July 6, 2006, - 10:56 am

New Qaeda Tape Features American Azzam Al-Amriki a/k/a Adam Gadahn

ABC News’ Brian Ross reported, late last night, on the new Al-Qaeda tape, released to mark the anniversary of the 7/7 London subway bombing. (Brief video here.)
The new tape features not just Bin Laden and mastermind Ayman Al-Zawahiri, but Azzam Al-Amriki (“the American”), who used to be American Adam Gadahn.
Flashback: Read my piece on Gadahn’s American Imam –who converted Gadahn to Islam and the extremist he is today.
President Bush invited this terror-supporter, Siddiqi, to the White House just after 9/11 (and since) and accepted a Koran from him, noting the “Religion of Peace,” er . . . forced submission. Ironically, “Siddiqi” means “righteous one.” When someone converts an American to extremist Islam, it’s hardly righteous (except in Islam) and the last place that someone should be is in the White House feted by the Prez.
A better choice: Club Gitmo.

Azzam Al-Amriki (“Azzam The American”) a/k/a Adam Gadahn

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I think the rag on his head is wrapped too tight. It’s cutting off the oxygen supply to his brain cell.
Come to think of it, you can say that about all the ragheads.

Thee_Bruno on July 6, 2006 at 3:17 pm

I haven’t seen the video but I can guess what they say “durka durka mohammed jihad sherpa sherpa bak allah”. maybe they converted this shazzaam fellow to be their spokesman so we can understand what they’re trying to say. It would be great to have ol’ shazzaam in a room with some real soldiers and see the outcome.

beosol on July 6, 2006 at 10:25 pm

Hmm, let’s see.
We are allegedly in a ongoing ‘war on terror’ with a largely un-named phantom enemy (often named AlQaeda), who almost always ‘happen’ to be Muslims.
15 of the 19 hijackers we were told, were Saudis, and they murdered 2500 people on 9/11. But there will be no Muslim profiling at airports by screeners or by airlines, says the TSA. And days after the corpses of Americans were still smoldering in the WTC rubble, Bu$h enters a DC-area mosque (with a Hamas operative standing behind him) to warn us that ‘Islam is a religion of peace,’ and that we’d be wise to not hassle these ‘peace-loving’ Muslims amonst us. Ok, got that?
But globalistBu$h and his ‘SS’tateDept just recently opened the doors of the USA to 20,000 Saudi Muslim ‘students’ so they can ‘attend’ US schools during our ongoing ‘war on terror?’
Would FDR have opened the doors of the USA to 20,000 Japanese ‘students’ during WWII? Hardly.
But Bu$h who claims to be ‘serious’ about ‘protecting the American people’ also refuses to clamp down on the wide-open border with Mexico?
If we are to accept this Bu$h regime ‘war’ as legitimate, then why would Bu$h want an open Mexican border where potential ‘terrorists’ could stream in and kill more Americans and why would he open our borders to 20,000 Saudis who subscribe to the same 7th century murderous ideology as the 9/11 hijackers?
To me, this is clear evidence that the so-called ‘war on terror’ is fake or at least, it is one that our own government manipulates for their own purposes and agendas.
Likewise, why would the government (FBI) allow the Hamas-associated Muslim Student Association (and others) to exist on dozens of US campuses where they invite hate-spewing radicals as ‘guest speakers?’ Also why does the FBI receive ‘Islamic sensitivity’ training from another group with ties to Hamas–CAIR?
Does it have something to do with a certain wealthy Arab nation?
The MSA is funded by–guess who?–you got it, Saudi Arabia. And who has received $2Bil from the Saudis in the last few decades? The Bu$h crime family and their friends (like James Baker and other retired ‘SS’tateDept employees), so what does that tell us?
Hamas-affiliated MSA on US campuses, good. Saudi Arabian royal family, good. TSA hassles of American grandmothers at airports, good. Creation of incompetent Homeland Security that wastes and grifts US tax money, good. NSA spying on citizens, good. Patriot Act that end-runs Constitution, good. Visas for 20,000 Saudi ‘students,’ good. Islam, good. More mosque construction in US, good. $2Billion for Bu$h crime family & friends, good.
Getting the picture?

joemccarthy on July 11, 2006 at 10:55 pm

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