July 5, 2006, - 1:08 pm

300 Million “Strong,” Thanks to Illegal Immigration

Today’s USA Today cover story, “A Nation of 300 Million,” presents some interesting and very important information.
As the US nears the 300 million population mark (expected in mid-October), the paper says that immigration–legal AND ILLEGAL–is the single biggest driver of population growth in America. No surprise to those in the know, but according to the article, a big surprise to most Americans who are not aware of the population figure (they think it’s much smaller), but are waking up to the immigration factor.
And by the way, the U.S. has added 100 million people since 1967, mostly from immigration. More:

About 53% of the 100 million extra Americans are recent immigrants or their descendants, according to Jeffrey Passel, demographer at the Pew Hispanic Center. Without them, the USA would have about 250 million people today. . . .
Once here, they had babies, which helped the nation maintain a birthrate that is higher than that of Europe and Japan.

A demographic graph in the print edition of the article (pictured above) shows that, every single day, America gains 8,500 new Americans–2,800 of them (1/3) are immigrants (5,700 through births minus deaths, which also includes many illegal aliens’ anchor babies). Are all of these 2,800 per day here legally and/or with the best of intentions? NO, to both. Even if only a small percentage of this daily figure comes to America with bad intentions, that is a huge number and more than our law enforcement authorities can handle.
As for the birthrate, it is highest among immigrants–again BOTH legal AND illegal:

Women have to give birth to an average 2.1 babies to offset deaths and keep the population even. . . . The overall birthrate is slightly above two – just below replacement levels.
When the U.S. population was at 200 million in 1967, women had an average of three children and the government expected the population to hit 300 million as early as 1990. By the 1980s, the birthrate had tumbled and government estimates projected that the country wouldn’t get there until the 2020s. The flow of immigrants turned those projections on their heads.

And a strange dichotomy for America: It’s finally waking up to immigration problems, yet still remains somewhat clueless:

Half of Americans say their communities have grown a lot in the past five years, but more than three-fourths say growth is a minor problem or no problem where they live, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken in early June. Though about a third say growth will become a major issue in their communities, more than half say it will be a major problem for the country as a whole. Almost half attribute population growth to immigrants. . . .
Oddly, most Americans don’t have a clue how many people actually live in the USA or how many are expected to. Twenty-nine percent guessed the population at 200 million or less, and 19% put it at 1 billion or more. Twelve percent came within 50 million of guessing correctly.

Important stuff, lest we be invaded and birthrated out of existence in America as we know it.

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Glad to see you back on track dearling…even though youo’re wrong!!!
Having lived in NYC most of my life i can understand your urbanly induced myopia, but having travelled North California for the past two years it’s now obvious to me that Amerikkka can sustain another 200 million people easily. You’re also forgetting that the Baby Boomers are now in the process of dying…and the limbaughnistacized HMOs and tax “incentives” is gonna make THAT more commonplace in the next few years.
MOST of Europe and all of Japan is economically collapsing because they’re aging….immigration IS the only salvation for your beloved Adam Smith theology.

EminemsRevenge on July 5, 2006 at 2:22 pm

How is America going to absorb another 200 million invaders?
How are we going to satisfy the increased demand for energy (electricity, gasoline, oil, etc.)?
How many more hospitals, schools, and prisons are we going to build, and how much more money can the taxpayers spend doing it?
Who’s going to build the housing, and where will it be built?
How are we going to expand the infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, mass transit, etc) to accomodate them, and how much will it cost the taxpayer?
How much more money is the taxpayer going to spend on social welfare programs to pay for these invaders and their spawn?
How much more of our culture, customs, language, and our history are going to be erased?
And when I say ‘taxpayer’, I don’t mean the invaders who send most of what they make here back to Mexico and the other countries from whence they came.
I was born and raised in NYC. Now, when I go back, the majority of every borough, with the exception of Manhattan, resembles the Turd-World – and that’s no exaggeration. The people now living there refuse to assimilate, and they carve out ethnic enclaves within which to live. NYC is a perfect example of the ‘Balkanization of America’. Native New Yorkers are fleeing the city in droves in order to get away from the crime and the arrogance these newcomers bring.

