July 27, 2005, - 3:21 pm

Soft on Terror: Judge Gives Millenium Bomber Light Sentence–An Abu Moskowitz Update

Maybe I should write a book: “Stupid Judges and the Terrorists who Love Them.”
The latest star of my book would be the not-so-Honorable John Coughenor. This morning, Coughenor sentenced “Millenium Bomber” terrorist Ahmed Ressam to only 22 years in prison. With time off for good behavior, he’ll probably get out even earlier.
In case you forgot–Judge Coughenor apparently did–Ressam spent several months in Vancouver, Canada assembling bomb-making materials before heading to the United States to bomb Los Angeles’ LAX Airport. Suspicious Border Patrol guards in Port Angeles, Wash., stopped him as he got off a ferry from Victoria. But INS personnel welcomed Ressam and waived him in.

Ahmed Ressam/Millenium Bomber:

Brave Customs Agents Stopped him; Liberal Judge Goes Soft on him

It was conscientious U.S. Customs inspectors, like Diana Dean, (before Customs inspectors became part of CBP; before the rest of Customs became ICE and got messed up by the likes of a/k/a Abu Moskowitz, who is even softer on terrorists than Judge Coughenor) who noted the explosives in the trunk of Ressam’s car, and arrested him. Don’t expect that to happen again, with the likes of Islamist-pandering Abu Moskowitz in charge.
Now it’s Judge Coughenor who’s going easy on this terrorist who might have murdered countless Americans, but for being caught. The Justice Department is hardly blameless here. They only asked for 35 years. Why not life? Ressam was convicted of 9 terror-related charges and refused to provide info about terror suspects in Canada and Britain.

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A quick anectdote;
An American friend and several former agents (CIA, FBI, DEA) have tried for 9 months to give information to the Feds regarding M.E. Organised crime/Money Laundering rings operated by former M.E. Inteligence officers. THe ICE response? Nada!

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