June 21, 2006, - 3:21 pm

More Girlie Man Immigration Enforcement: Abu Moskowitz Orders Release of Illegals

Looks like a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz,” Michigan and Ohio Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has learned well from his incompetent boss, ICE chieftess a/k/a “The ICE Princess.”
After hard-working Ohio cops arrested illegal aliens, his office forced the cops to release them, just like Myers did with illegals in Texas (and probably many other places).
Steubenville, Ohio’s WTOV (Channel 9) reports the following (watch the video, too):

Belmont County Sheriff Fred Thompson said his officers were instructed by federal immigration services to let all 20 illegal immigrants go free, and said his department has no choice but to follow the orders from immigration officials.

Impotent Immigration Law Enforcement: ICE’s Abu Moskowitz

Abu RuPaul Moskowitz artwork courtesy of David Lunde

Thompson said officers stopped a van at 3 a.m. Tuesday which was traveling the wrong direction on Interstate 470 in St. Clairsville.
The officer discovered 20 illegal Mexican immigrants inside the van, including three who were previously deported. The officer immediately contacted immigration officials, who told him to let all 20 immigrants go.

Well, guess who is the top federal “immigration official” in Ohio? Why, that would be Abu Moskowitz.
Either he ordered the aliens’ release or one of his people did. Hate to quote Michael Dukakis, but the fish does, indeed, rot from the head down.
In this case, the head is Brian Moskowitz. And our whole nation is rotting from the alien invasion he’s aiding and abetting. Guess he didn’t get his other boss, ICE Director of Investigations a/k/a “Peppermint Patty’s” .
Moskowitz’s spokesman, , says he’s “looking into it.” Uh-huh. In the past, he told me he wouldn’t allow me to interview Moskowitz because it “.” No kidding.
Unfortunately, releasing illegal aliens–and any other forms of malfeasance–hasn’t seemed to hurt his career. For now.
And someone ought to tell WTOV reporter Natalie Pasquarella that maybe the reason no-one at the INS returned her calls is because THERE IS NO INS, anymore. Hello?
Also, it’s kinda hard listening to criticism of ICE from Congressman Bob Ney, whose about to be indicted for selling out America to Jack Abramoff’s clients.
The right words from the wrong person.

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Perhaps the cops in Ohio should have called the Border Patrol! BPA’s from Detroit would have been happy to drive down there and sack-up all 20. Then, all Moskowits has to do is beat Border Patrol to the punch by putting out a press release claiming all the credit for it. That’s his way, you know.

firedawg on June 23, 2006 at 5:33 pm

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