June 9, 2006, - 2:19 pm

On Castro’s Death, Mariel Boatlift 2: Another Reason to Table Guest Worker Amnesty

**** UPDATE, 06/12/06: TO MY MANY CUBAN-AMERICAN FRIENDS & READERS: I’m very sorry if the comments by myself in this post or other posters offended you. I hope you will accept my apologies, as my post was never meant as an attack on Cuban Americans, whom I so deeply respect. I have always been a strong advocate of the Cuban people who sorely want freedom, but have been denied it by Fidel Castro and his Communist henchmen. I also have always been a strong advocate of the Cuban Americans who came here for the freedom and peace they do not have in Cuba. From Armando Valladares to Elian Gonzalez, to the recent (see also, ), I am with you. Cuban Americans are among the most patriotic, hard-working, loyal people I’ve encountered in our great country. They are the model of the desired legal immigrant.
If my post offended you, and if I am wrong about the number of criminals in the Mariel Boatlift in 1980, please forgive me and accept my apologies. It was not meant to attack Cubans, but to point out that the government is planning for this, and that if, indeed, Castro dies and there is mass immigration here from Cuba, law abiding immigrants or not, we are NOT equipped to handle it. That is the truth. I do not agree with any of the comments attacking Cuban Americans. My apologies for them.END UPDATE****
Behind the scenes, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Red Cross, and various other government agencies have been meeting with Miami and Florida agencies to prepare for an upcoming disaster.
But it’s not a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina. It’s Fidel Castro’s death. He turns 80, this year, and the CIA believes he is dying of Parkinson’s Disease. Authorities fear that upon his death, a mass migration even greater than the 1980 Mariel Boatlift–which put 120,000 Cuban criminals on our shores–will occur. They’ve prepared a “Cuba Transition Project” report as a rough plan. Supposedly, there are other secret plans.
But are DHS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) really ready for this? It’s hard to tell. Some important questions we ask:

(Fidel Castro Trading Card from Infinite Jest)

* What will happen with laws granting automatic citizenship to Cubans once they have one foot on dry land in America?
* Is there an exception proscribing criminals?
* How will we determine who the criminals are and which are just innocent Cubans trying to escape Communist Cuba?

Clearly, we have a possible tidal wave of aliens on our hands that we need to prepare for, but how will we be able to handle it, if all of our agents are already too busy processing guest workers who’ve been here breaking our laws for years?

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Another Cuban ghost post. Now the Miami Cuban bloggers are desperately calling their radical Cuban brethen to influence the debate against my truthfull posting. I will handle all of you violent Miami Cubans singlehandedly. Bring It!!

johnlongfellow on June 12, 2006 at 10:09 pm

To johnlongfellow,
I’ve been posting here for months and months. Sometimes I feel like Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. LOL!
I haven’t known about you till your posts here, tonight. What you say is 110% truth. However, some people here are more interested in the money that advertising dollars bring into this blog than they are about the truth and they are easily intimidated because of the PC Police!
Amen, brother!
You’ve changed my mind.
I will continue to post the truth here and expose the enemies of America; be they Islamic, homegrown, or be they the CUBAN MAFIA!!!!
BTW, do you post on usenet? If so, what newsgroups?

Thee_Bruno on June 12, 2006 at 10:24 pm

Well, it looks like Debbie’s blog has been taken over by a covert enemy of America…America-hating Cuban mafia thgs who can intimidate others into getting what they want.
For all her apologies!

Thee_Bruno on June 12, 2006 at 10:36 pm

Jorge said that he wasn’t going to post anymore here.
Well, that was before other people kissed his ass.

Thee_Bruno on June 12, 2006 at 10:39 pm

To johnlongfellow
I do not know you. And I prefer not to know you.

Solangel on June 12, 2006 at 10:43 pm

NOW, THIS is a BLOG!!!!!!!
Soreangel knows damn well who john is!

