July 10, 2006, - 6:37 am

FRIGHTENING: Another Dry Run Terrorist Cleared for Take-Off

On this site, we’ve detailed several of what surely must be dry run terrorist attacks . . . in , (see also ), and now Houston.
Our do-nothing response to these dry-runners shows, in spades, that we are NOT serious about fighting terrorism. Not a single thing has happened to any of the malefactors involved, all Muslims. The latest one, in Houston, is a joke. Only the joke is on us. So it isn’t funny.
Reader Phil and several Federal Air Marshals alert me to this alarming story from the Houston Chronicle, with the headline that says it all:

Brainless FBI Lets 2nd Shoe Bomber Go

HPD [Houston Police Dept.], airport security at odds over incident: Man allowed to board aircraft appeared to have bomb components
. . . [A] confidential TSA report obtained by the Houston Chronicle details a dispute between screeners and a police officer on duty at the airport.
The report states that a man with a Middle Eastern name and a ticket for a Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta shook his head when screeners asked if he had a laptop computer in his baggage, but an X-ray machine operator detected a laptop.
A search of the man’s baggage revealed a clock with a 9-volt battery taped to it and a copy of the Quran, the report said. A screener examined the man’s shoes and determined that the “entire soles of both shoes were gutted out.”
No explosive material was detected, the report states. A police officer was summoned and questioned the man, examined his identification, shoes and the clock, then cleared him for travel, according to the report.
A TSA screener disagreed with the officer, saying “the shoes had been tampered with and there were all the components of (a bomb) except the explosive itself,” the report says.

And here’s the rub. The FBI cleared the man to fly. Cleared him? Cleared him?! The guy lies to TSA screeners about his laptop, his shoes have been tampered with and have bomb components, and he has a Koran and a 9-volt battery attached to a clock (timing device, hello . . .?). Sound to you like a guy who should be “cleared?”
Then, there is the bickering between dueling law enforcement authorities. Sound familiar (as in pre-9/11 bickering between the FBI and CIA)?

Houston police and the federal Transportation Security Administration disagree over who is responsible for allowing a man with what appeared to be bomb components board an aircraft at Hobby Airport last week.
Although the FBI eventually cleared the man of wrongdoing, police officials have transferred the officer involved and are investigating the incident while insisting that the TSA, not police, has the authority to keep a suspicious person from boarding a flight.

Frankly, if the TSA was not going to clear this man for travel, why did the Houston PD feel the need to allow him to fly? I mean, why do we have the TSA, if the HPD are now expert airport screeners?
Says reader Phil:

Middle eastern man with hollwed out shoes and bomb components minus the actual explosives was not arrested!?!?!

EXACTLY. But don’t worry the FBI and Houston PD felt the guy was A-OK. No probable cause at all. No biggie that he lied to federal law enforcement officials. Incredible:
FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett in Atlanta said agents there investigated the passenger.

“It was looked at and deemed a non-event,” Emmett said, declining to give further details.
Meanwhile the officer involved in the dispute, J.O. Reece, has been transferred to a desk job, “the same place they send officers who are relieved of duty,” said Chad Hoffman, attorney for the Houston Police Officers Union.
Hoffman said Reece doesn’t understand why he was transferred “when it seems clear from the onset of the investigation that he didn’t have probable cause to detain anybody and that his actions were consistent with the law and HPD policy.”

A new shoe-bomber and they let the dude go. Don’t you feel safe? Federal Bureau of non-Investigation.

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4 Responses

Is this Arab related to the “Arab Assassin”?
Maybe getting nostalgic about his one year anniversary of getting kicked out as a TSA in the Houston airport.
If this dry-run Arab were arrested, no guesses for the group that would be coming to his aid — the same Arab Mohammaden group handled the Arab Assassin’s case last July because he was “racially profiled”.

anonymous twit on July 10, 2006 at 11:44 am

This is just crazy!
What if another passenger had the actual explosive material and made it past these incompetent idiots? Let me guess ñ they would meet by the bathrooms soon after take-off, assemble the device ñ just like the other ìdry-runsî that have been documented.
Our tax dollars hard at work.
I think maybe we should let them on a plane & fill it with the likes of the Abu Moskowitz & Abu Porno, etc.
Canít wait to fly next weekÖ..

TonyDee on July 10, 2006 at 12:02 pm

New name change for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to Federal Bureau of Idiots

KOAJaps on July 10, 2006 at 1:49 pm

Well what would one expect from an agency that participated in the murder of 70+ humans at Waco and blew the head off of Randy Weaver’s wife and then shot his teenage son in the back after they had kiled the boy’s dog?
There is little doubt that the FBI top-brass INTENTIONALLY shut down various FBI field office investigations of at least two of the 9/11 hijackers PRIOR to the 9/11 attacks! Now why would they have done so?
And why were all FBI employees ABSENT from their offices the day the Murrah building was bombed?
Evidence is now surfacing that they had PRIOR knowledge of the attack due to an informant employed by MORRIS DEES of the Southern (Non)Poverty Law(less) Center!
Dees knew of the coming attack but did nothing to stop it. That makes him an accomplice to murder BEFORE the fact, yet this pedophile (he had sexual relations with his underage stepdaughter according to his former wife)continues to loot public taxpayers as he travels the nation speaking to leftist college students.
Dees is such a nervous-nelly that he travels with a small army of private goons and his SPLC building is fortified with razor-wire and loaded with security cameras.
Dees newest racket is suing on behalf of illegal Mexicans.

joemccarthy on July 10, 2006 at 10:38 pm

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