).

An article in Ma’ariv, yesterday (see my exclusive exact English language translation, below),  reported  on these disturbing Obama developments against Israel. Below is my exclusive, word for word English language translation [with some shortening where idioms are used, etc.] of the article which appears on the site only in Hebrew.  (Another site claims to have a translation, but it is not a translation, and instead a gobbledygook of a poor Google attempt to translate). As you read it, keep in mind to whom the Obama administration DID grant visas:  donors to HAMAS and open supporters of Islamic terrorism and jihad against Americans.  Also keep in mind that Obama carried out the Bush plan to give our nuclear secrets to the United Arab Emirates and now wants to do the same for Palestinian-dominated Jordan, as I’ve noted on this site.  So, Israel–in Obama’s warped view–should reduce its nuke strength, while we fatten up that of UAE (the key nuclear component shipping point for Iran) and Jordan?  Ludicrous.


Obama: Radiation Detectors Not for Sale to Jews, er . . . “Israelis”

Also ludicrous, taking away business and jobs from US nuclear-related product manufacturers, by forcing Israel to buy items, such as radiation detectors from France. Just what we need in a horrible economy, right? And why is it that we continue to expand by the thousands the numbers of student visas for Arab Muslim students–including those who study nukes–to the U.S., and yet we are rejecting the exact same visas for Israelis?

Workers @ the Dimona Reactor: We Are Not Wanted/Welcome in the US

Nuclear Research Center Complains that the US Makes Advanced Study [of Nukes] Difficult; They Argue that also [Israeli Nuclear] Procurement has Problems [Thanks to US], & Israel is Now Forced to Buy French [Nuclear] Components

By Uri Binder [Translated from Hebrew by Debbie Schlussel]

Americans are hardening their attitude regarding the Nuclear Research Center in Dimona. Workers at the atomic reactor argue that contrary to Iran’s nuclear program [regarding which] the Americans compromise and aren’t tough/decisive/resolute, President Obama’s people chose to act in a humiliating manner toward the State friendly to them [Israel].

Dimona Nuclear Research Center officials noted yesterday that Obama’s government places restrictions and has hardened his attitudes toward them, as never before in the relationship between the two countries [the U.S. and Israel.

For decades, [Israeli] researchers traveled to U.S. universities for advanced professional training/study to enrich their knowledge in physics, chemistry, nuclear engineering. In order get to their studies at those universities, research personnel at the Nuclear Research Center were required to submit requests for entry visas to the United States, as is customary for all Israeli citizens.

The difference [now] is, that the most recent [of the Israeli nuclear researchers applying for entry visas for study in the U.S.] received few of them [visas] because of the embarrassing/shameful refusal to grant them visas, when their only sins are that that they are employees of the [Dimona] Nuclear Research Center. According to security sources, the [Israeli nuclear] researchers have clean records–that they’ve never gotten into trouble with the law in Israel or the U.S.–and therefore, this new, present relationship is a difficult blow/injurious to them and their families.

“Why are all the top security silent?”

But the relationship [with the U.S.] hasn’t only changed with respect to the [nuclear] employees, themselves. According to sources familiar with the details, [Israeli] attempts to procure [nuclear] components from the Americans have also encountered difficulties when some of them imposed a de facto embargo [on selling to Israel]. The [Dimona] nuclear reactor was not pleased, to say the least, with the hardened stance, which wasn’t the case during the tenure of President Bush. On some items, which they [the Israelis] seek to buy from the U.S., the Americans want an exact breakdown of the precise purpose of their intended use.

“I do not understand, why are all the top security silent when our great friend is working against us in such a blatant way?” an angry Nuclear Research Center pensioner/retiree said yesterday, “Whereas compassion/tolerance is heard for the makers of nuclear terrorism [Iran], even though the whole world sees the circus that the Iranian regime makes [because of] the United States [non-action].

Professor Ze’ev Alfasi, head of the Nuclear Engineering Department at Ben Gurion [University] in the Negev [South], who is familiar with what’s happening, describes the deterioration of the American relationship regarding the nuclear reactor. “Some of the people did not receive visas to the United States because they are employees of Nuclear Research Center,” explained Professor Alfasi, “The United States does not sell anything nuclear to the [Dimona] Nuclear Research Center, which includes everything. Radiation detectors, for example, the Nuclear Research Center campus in Dimona buys from France, because the Americans won’t sell to the people of the [Dimona] Nuclear Research Center.”

Prof. Alfasi added that “Americans want to know about every item of equipment and what it is used for. They sell to universities, but they are refusing to sell the same item of equipment to the [Dimona] Nuclear Research Center. I do not know if they will sell to Iran what they refuse to sell us.” The Nuclear Research Center declined to respond.

Yup, you heard this horrible news here, first. The Obama Administration is forcing U.S. vendors to refuse to sell even radiation detectors to Israel.

Hmmm . . . maybe Prince should write a new version of his famous song in honor of Obama: “Party Like It’s 1939.”

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