July 31, 2006, - 9:39 am

On Qana & Dead Muslim Kids: The One Thing Muslims & Media Love More Than Dead Jewish Kids

War is hell. People die. Some are innocent. Some are women and children. Some just so happen to be living right next to rocket and missile launchers aimed at women and children on the other side. And next to terrorist headquarters. In a Hezbollah stronghold too close for comfort to the Israeli border. And so, they die. That’s what happens in war. It is nothing new.
Israel has known dead children for decades. Jews have known dead children for thousands of years. Over the centuries, many of these dead children were murdered by Islamists. A Muslim man deliberately goes into a Jewish center in Seattle and deliberately shoots innocent people because he wants to target Jews. He is a “lone gunman,” a “disturbed, troubled” man. Not a big deal.

But Israelis trying to defend their country from missile attacks and accidentally hit “innocent” supporters of Hezbollah and martyrs-in-development next door. And THEY are the monsters. For mainstream media “reporters,” it is as if innocent children have never before been murdered. As if the children in Ma’alot in schoolbuses, slaughtered by Islamic terrorists never existed.
There is only thing that Muslims–and the media–seem to love more than dead Jewish children: dead Muslim children. It is a great marketing tool for recruiting more martyrs, enlivening a stale jihad, and unifying the base already so unified in their hate for Jews, Christians, and America. So, this weekend, in an accident, both Muslims worldwide and the media got what they wanted: dead Muslim children. The same dead children Muslims have no problem, themselves, sending to Martyrdom deaths. In this case, though, their lives were not as valuable to Islam because they simply died, without blowing up Jews along with them.
The media, too, found their holy grail. NBC’s Richard Engel seemed to have seen dead children for the first time in his life, this weekend. On last night’s NBC Nightly News, he thought of so many ways to describe dead Muslim kids’ bodies, one thought he was auditioning for the Pulitzer maudlin poetry prize. At least the bodies he saw were whole. Let him check out a Sbarro pizza shop in Jerusalem, Mayor’s Falafel restaurant and Mike’s Bar in Tel Aviv, a bus, or coffee house. Then, he could have added violently amputated and exploding limbs and some rolling heads to his woe-is-the-dead-children haiku collection.
From Dearbornistan to Pakistan, to places near and far from those, are Muslims truly angry that these kids died? Or happy that they’ve found their media turning point to, yet again, get the world against Israel?
Looking at Muslims protesting in Dearbornistan at the monument to two Qana deaths ten years ago, the last time Israel attacked the Lebanese town, it’s hard to tell. (Yes, you U.S. taxpayers paid for Islamofascists’ Qana monument in Dearbornistan.) Osama Siblani, the Arab American News editor, who last Thursday urged another crowd to have a moment of silence “for the martyrs” seemed happy that now his crowd gained some more “martyrs” to enliven their demon cause.
Late Israeli Prime Minister Gold Meir once said that there will be peace in the Middle East when Muslims and Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews. We haven’t reached that day.
And likely, we never will.

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This is one of THE most important topics I’ve seen posted here for awhile and for more reasons than some are aware of. Many have witnessed, right before their very eyes, the sheer power of the televised news media. Did we see all the marching and protesting of Israel’s justified bombing of Lebanon throughout the Arab and European world? Do you think that just happened to occur spontaneously? I mentioned, last week, about CNN going through the hospital wards in Lebanon looking, desperately seeking, the wounded — especially children for world-wide broadcast. Did anyone pay attention to that?
Our main-stream televised news media have blood all over their hands. When you televise dead, wounded, suffering children to those who are on the edge of becoming martyrs for Islam, what other effect can be expected? By letting their lust for controlling world events override any objective, contextual reporting, our own MSM is actually helping to create the never-ending stream of homicide bombers.
Who are these people in the MSM responsible for this? And spare me the conspiracy theories, I’m not in the mood. Perhaps Mel (see above thread) and others like him still think the Zionists control the media. After all, so many of them seem to be Jewish. WRONG. Those who control what we are seeing and hearing, regardless of their ethnicity, do have a common thread that binds them together though. And that would be their hatred of ALL religions. They actually see religion, all religion, as the precursor to all evils that plague humanity. Perhaps you’ve encountered them yourself. They can be found on both ends of the political spectrum — both the Left and the Right.
But here, we’re dealing with those on the Left. They are far more influential and powerful than those on the Right. I think it may have been Ann Coulter who stumbled upon a most fitting description of them: “The Godless Left”
We must start paying more attention to them.

Eric on July 31, 2006 at 2:36 pm

They do hate Jews. And in Seattle’s Jewish Community Center, a Pakistani Muslim named Naveel Afzal Haq murdered Pamela Waechter, the Jewish leader of the Community there because he was upset at what Israel was doing to Hezbollah. I know the Feds won’t take the scourge of Islamofascism seriously – they’re still in denial.
What I do know is that Israel has the means to defend herself from her enemies despite the phony hypocrisy from the Eurotrash and the Vatican. That represents to me a sea change in Jewish history. The rest of the world has still not caught on how profound that is. And nothing fills me with more pride than to see a Jewish army fight back against those who would murder every Jew in Israel and on the rest of the planet.
So the world can please spare me its insistent begging that Jews submit and turn the other cheek to validate their need to see Jews be second class citizens among the nations of the world again. Every time I hear the Iranian Haman, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad promise to wipe out Israel, two words echo in my head: “Never Again!” And on that score every Jew in the world agrees with me.

