July 19, 2006, - 8:45 am

Snakes on a Plane, Snakes in a Mailbox: Throw the Book at an Idiot

You’ve heard of the upcoming movie, “.” Now, read about the real-life Snake in a Mailbox.
A Detroit area man, James Rutherford Mell, puts a 6-FOOT BOA CONSTRICTOR(!) in his mailbox to “play a joke” on his mail-lady. And the “humor” in that is . . .? When she opened the mailbox and–as would be expected–was frightened, the man laughs in his driveway.
HaHaHa . . . so funny. And listen to this loser’s defense:

The snake, which he keeps as a pet, is not poisonous, does not bite and has tiny teeth, so Anderson was not in any danger, he said.
“It will only strike at something that it can actually eat.”

Truth in Advertising: Maybe 1 of These Should Be His Mailbox

(Photos from Sam’s Mailbox Picture Collection)

And we thought snakes in mailboxes was a tactic reserved for members of the Church of Tom Cruise who leave the “Church” and dare to openly criticize it.
Throw the book at this idiot. Unfortunately, WE must pay for his federal public defender. Just plead guilty, jerk.
We have a theory about grown adults who still have snakes as pets (this guy is 31). Something–or, rather many things–is not right there.
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What Twisted Mind Conjured Up This Mailbox?

(Photo from Sam’s Mailbox Picture Collection)

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Actually, the guy can be charged with animal/pet endangering. If he had gotten side-tracked, and forgotten about the snake in the mailbox, it would have suffocated.

Craig C on July 19, 2006 at 6:24 pm

Someone with a sense of humor…. HOW REFRESHING… you could really learn a thing or two. Maybe you should watch the “depraved” clerks some more. We’re not “obsessed” we’re pissed about something you’d never understand, stupidity and ignorance.

Jennifer on July 23, 2006 at 4:04 pm

OMG ! This is too much crazy here we can find snake everywhere. But really your blog bring too much fun and enjoy. Thanks a lot

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