Thee_Bruno on June 12, 2006 at 10:45 pm

Debbie scroll down 7 blog articles to the militant Cuban picture who is arrogantly sitting in the chair. He is the same radical Cuban who forced your accurate retraction. You will see a 200 comment section, from the Miami herald bloggers. You will notice many familiar names in the comments section. You will see the radical George L name and how he spits on the1st amend and free speech. You will see Val Prieto arrogance and radical ugliness on display.
However, here in Miami we fight these militant Cubans back, as they have and continue to inflict horrific indignities upon what is left of Miami. We dont bow down to them like you did. And mind you most of the bloggers that fought the radical Cubans back were conservative Cubans themselves. Frankly, either you have to fight them or they will take over your blog, and dictate what can and can not be discussed.
Sugah, learn about the violent Miami Cuban un-American immigrants before you apologize to them in the future. Trust me this militant Cuban crowd that now currently infest your blog has been chased out of every blog they have attempted to control via their whining and complaining. Research the Miami Cuban, Debbie, research and learn what SouthFloridians are desperately escaping out of sheer fright. Oh yah next time Val Prieto emails you a complaint ask him about the Miami Mafia!! If he denies its existence, then email me.
Note: click on his picture, and see the little sign on Val Prieto, and you will see what the “conservative” blogisphere thinks about these radical Cuban exiles.

johnlongfellow on June 12, 2006 at 10:45 pm

And these ba$tard Cubans masquerading around as Conservatives!! Re-read my earlier posts…I said that they weren’t Conservatives. They are thugs who try to intimidate people who speak the truth about their criminal, racketeering mindset. The criminal element from the Mariel Boatlift, and others who come here to this day in rafts, to this country (just like all the other LATINO illegal aliens who INVADE this country) to take, take, and take and form their own versions of La Cosa Nostra.
The movie, “Scarface” by Oliver Stone (Liberal) is a very accurate depiction of the Cuban vermin who came to our shores to set up shop during Jimmy Carter’s reign.

Thee_Bruno on June 12, 2006 at 10:57 pm

Notice how silent the Cubans criminals who posted here earlier have become.

Thee_Bruno on June 12, 2006 at 11:18 pm

Thee Bruno,
Today was my first post here. I am a Democrat so i dont frequent right wing blogs, nor do i care too. Nevertheless, in SouthBeach, Democrats and Republicans are brothers and sisters, since there are so few of us left. Collin Powell used to speak about what unites us is more than what divides us. Living in an immigrant run city, it is so true. Being a Democrat i doubt i will spend anymore time in here than what is necessary. As i am sick of seeing conservatives cheerlead as my nation continues in a downward spiral.
Also, these Cuban immigrant piglets that have been wallowing here will soon be forced to scamper off to find another watering hole. This particular militant group of Cubans have been running from my liberal ass-kickings for the last several months. The Cuban immigrant piglets always run to the administrators like the stuck squealing cowardly piglets that they are. They will now be forced to flee to another conservative blog where they can bully another unsuspecting and caring American like Debbie. And guess what Bruno! I will find them there too. And guess what else Bruno! I will “again” kick the living shit out of the Cuban immigrant piglets, until they cowardly flee to another conservative blog.
You see the immigrant piglets have ceased squealing. Why? Because the piglets know that they cant pretend as long as i am in here. I know all their little militant, radical secrets that they try so hard to hide. None will come out to debate me. Not one!! Instead they will email Debbie in secret. Or worse they will call me a racist. But you know what Bruno. The Miami Cubans are the biggest racist in this nation. Google miami cuban racist, or cuban-american racist. They hate any type of real American. That is why so many “real” Americans have fled to Ft.Lauderdale. So when they call me a racist or bigot. Well i call them a bigot right back.
Yesterday i had a beer with my Coast Guard neighbor from Alabama, and he was stunned how the Miami Cubans treated in the streets of Miami. So when they all me a bigot, which they have done over 100 times in other blogs. I give the the middle finger, and say it takes a bigot to know a bigot. SCREW EM RIGHT BACK!!!
Bruno, even though i am a Democrat i am an “American” first, as such i will not allow any enemy foreign or domestic to bully or intimidate another American, regardless of their political affiliation. As far as i am concerned the Miami Cuban is the enemy within. Nothing more, nothing less. I dont think Debbie did a self-correction for the dollar. Rather, i think she “thought” she was being insensitive, to the poor Cuban piglet.
Well in SouthFlorida there are no apologies offered to this ultra extremist Cuban immigrant, who rejects the name Cuban-American, and embraces the term Cuban-exile. No sir. In SouthFlorida no apology is ever given.
The immigrant Cuban Piglet ass-kicker
Glad you came back. Never let an immigrant run you out. Stand your ground. You are an American, they are immigrant exiles.

