June 23, 2006, - 8:32 pm

Star Struck Jihad Pimp: MySpace Teen’s Dad Pimps Her to IslamoCyberPredator, Media; FBI Roberts’ Cameo

What happens when your teen daughter flees to the Muslim Mid-East to convert to Islam and marry a Palestinian cyberpredator she met online?
Most parents would be outraged and lock their daughter up for as long as possible. But NOT Terry Lester, father of Katherine Lester–the girl cyberstalked on MySpace by Palestinian Muslim Abdullah Jimzawi a/k/a Abdullah Psycho. We’ve detailed the story , , , and . But the latest developments are simply shocking. Terry Lester and his latest wife, Krista, are pimping his daughter to the IslamoCyberstalker and the media–to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Katherine Lester: Pimped by Dad to IslamoCyberPredator for Fame, Fortune

First, they did an “exclusive” interview with an ABC station in central Michigan (in which the shameless Terry and Krista Lester blamed everyone–airlines, Greyhound, etc.–but themselves and the Islamocyberstalker for their daughter running away). Then, they did another “exclusive” interview with “Good Morning America,” this morning, complete with an all-expense paid trip to Manhattan and luxury accommodations. They seemed to enjoy watching their daughter cry on live national TV. Reportedly, Terry Lester has also been contacted by producers wanting to do a movie about his daughter. So he’s squeezing out all the 15 minutes he can get.
And he’s encouraging his daugher’s online relationship with Jimzawi, even encouraging him to travel here to visit her. After all, Hollywood wouldn’t actually be interested in making a movie about the runaway teen’s relationship abruptly coming to end after the first trip, without any contact. Meeting and marrying the Muslim and converting to his religion–even vowing to cover her hair–now that makes a much better story, especially in the world according to Hollywood.
Divorced from the girl’s mother, Terry Lester went to court to obtain sole custody of the teen, now 17, ostensibly to protect her from further runaway trips to the Mid-East and media attention. Katherine Lester ran away while she was under the care of her mother, Shawn Lester.
But it appears the real reason Terry Lester sought custody of his daughter is his newfound love of media whoredom–something he’s put way ahead of his daughter’s welfare. In a petition filed in court attempting to regain custody of her daughter, Shawn Lester cited the first of multiple media interviews Terry Lester has granted with his daughter.
Watch the “Good Morning America” interview. You can see the dollar signs and media stardom twinkling in the eyes of these sick “parents”–a word which is used very loosely here. They conjure memories of the Chandra Levy Parents’ World Tour, only worse–because the Lester’s daughter is still alive and they’re abusing her for their own gain, extracting as much media emolument as possible.
Parents who truly love their children would never do this.
Points about the interview:
* Father and Evil Stepmom Terry and Krista Lester say they don’t see the man, Abdullah Psycho, as a predator. Hmmm . . . he sought her out on MySpace, repeatedly e-mailed her, sent her money for a plane ticket, and encouraged her to lie to her mother to get a Passport and runaway to the Palestinian Muslim terrorist stronghold of Jordan to convert to Islam, cover her hair, and marry him. But no way he’s a predator. Ri-i-i-i-ight.
* The Evil Father and Stepmom are encouraging Katherine to continue the online relationship with Abdullah Pyscho and welcoming a trip by him to meet her here in Michigan to solidify “their bond together.” They don’t want to “lose her [Katherine’s] confidence. We would lose her trust in us.” What ever happened to parenting? It’s not supposed to be about gaining your incorrigible, foolish child’s “confidence.” It’s about gaining her respect, which parental pimps usually don’t attain.
* Evil Stepmom Krista says that they don’t blame MySpace, and that it’s because of MySpace that they found the girl in the Mid-East. Well, how does she think her stepdaughter was able to meet and communicate with this Islamocyberstalker in the first place? Hello? . . .
* Katherine Lester insisted that she will marry Jimzawi in a year (when she turns 18) and refused to answer questions about whether she will convert to Islam. Bet on this: she will. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have had a problem answering the question.
* Note Palestinian Jimzawi’s nice house and other buildings on a large property his family owns. They live nicer than many Israelis and Arab Muslims in Arab Muslim countries. Busts the myth about all Palestinians living in squalor in tiny quarters on a refugee camp. But, of course, you’ll only see that when the mainstream media is interested in showing what a good life it would be with an Islamocyberstalker. Other than that, you won’t see the good life many Palestinians live, because it doesn’t fit the media’s “their horrible life made them blow up 100 people in the pizza shop” agenda.
* We enjoyed the brief cameo by Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge . After his (see , also) (a ) and his repeated failures in the domestic War on Terror in the heart of Islamic America, we’re so impressed to see he could glom on to the continuing soap opera of “Stupid MySpace Teen Hick Girls & and the Palestinian Muslims Looking for a Green Card Who Love Them.”

Daniel Roberts:

Failed Michigan FBI Chief Gets Cameo in IslamoPredator Saga

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6 Responses

I saw the video, and towards the end, the girl says she plans on the Arab guy coming to the USA, not her going over there. We shall see how it washes out.

Craig C on June 24, 2006 at 2:13 pm

Who cares if she goes there to stay and be a Muslim? As long as they don’t raise suicide bombers or return to the US, I could give a shit.

shleppy on June 24, 2006 at 5:31 pm

She look like Avril Lavigne to me.
This bim seems like a winner. “Oh, wow!, golly kewl, I’m gonna convert to Islam! I’ll be just like Madonna and Britney!”
I’d like to send her and her family on a one way trip to the Muslim Mid-East. This bim and her family are losers we wouldn’t miss.

The_Man on June 25, 2006 at 12:51 am

Isn’t it great how 17 year old girls know what’s best for them and their parents can’t disagree because it would “alienate” them?

cbielinski on June 26, 2006 at 6:28 am

Excellent job Debbie, I always knew there was a reason I liked you! What a shame these parents are and I wonder, has anyone tried to explain to this little nit-wit just what a huge change in lifestyle it would be for her? I’ll bet you anything that MySpace would be quickly taken from her!

Rubicon on June 28, 2006 at 3:05 pm

This was by far the most interesting and thought provoking article about this fiasco. I first heard about this on Good Morning America and wondered what kind of people would subject themselves to public humiliation like that – surely they must know by now that America in general blames the lack of parental control and not MySpace, the airlines, etc… now that I’ve read your article, their stupidy makes sense! Now not only are they stupid, they’re greedy for fame and fortune as well!

Lemmers on June 30, 2006 at 11:45 am

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