June 19, 2006, - 10:08 am

Girlie Man Nation, Immigration Edition: ICE’s Moskowitz Apologizes to Muslims for Alien Arrests

On this site, we constantly lament the feminization of America’s men. Now, it’s the continued feminization of America’s federal law enforcement.
In this case, it’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE. You know all of those show raids of illegal aliens around the country? Well, more proof that that’s all they are: show raids.
ICE Special Agent in Charge of Michigan and Ohio, a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz” has apologized to the Islamofascist and Hispanic communities for recent round-ups of 60-plus illegal aliens. That’s right–apologized.

Transvestite Performer RuPaul; ICE Special Agent in Charge Ru-Moskowitz

(Thanks to David Lunde for RuMoskowitz artwork)

Our “friends” at the pro-terrorist American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)–headed by Moskowitz crony, “former” terrorist, and FBI award revokee –have released details of a meeting in which Abu M and his minions apologized and “aimed at understanding” the raids. The psycho-babble gobbledy-gook is thick:

ADC Takes Part in Meeting to Address Recent Detroit Arrests
In response to the recent mass arrests of immigrants in Southwest Detroit on May 5, 2006, IMPACT (the Initiative for Meaningful Police and Community Trust) called an emergency meeting for its steering committee members to discuss how IMPACT shall respond and work with law enforcement, regarding what appeared to be raids on the Latino immigrant community. Ms. Rima Elzein, ADC Legal Advisor, along with approximately ten other community leaders, took part in a discussion with officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that was aimed at understanding what prompted these raids, whether, or not they were random and what immigrant communities like the Latino and Arab American communities can expect from ICE in the future.

Sources say the meeting featured apologies by the ICE representatives (rumored to include Moskowitz and all sent by him).
None of this should be a surprise, since, as we’ve written, Moskowitz’s boss, ICE Director of Investigations, a/k/a “Peppermint Patty,” she’s glad Moskowitz “smoothed things over with the Islamic community of Detroit.” That, not catching terrorists and other illegal aliens, is the priority at ICE.
Since ICE in Michigan is led, these days, by such girlie-manish, apologist enforcement policy, perhaps we were wrong in calling him “Abu Moskowitz.” “Ru-Moskowitz” sounds just so much more appropriate. Or perhpas, “RuBrian.” (With apologies to RuPaul.) We can just hear “Sylvester” playing in the background in Ru-Moskowitz’s 18th floor office at the McNamara Building.

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