johnlongfellow on June 12, 2006 at 11:27 pm

Actually, they will tell you they are conservative because JFK did not fight their battle for them at the Bay of Pigs. Imagine that a President who said fight your own civil war. Anyway they hate the Democratic Party because of it, and now always vote Republican as punishment to the Democrats some 50 years later. I say so what. I dont want their corrupt, militant vote.
Im sick of the corrupt Cuban having their hands around my nations foreign policy. If i can go to China and Vietnam, then how come i cant go to Cuba. Everything revolves around the Cubans in SouthFlorida.
Remember when President Clinton, kicked in that door of the Miami Cubans and hauled that Cuban kid back to Cuba to be with his dad. Ole Clinton was cheered, even by the conservatives in SouthFlorida. Clinton was sick of the Miami Cubans too.
And yes, the Miami Cubans have ran like the piglet cowards that they are. This is what they do folks. Instead of having an honest debate, they whine to a blogging Princess like Debbie. Bruno trust me dude the Miami Cuban cant take a good ole fashioned American ass-kicking. Cowards, cowards, cowards!!!
This why they only can claim possession to the ghetto city of Miami, and not the country of Cuba. Cowards, cowards, cowards!!!

johnlongfellow on June 12, 2006 at 11:40 pm

Miami Cuban terrorist acts in Miami

johnlongfellow on June 12, 2006 at 11:44 pm

Dear Cuban militant piglets,
You cowardly thugs are so lucky that i didn’t discover your ugly presence here before you viciously bum-rushed Debbie and made her retract her accurate and brutally honest prediction of what will befall SouthFlorida once that entire island flees here upon Castro’s death. I know you will not post your Miami falsehoods in here anymore as i have set up as the counter to your wicked and militant exile voices. You KNOW better from previous experiences.
Val, George, Ziva, and all the other Cuban ghost posting piglets be on notice, we will continue to hunt you little radical corrupt Cuban piglets down all over the blogisphere in the righteous battle to prevent your exportation of your Cuban immigrant exile fear and intimidation tactics, that you have used so successfully to force the mass flight northward of “real” Americans to Ft.Lauderdale,Palm Beach, and Boca.
Nevertheless dont let us catch your extremist “exile” asses in here tomorrow intimidating and/or foisting your Miami Cuban immigrant “greatness” myths upon “real” Americans who dont know the “real” you. I DARE you to show your cowardly rat faces in here tomorrow.
I already have the hard-hitting Miami boys on standby for anything you immigrant piglet pieholes arrogantly utter against “any” American in this blog tomorrow., And you know exactly what nasty ass ruthless sons of bitches that are geared up. We are prepared to turn this blog into “another” Miami battlefield tomorrow in order to preserve America’s principles that you “exiles” care nothing about. So stop running from us and hiding behind Debbie’s skirt, and BRING IT!! I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!!!! No racism from me, only the brutal honest facts about you Maimi Cubans, and what you have done to SouthFlorida.
I suspect however that you will flee with your tail tucked between your legs, much as you fled that other fight against Fidel. So Val, a tip of the hat to you sir, and until we catch up with you immigrant Cuban piglets again in the next blog that you attempt to intimidate and coerce other innocent Americans a good day to you!!
John Longfellow aka Lou Dobbs
Oh did i mention that i am a liberal, not a nice cuddly type though, a nasty ass James Carville type. Debbie sugah, you cant get pushed around by these Cuban exiles, America needs your voice to remain strong in the face of immigrant intimidation, whining, and complaining tactics This is how we lost Miami in the first place, and how we are currently losing Ft.Lauderdale. Stay strong, America needs and demands strong voices particularly in the face of militant immigrant exiles like the ones who systematically blitz this blog yesterday!! You do “real” Americans a disservice when you hide the reality of what will happen to SouthFlorida in order to appease a few radical Cuban exile voices. A radical Cuban exile voice which SouthFlorida has begun to valiantly begun to rebel against. Bottom line is that your thesis was dead on, and should have never been retracted!!