Thee_Bruno on July 5, 2006 at 3:30 pm

Thee Bruno, while I do agree with some of what you’re saying (I do think there’s a point where we can’t handle the growth though we’ve far from reached it yet, and I do think it’s quite grating that many current immigrants seemed to think we should cater to THEIR language instead of them struggling to learn English as the price to pay for American freedom like generations befor them did (if anyone thinks a multilingual society is a good thing, just look at Quebec or better yet the former Yugoslavia, Soviet republics, etc.)), I don’t think NYC is going to become “Balkanized” (at least if these groups are finally pressed to learn English). Even 50, 60, 70, 100+ years ago and beyond, these so called “enclaves” existed and eventually if not then, their progeny culturally assimilated, sometimes married people from other groups, etc. then moved out while other groups moved in. I think this kind of thing is just a natural cycle in a very heterogenous place like NYC.

hairymon on July 5, 2006 at 3:37 pm

To hairymon,
You hit the nail on the head when you said;
“…instead of them struggling to learn English as the price to pay for American freedom like generations befor them did…”
What you said was true, however, unlike past generations, these groups are NOT assimilating. They’re NOT learning English. And I see it with their kids. They parents speak to their kids in their native tongue, even if they do speak English. I go to NYC frequently. Trust me – the majority of those boroughs that I mentioned ARE Balkanized.
Take, for example, Flushing, Queens. ALL of the store signs in the central business district (most of Flushing) are in Korean, Chinese, and other Asian languages. Not a few signs, ALL of them. And it’s been that way for the last 20 years. Their territory keeps expanding, and along with it, so does their language, culture, and customs.

Thee_Bruno on July 5, 2006 at 4:59 pm

Hey “EminemsRevenge,” did you consider that some of us hayseeds who live outside the 212 area code may not want to live like New Yorkers? I bet you complain about “urban sprawl” in the next breath.
I wouldn’t mind keeping the wide open spaces that define this country, than you very much.

melati on July 5, 2006 at 6:09 pm

BTW Europe is not collapsing for lack of immigrants my dear libertarian

melati on July 5, 2006 at 6:11 pm

How much money does anyone want to bet, somehow, somewhere, the magic 300 million mark will be breeched by a Mexican or other Central American…dually documented of course…in a sanctuary city? …and if you’re still game, how about going double or nothing that this “golden child” will have a birthday on October 12? October 12 is considered by “The Race” (that’s La Raza” for those who aren’t bilingual) “The Day of Our Race”…
Catching on??
The greatest war is won without ever firing a shot.
If you can’t beat ’em out, breed ’em out. Europe isn’t dying because of low birth rates of indigenous people, it is dying because the LEGAL citizens of said region cannot sustain the incredible rate of growth (that means the immigrants are humping like mad with anything and refusing to give back to the Socialist utopia.) Unchecked immigration will kill Western Civilization before an atom divided.

SickBoy on July 6, 2006 at 6:28 am

I’m really surprised people are so much in shock over this – the fact that immigration legal and illegal is responsible for a population boost.
Not only do you have many people coming in, but you have people coming from a culture of big families (Hispanics), and some coming from a culture which forces them into small families (China) – so it’s only natural their births would contribute to the growing population.
Especially when Americans are having fewer kids due to different reasons – women marrying later, pursuing career goals, and “the cost of having children” – it’s no wonder that the immigrant population will grow.

La Ventanita on July 6, 2006 at 10:43 am

La Ventanita
You are not wrong when you assert immigration will boost a population. However, your error is in the reasoning. Following the logic associated with “sustainability”, our social fabric will rip apart due to the “immigrants” not having any desire, for the vast majority, to give back to a society which allows them to provide the very foundation of their existence here. This blog, as with MANY others, have documented this new entitlement mentality permeating the “new” American. Many seem to ignore the excellent “…ask not what your country can do for you…” principle, particularly here in the U.S. The principle seems to now be used by supposed immigrants to the “New World” in order to support, indefinitely, those they left in the Third World. Remember the song, “Money for nothing”? The new migration here is not based in “becoming” American, but grounded in simply “coming” to America…and extorting Liberal White Guilt period. Japan is doing fine…without mass immigration. India is doing fine…without mass immigration period. China is swinging…without mass immigration. Infinity. Those countries either, failing or are about to implode, are those who have allowed themselves to be infected with Liberal White Guilt: France, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Kosovo, Serbia, etc etc. Italy is wobbly, as is Canada, and approaching the edge…the USA.
How well is California doing? Texas? Florida? Maryland? Illinois? Washington? The northeast in general?
Would it be ok if, let us say, you had to press “1” for Russian? Romanian? Or, “Arabic”? ALL the past “great societies” in antiquity fell from within…unsustainable mass immigration. I’ve been in the slums outside Lima, Iquitos, Montevideo, Cartagena, Rio, Bahia Blanca, etc. Funny thing, I can see the same thing in Chula Vista, El Cajon, San Antonio, Tampa, Orlando, Tacoma Park MD, Baltimore, New Haven, Etc… Hmmm, I wonder why. “Por Espanol, marque numero uno por favor.”
P.S. One doesn’t see the aformentioned outside of Haifa, Ber Shiva, Trieste, Prague, …unless you want to count those who desire “Ghameh”.

SickBoy on July 8, 2006 at 2:44 pm

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