July 21, 2006, - 12:17 pm

The ICE Princess Cometh: Immigration Sets Free Illegal Alien Criminals in Arizona

Next time you see Assistant Homeland Security Secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) a/k/a “The ICE Princess” on TV, don’t believe a word.
Whether its on FOX News or some other media outlet pandering to her every fallacious word, the chief immigration enforcement official in the nation keeps claiming she’s arresting and deporting alien criminals. But she isn’t. Just ask Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and class-act Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas. She’s forcing them to release illegal alien coyotes (human smugglers).
While The ICE Princess was busy ) and getting visas for Lebanese babies (more about that below), she’s letting criminals out into the great American abyss, despite pleas from Arpaio and Thomas to deport those they’ve detained. Glad to see she has her priorities straight.

Federal Agents Continue to be Embarrassed by their Inept ICE Princess Boss

(Artwork by our friend/Photoshop Master, David Lunde)

Since the first arrests made under Arizona’s human-smuggling law in March, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has filed 268 cases, 31 against suspected coyotes and the rest against suspected conspirators assumed to be undocumented immigrants.
So far, 63 have pleaded guilty to lesser offenses, 15 have been dismissed, two acquitted and one convicted by a jury.
But 17 have walked right out of the jail and into the community – including six who pleaded guilty to human-smuggling felonies – because the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency decided it wouldn’t transport out of the country people prosecuted under the controversial coyote law.
Instead, they slipped unnoticed through the red tape of a giant jail system and onto the streets.

The ICE Princess is mad that the people of Arizona dared pass a law stomping on her turf, that they’re doing the job she refuses to do. Hey, I think I’ve just discovered another “job Americans won’t do.” She is an American, right?
Hard to tell, based on her behavior. While she’s set illegal aliens criminals free and hanging with Lasorda, The ICE Princess spent ICE’s time and efforts on a far more important matter. Pursuant to a request from FOX News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly, she “worked all day” (ri-i-i-ight) to grant humanitarian “parole” to a Lebanese baby (born there).
Myers broke the rules and gave special treatment for American Lebanese (the Lebanese baby got an instant U.S. passport). For this, O’Reilly called her, “hero Julie Myers.” Pathetic. We’re sure she’ll get repaid with a pandering, slobbering interview, rife with more lies about “getting tough on illegal aliens.”
Back to Sheriff Joe and Andrew Thomas. Here’s what they have to say about the ICE Princess. We think it’s far more accurate than Bill O’Reilly’s uninformed utterance.

“Why would they refuse to pick up the felons?” Sheriff Joe Arpaio asked. . . .
According to the Sheriff’s Office, there are an average of 900 to 1,000 prisoners in the jail at any one time with immigration detainers, or holds, indicating that ICE is to be contacted before they can be released. . . .
Arpaio claimed that 35 of the suspects charged with human-smuggling violations had immigration holds that were later removed [DS: by Myers’ ICE]. . . .
“Now we have to waste our manpower [to transport alien smugglers to the border],” Arpaio said. “I don’t have to do this. I can just let them go on the street. Who cares? Because they’re convicted felons. They deserve to go back to Mexico because a judge said they’re going back to Mexico. He didn’t say how.”

Maricopa County’s Andrew Thomas, Joe Arpaio:

They Should Be Running ICE

Andrew Thomas:

“ICE’s refusal to pick up and deport acknowledged illegal immigrants arrested by local law enforcement shows that the federal policy of ‘catch and release’ is still the order of the day,” he said. “The federal government’s continued unwillingness to perform its basic duty of securing our border makes Arizona’s human-smuggling law all the more important.”

Right on. I’m proud to know Thomas and was a speaker at an immigration conference he hosted in November 2005. At the conference, he spoke of a growing, significant percentage of illegal aliens who commit a large amount of the violent crimes he prosecutes in the Pheonix area. He was a longshot to win the race for Maricopa County Attorney, but he ran on the premise of stemming the illegal alien problem and won.
He understands this problem fatal to America and is one of many “American” Julie Myers won’t do. We only wish he, not the clueless valley girl from a Kansas mall, was running ICE. But, not to worry. Thomas, a rising star, is destined for even bigger things. Myers’ immigration “policy” should be destined for the trash dumpster, but isn’t.
Operation “Return to Sender”? Hardly. That title’s only appropriate if it means ICE gets to send The ICE Princess back to Kansas.
Thanks to readers Frank, Bill, and Cara for the tips.

ICE: The Comedy That Keeps on Giving

ICE’s , a/k/a “The ICE Princess, Detention & Removal Honcho/Self Promoter ,” and New $30-$50K ICE

(ICEfeld by Assistant Homeland Security Secretary for PhotoShop David Lunde)

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And does El Presidente call her in for any of this? Imagine that! Question: with this and everything else that’s happened recently, is GW on CRACK? Now, pardon me while I watch clueless Condi work her magical powers of peace over the Middle-East (complete with detailed instructions from the Prez).

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