johnlongfellow on June 13, 2006 at 2:57 am

Nice “discussion” eh?
1. Cuban is not a race. It is a nationality. The ethnicity of those in Cuba is a mixture of Spanish, Indian, and African Slaves. (Ain’t the facts a son of a gun?)
2. From the “American” perspective, Miami is a “Third World” beachfront. A nice place to visit.
3. While it is true that housing costs have risen, it is primarily due to the “New Rich” wanting to be seen by others with the same mindset, “Look at me.” Furthermore, the amount of capital investment into Miami is due to Miami being proposed as the hub for the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) economic zone. An effort of sorts to “build it and they will come.”
4. While it is true some of the “refugees” are not criminals, they are the exception vice the rule.
5. Amazing how quickly the “discussion” turned to a series of personal attacks, denials of facts, and slurs. (Primarily by those who wish to self-segregate themselves vice BECOMING American. Do you honestly think the supposed “offense”, and a yielding by the offender, would be reciprocated if a non-Cuban were to walk down a street in Piquena Havana?
6. I offer this, as an introspective by the “offended”: Is all of this anger really directed at those it should be? I mean, take Puerto Ricans for example, they, as a nation, receive automatic birth rights, and more in personal social welfare than the rest of ALL the United States combined. I believe this is where the animosity should be directed. I have yet to meet a Cuban who likes a Puerto Rican, and vice versa.
Does Cuba fall under the catchment of Public Law 94-311 classifying them as a “minority” as it does for the other 18 NATIONALITIES? Perhaps this is the pebble in the shoe, no?
P.S. Save the “racist” crap for someone who buys the Liberal White Guilt mierda del toro. I certainly don’t.

SickBoy on June 15, 2006 at 1:00 pm

Iím a Cuban-American who came ten years ago with not English, not family here, not a penny in my pocket and just a tourist visa in my Cuban passport. I see myself now as American as an apple pie. I worked hard and saved enough money to be back to school. Iím finishing my master degree in International Affair and Iím writing my thesis about the differences in the process of assimilation in the American society between present Cuban immigration and the German immigration at the end of the eighteen century. Iím very interested in some point of views that I have found in this blog, principally from johnlongfellow, SickBoy and Thee_Bruno. If I send you some questions could you please help me with your answers? We can do this interchanges personal e-mails or in this blog. In all the academic material that I have read about this issue, present opinions like yours are never been taking in consideration. I guess it will be a good opportunity for you to make your ideas reach a broad audience. Even if you do not want to be involved in my work, your opinions here are very valuable to my study.
Note: as you can see, my English is far away to be acceptable, any comments are welcome.

