July 31, 2006, - 9:09 am

Right: These Lebanese Blame Hezbollah for Qana Deaths

Read this press release from a large group of Lebanese exiles from all over the world–exiles who were forced from their Lebanese homes by the group Qana residents support loud and clear, Hezbollah. They correctly blame Hezbollah, not Israel, for the casualties of a war Hezbollah started and asked for:

email: cedarsrevolution@gmails.com
New York, July 30, 2006
The World Council of the Cedars Revolution, after having observed the security developments in the last 48 hours and the horrific deaths caused by warfare between Hezbollah and Israel on Lebanese territories, and in the area of Qana in particular; and after having reviewed the causes of the civilian casualties, including children and women who were located in a shelter, the Council declares the following:

1) Its total dismay at the sight of innocent civilians who were killed during an exchange of long range fire between Hezbollah and Israeli forces. These civilians were put in a defenseless posture between the two warring parties, against all laws of war, and were killed and maimed as a result of irresponsible acts of war. Their deaths and the injuries caused by the shelling calls for an immediate investigation by the international community as to the causes of the fight and the particular military acts that lead to the massacre. The Council calls on the United Nations to dispatch a team to the region to investigate this and other incidents where civilians are caught in the firefight, and establishes the reasons for their victimization.
2) The Council, in view of the history of this conflict, which started by an irresponsible War launched by Hezbollah, without authorization by the Lebanese Government, and triggered harsh Israeli responses causing damages to the people and infrastructure of Lebanon, blames Hezbollah, its leadership and the Syrian and Iranian regimes for dragging Lebanon into the horrors of a suicidal War. The WCCR accuses Hezbollah and its regional allies of intentionally forcing the civil society of Lebanon, and in particularly the communities under the control of Hezbollah’s militias, to become a shield for Hezbollah’s military operations. By doing so, Hezbollah is breaching international law and must respond to international responsibility. Any military force, which is in control of the security of a civilian population in geographical areas, is responsible for their security. By maintaining that control over south Lebanon and the Bekaa valley, Hezbollah, even as a Terrorist organization is responsible for the safety and security of all civilians it has under its control. Hence the WCCR, representing the aspirations of millions of Lebanese inside the country and in its Diaspora, urges the United Nations to take immediate action by dispatching international troops to protect the civilian populations of Lebanon from the effects of the ongoing war on Lebanese territories.
3) The Council, after reviewing reports from South Lebanon, strongly condemns the deployment by Hezbollah of artillery and rockets in the vicinity of civilian population centers. This tactic, which puts civilians at risk of death and destruction, is a war crime to be sanctioned by international law. The Council attributes the responsibility of the deaths of Lebanese citizens by Israeli fire, to Hezbollah’s leadership and to its Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. For installing guns and launchers just next to a civilian shelter and firing from it, during a military confrontation that already started two weeks ago, is a calculated decision to cause retaliation and deaths, which are being used in the media to further the image of Hezbollah. This tactic, while using the pro-Jihadi media in the region, and abusing the horrific images of corpses of Lebanese citizens, won’t change the reality of Hezbollah’s responsibility and won’t be used to shield Nasrallah from the international community or from the popular majority of the Lebanese people.
4) The Council calls for an investigation of this war crime by questioning Hassan Nasrallah and the Hezbollah militiamen who were deployed at the location of the massacre. The Cedars Revolution is not going to allow Terrorists to use the blood and flesh of Lebanese citizens to shield their organization from disarmament. It won’t accept that an entire Lebanese community is taken into hostage by a Pro-Iranian, pro-Syrian organization which aim is to obstruct democracy in Lebanon and reverse the Cedars Revolution.
5) As expresses its deepest condolences to the families of the massacre’s victims, the Council calls on the Lebanese masses to resist the tactics of Terrorism and to upraise against Hezbollah’s control of civilian centers. Let M. Nasrallah and his supporters chose another land to wage their personal wars with whomever they want. Lebanon is not their private property to use and abuse. The Council calls on the Lebanese people to mobilize in order to end this suicidal war, even if it is going to take another revolution.
The World Council of the Cedars Revolution
Joe Baini, President, Australia
Tom Harb, Secretary General for UNSCR 1559, USA
Dr Anis Karam, President World Lebanese Cultural Union
Fady Bark, Secretary General, World Lebanese Cultural Union
Attorney John Hajjar, North American director, USA
Attorney Joanne Fakhre, Director Caribbean Region
Toni Nissi, Coordinator Committee 1559, Lebanon
Sami Khoury, Chairman, Hispanic America
George Chaya, Media Chairman, Latin America
Iskandar Riachi, Secretary, Cedars Revolution, Brazil
Roni Doumit, Secretary General, WCCR, Europe
Kamal El-Batal, Human-rights, WCCR

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3 Responses

IMHO-Hezbollah staged the so called massacre in Qana and the MSM bought it hook,line,and sinker. The building that the IDF was supposedly hit still has the roof in tact. How do you hit a building with a missile and not hit the roof.
The locals would not allow the press to go inside the building and the dead bodies were paraded for the press by Hezbollah operatives.
The MSM has become the propaganda arm of Hezbollah and should be embarrassed for being willful dupes.

ScottyDog on July 31, 2006 at 1:39 pm

The world is always inclined to believe the worst of Jews and not wait for the evidence. These libels are as old as recorded Jewish history. Sometimes I think everything’s changed.
Then, in the blink of an eye, ugly Jew-hatred rears its head and the Jewish people are condemned again for something they didn’t do. Again. We should want all decent people to side with good and hate evil. I know I stand with Israel. I have both family reasons and reasons stemming from a solidarity with and love of the land and its people to feel as I do given the situation the Jewish State is confronted with today.
Whatever else I may or may not do in this life, I hope on the day of judgment God knows I could see that Israel has been the light of the world. What of the nations that are still blind? On the day of judgment, they too will have to answer before God for their treatment of Israel.

NormanF on July 31, 2006 at 2:55 pm

Of course they’ll blame Hezbollah. I blame hezbollah for most of our problems since 1982 and I have all the right in doing so.
I don’t believe that any Lebanese with even 1/2 brain will support hezbollah unless he’s on their payroll or simply scared from them.

George Abouzeid on August 8, 2006 at 1:59 am

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