July 28, 2006, - 5:04 pm

“Scoop”: Fun Thriller Opens Tonight (Overlooked in Today’s Reviews)

One movie we forgot to include in is “Scoop,” by Director Woody Allen. It co-stars him, as well.
Maybe we forgot because it’s the one tiny ray of light peaking out from this weekend’s heap of crappy box office debuts. While we dislike the French-loving, uber-lefty, dysfunctional-family-values Allen–and usually don’t like his films, we have to recommend this movie. It’s well done–a fun, light, comedy/thriller about a mass murderer in England and an American college student/journalist (Scarlett Johannson–a skilled actress we like) who tries to foil him. Her partner in non-crime is an annoying magician from Brooklyn (Allen), who poses as her father.

While Allen, his thick annoying accent, and Jewish stereotype shtick are jarring and wear thin, very quickly, the movie is funny and enjoyable. It’s the kind of movie that’s not a downer or a complete waste of time like the rest of the new fare at the theater this weekend.
We note that the movie hits some similar notes to Allen’s previous movie, “,” from December of last year. Both star Johansson, both take place in London, and both involve a rich patrician playboy involved in murder. Except this one ends more satisfactorily–in a way, it’s a parallel or mirror version in an alternate universe.
Recommended, even as we hold our nose for Mr. Soon Yee, Woody Allen.

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3 Responses

Sorry, I just can’t get past the “I married my stepdaughter” ick factor.

dm60462 on July 29, 2006 at 1:56 am

i remember a time when it was almost considered apikorism for a Jew to bash a Woody Allen movie…but i guess with his goyish imitation of Joe Piscipo, it’s understandable that he’s now fallen from grace!!!
i haven’t seen a good Woody Allen movie since “Sleeper,” and whilst i would normally consider your recommendation…i’m waiting to see what you have to say about “Beer League” before you supplant Siskel and Ebbert in my book.

EminemsRevenge on July 29, 2006 at 2:48 pm

I’m with you DM- Even if he ever created a movie that would redefine cinema for the next thousand years- i can’t get passed the fact that he is a disgusting pig. My mother always tries to defend him saying that she can “separate the art from the artist” To which I like to reply- “I heard Hitler was a very talented painter- will you hang one of his watercolors in your home??”
I won’t have a dime of my money go to that pathetic excuse for a human being ever.

MarySJ on July 30, 2006 at 6:25 pm

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