west54 on July 8, 2006 at 2:03 pm

I am from South Florida, and I can tell you that the situation down here isn’t good. We have run out of affordable housing, and many hard working blue collar and educated professionals cannot find housing. This is due to skyrocketing property taxes and insurance. Gentrification has lead many to be homeless or move out of Broward and Miami-Dade counties. People who have lived in low housing or trailer parks are being displaced by developers coming in and buying out what little is left. How can South Florida handle a mass exodus of Cuban refugees? We can’t even help those displaced during the housing boom. I feel so sorry for these Cuban refugees because they are in for the shock of their lives once they come here. The rent and housing down here is outrageous! I know people who went to college for many years who are having a very hard time trying to keep up with their mortage, property taxes and insurance. Many rental properties are converting to condo conversions (this is where the owners of the rental properties simply cannot pay the rising costs of Florida’s property taxes and skyrocketing insurance, so they sell these apartments as condos).
We are not ready for anymore refugees. We have enough problems on our hands. I know of many HARD WORKING ENGLISH SPEAKING AMERICANS, who pay taxes, who have to leave South Florida because they just cannot afford the housing down here. Nurses, teacher, plumbers, Police officers, insurance agents, doctors and more are leaving and moving to where they can buy a bigger house or even just a small residence. If my friends, who the majority are educated or have at least developed a skill, have been forced to move out of South Florida, then how can a Cuban refugee think their life will be comfortable? Even if they get here they will be faced with many difficulties. Difficulties which has forced many of my friends to relocate.
Personally, as a homeowner I just refuse to financially support a large influx of refugees into my community here in South Florida. We have to figure out a way to first help those that live here. Many people I know who speak English tell me they can’t find work at certain establishments here in South Florida! Why? Because these employers are looking for bi-lingual help. To me, it’s one of the biggest insults an American has to face. First, we have to be forced to pay huge property taxes to support our community, which includes, school, police and fire etc. Then many of these illegal immigrants don’t pay any taxes whatsoever to help the community. Finally some have settled down here yet lack the necessary skills to communicate with AMERICANS that speak English! When a friend of mine told me she couldn’t find a job in Miami because she only spoke English that did it for me. I am sorry but if you are not from America, and you don’t know how to speak English, don’t take way jobs from American taxpayers, yet tax us to pay for your kids schools, police, fire and sanitation.
It’s just not fair to AMERICANS that were raised here. South Florida has higher property taxes than California, New Jersey, Nevada, Tennessee and many other areas in the country. Yet, I see so many of these illegal immigrants here in South Florida taking so many of the jobs away from Americans. Hard working Americans that need these jobs to take care of their children. We are going to pur our house here in South Florida up for sale. We look forward to the day we sell it and leave.
And to the person who is presently working on their masters degree. I do applaude your aptitude and passion for wanted to learn the American language, but (I presently have a high school diploma) I can still see many grammatical mistakes in your writing. What college did you go to? Is it a college where they mostly speak spanish? I have to ask this because most everybody in my family has went to college for many years, yet I don’t see the same type of grammatical errors in their writing.
I really resent these type of employers that require an employee to be bi-lingual, have a four year degree and then the pay is only $10.00 an hr. I am serious! Banks are doing this all the time down here. To top it off they actually want this individual to have a good credit score, too!
That’s why I am leaving South Florida. It’s not fair for those who studied the English language and was raised in America!
I used to have a Miami-based health insurance policy. Whenever I called their Miami office I had the worst time trying to communicate with anybody down there. I am fed up of this all together. I refuse to financially support this type of immigration and everybody else is too!
Growing up, South Florida used to be a great place to live. Now that many illegals and people from countries that can’t speak English, even when they do try, have taken over and have taken good paying jobs away from American paying taxpayers. When will South Florida learn? After all the American’s leave? Many have gone already!

FloridaGirl1 on March 11, 2007 at 11:52 am

I went back and read more of what somebody said regarding the immigration status. I personally can tell you that many people come down here and take away jobs from American’s. I see it all the time. I have a friend who hired whoever she could to work on her house. Whether it be the maid, nanny or painter. Most of them were not from this country. She looked for the cheapest work she could find. Most of her help was not American, nor could they even speak English. Many were from other countries! They worked under the books, and didn’t pay taxes. Don’t tell me all the immigrants from South America and Cuba actually speak English and pay taxes. I live in South Florida, and I can personally tell you many of them are illegal and are not helping the community. Rich people love to hire these folks because they know they are getting cheap help.
I even remember one of her maids getting deported. My next door neighbor has a girlfriend that wants to marry him. Why? She wants to be a US citizen. LOL I even remember one of them hitting my car at the bank. She did find an American man to marry. They are even trying to marry American men for citizenship. It’s just a common place there here in South Florida. I’ve lived here since the late 70’s. My testimony speaks for itself. I love all people, including those from other countries, but I refuse to have to pay outrageous property taxes to support those that don’t put back into the community. I am sure there will be some people who actually do. However, from my observance, they are taking away some of the jobs from English speaking Americans and putting an incredible financial burden on homeowners.

FloridaGirl1 on March 11, 2007 at 1:19 pm

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