July 5, 2006, - 12:29 pm

Hypocrisy on Terrorism in Europe . . . AND America

A couple of interesting developments in both Europe and Ben and Jerry Country a/k/a “Vermont” and “Our Europe”–both of which demonstrate the double standards against America in the War on Terror:
* The loftily (and pretentiously and falsely) named European Court of Human Rights ruled that eight years of solitary confinement in a French prison for terrorist “Carlos the Jackal” (real name: Ilich Ramirez Sanchez) did not violate his rights or constitute inhumane treatment or breach the European Convention on Human Rights. Carlos the Jackal was held in solitary because he was deemed dangerous, an escape risk, and a threat to maintaining order in the prison.

Terrorist Carlos the Jackal a/k/a Ilich Ramirez Sanchez

Hmmm . . . . Nice that the Europeans continue to condemn Guantanamo Bay, where most prisoners are terrorists–just like Carlos the Jackal. And most of them, unlike the Jackal, are not held in solitary (and none for 8 years). The Gitmo prisoners are deemed dangerous, escape risks, and a threat to maintaining order in American prisons (among other things), our justice system, and safety in America at large. Yet, according to the Europeans, we are wrong to hold them in a better condition than they are holding Carlos the Jackal (who partnered constantly with Islamic terrorists like the kind we are holding in Cuba).
New motto for the EU: America must do as we say, not as we do. (Incredibly, the court still awarded the Jackal $12,800 to cover his legal costs in the challenge and $17,200 in damages. New twisted legal policy?: Winner pays.)
* Ben and Jerry Country: A judge in Montpelier, Vermont has revived the ancient punishment of “banishment” for a man who committed several crimes against his neighbors. After brief jail time, the man, Francis J. Robb, is not allowed to go home for three years. Robb is only allowed to visit his home village of Gilman, Vermont to see his mother on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and her birthday.
While Robb pleaded no contest to felony aggravated assault and eight misdemeanors against his neighbors, we note that his treatment–banishment for three years–is far worse than illegal aliens, who are also in violation of the law. They get every opportunity to remain here for years and remain in their homes, with a teeny, tiny chance of being deported (and even then, a great chance of returning to the U.S., anyway). Ditto for terrorists, like –who is now a citizen (thanks, Bill Clinton).
“Given Mr. Robb’s record of convictions and his menacing behavior toward some of his neighbors, it made sense to get him out of the picture for an extended duration,” said the case’s prosecutor. Hmmm . . . you can say the same about accused terrorists and many illegal aliens.
New suggestion: Banishment (a/k/a PERMANENT deportation) from the U.S. for all illegals and those convicted of crimes connected to terrorism (who generally do a few months in jail and then return to their lives of freedom here). If U.S. citizens can be banished, why not them?

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Banishment would be a great idea. It would be a great challenge to have it implemented with groups like ADC and CAIR floating around.
Unfortunately it works in the reverse! We have terrorists coming in from Arab countries in the guise of refugees.

anonymous twit on July 5, 2006 at 7:44 pm

1) There is no single group called “The Europeans” who say 8 years of solitary is ok and Guantanamo is ok. Different countries, different organisations, different views…and different issues:

2) The main problem with Guantanamo is lack due process, not solitary confinement.

Tom on February 25, 2011 at 3:25 pm

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