June 15, 2006, - 10:18 am

Pimp My ICE: Immigration Princess Says AMNESTY Push is Reason 4 Latest Illegal Alien Show Arrests

The ICE Princess , but she LO-O-O-O-O-V-ES amnesty for illegal aliens. Many readers have written asking my opinion on the latest spate of mass arrests of illegal aliens, nationwide.
In case you didn’t figure it out, these latest 2,000-plus illegal alien arrests are yet more fakery in the Bush Administration’s propaganda war to get amnesty for illegals. Amnesty, not protecting our borders, is the Holy Grail for W & The ICE Princess.
It’s not me saying so. It’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chiefatrix, a/k/a “The ICE Princess.” In a series of interviews, most notably one broadcast on “Good Morning America,” today, The ICE Princess openly endorsed a “Temporary Worker Program,” a/k/a AMNESTY for illegal aliens. She stated that many illegal aliens come here for jobs, and “that’s why we need a Temporary Worker Program, so we can focus on the criminals.”

Operation Jumped the Shark/Return to Sender:

Please President Bush, Return Her to Sender.

(ICE Princess Embarrassment artwork by David Lunde)

That’s why ICE is doing these show arrests. Guaranteed, like the last set of show arrests in April, most of these individuals will be back out on the street in no time . . . if they aren’t already.
Catch-and-release of these and other illegal aliens has not stopped. It has only ramped up to catch up with the ramped up PR arrests. ICE has not increased its number of beds to what is needed to hold and deport these illegals. And ICE continues to issue these people Notices to (Dis)Appear, turning them back into the great American abyss, many never to be found again.
Arrests are one thing. Deportations are entirely another. That’s why it’s a joke that The ICE Princess & Co. have called these latest empty arrests, “Operation Return to Sender.” The only thing that’s being returned to sender is a mass of illegal aliens that came from the American street going backto the American street, not back to Mexico, greater Arabia, or anywhere else.

“Pimp My ICE”:

ICE BS Artist Marc Raimondi Watches the Fakery He Helps Orchestrate

More proof that the arrests are a mere PR stunt is an Associated Press photo of ICE questioning a woman in Boston, who was arrested in the latest sweeps. According to the caption, the pic shows the back of ICE Agent Marc Raimondi:

Marc Raimondi watches as a woman is questioned about a fugitive during a sweep in the Boston area Wednesday.

But Marc Raimondi is one of ICE’s top press people. He hasn’t been a street agent for ages. During the Superbowl, he graced our presence here in the Detroit area. He was all over the Detroit media pimping , allowing illegals and dangerous terrorists to roam free during Superbowl week.
Don’t watch for Special Agent Raimondi to gaze upon too many more sweeps of illegals, once the November Congressional elections are over and/or the fight to establish Temporary Worker/Guest Worker amnesty is resolved one way or another. Then, it will be back to business–or rather, no business–as usual at Immigration and Customs non-Enforcement.
It’s all about PR. Not about deporting illegal aliens. More smoke and mirrors, my dear readers.

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