NormanF on July 31, 2006 at 2:38 pm

Well said NormanF, but consider this, and this is important:
You correctly said “What I do know is that Israel has the means to defend herself from her enemies…”
Yes, Israel has the MEANS but does Israel have the WILL? If you’ve been there then you know that the suicidal Left has a comfortable home there as well as here.
With regard to the recent events in Seattle, I highly recommend what Michael Savage mentioned on his radio show last Friday. Namely, the legal carrying of a concealed weapon, if possible. I do this myself and would urge others to get firearms training and obtain the legal means to protect themselves and their families. Not everyone will agree with me on that but the world we are living in today should prompt everyone to consider their options.

Eric on July 31, 2006 at 3:05 pm

“Never Again!” Agreed.

Eric on July 31, 2006 at 3:12 pm

Hi Deb,
The Qana strike was nothing more than a Hezbo-wood production in my view, on a par with the famous Pallywood productions `Gaza Beach Blanket Bingo’. `Who killed Mohammed Dura?’ and `The Jenin Massacre’. Check this out:
J O S H U A P U N D I T: The Qana strike..the making of a Hezbo-wood production

Freedom Fighter on July 31, 2006 at 3:37 pm

Hi Deb,
The Qana strike was nothing more than a Hezbo-wood production in my view, on a par with the famous Pallywood productions `Gaza Beach Blanket Bingo’. `Who killed Mohammed Dura?’ and `The Jenin Massacre’. Check this out: J O S H U A P U N D I T: The Qana strike..the making of a Hezbo-wood production

Freedom Fighter on July 31, 2006 at 3:40 pm

Here’s another point worth noting……Muslim children are being killed every day by terrorists in Iraq. However, unlike the Lebanese children that were killed in Qana, the terrorist’s goals are not to inflame the Arab street. Instead, these killings serve two purposes.
One is to create a sense of hopelessness and helplessness amongst the Iraqi people who are trying to rebuild their country. The other, and arguably, more important goal is to have this wanton violence portrayed by the Western media as evidence that the war in Iraq was a mistake that has only led to chaos.
In other words, when Israelis accidently kill innocent Muslims, the world is supposed to be outraged at the demon Zionists’ behavior. But when Muslim terrorists purposely murder their fellow Muslims, the world is supposed to simply shrug and wring their hands over the “mess” that Bush has created.
I guess when innocent Muslims get killed, our level of outrage is supposed to depend on who is doing the killing. When they die at the hands of Israelis or Americans, we should be ashamed and riddled with guilt. When they die at the hands of their fellow Muslims, we should just view it as a sign that it’s time to “bring our boys home”.
There’s a reason for this distinction. Despite all the talk about the 1982 invasion of Lebanon being “Israel’s Vietnam”, the Israeli people have always shown a willingness to fight whenever necesssary. On the other hand, ever since Vietnam, we comfortable Americans are much more reluctant to throw our support behind U.S. military action. So it’s necessary for the terrorists to create international outrage against Israel in order to get Israel to consider toning down their military actions. On the other hand, simply throwing around words like “quagmire”, “mess”, “stalemate”, “chaos”, etc, is potentially enough to make the American people lose their will to support a difficult military campaign.
We’re not supposed to be outraged by all the innocent Iraqis being killed by their fellow Muslims. We’re just supposed to be disheartened and think that Bush is in over his head.
What a disgusting double standard!

The Fop on July 31, 2006 at 6:02 pm

If Qana was a stunt I guess the twin towers were as well

leantotheleft on August 1, 2006 at 11:17 am

Excerpted and linked at Old War Dogs. It’s beginning to look more and more like the whole
Qana thing was faked. See “Dirka dirka Mohammed Dura, was Qana staged?” — http://www.oldwardogs.us/2006/07/qana_staged.html — and “Dirka dirka Mohammed Dura 2. — http://www.oldwardogs.us/2006/08/dirka_dirka_moh.html

Bill Faith on August 1, 2006 at 11:25 am

When George Orwell originally penned his classic novel “1984”, I would venture a guess that neither he nor his readers ever actually envisaged a world that would embrace these warped and twisted values. Fast forward to the year 2006 and we are witness to a world that is being taunted with such strikingly similar values. We live in a world where otherwise educated and civilized people perceive an aggressor as a victim and the victim as the aggressor. Ideals and organizations that are predicated on a theology of terror and espouse a mantra of hate have been elevated to a heroic like status. They have garnered sympathy and support, while the world expresses its unabashed opprobrium towards concepts and countries that espouse justice and respect for life.
We need only look to the current crisis in the Middle East for qualification of the latest version of Orwellian values. The organization known as Hezbollah, an internationally renowned terrorist organization that is being sponsored by Iran and Syria, countries that espouse terrorism and the ultimate demise of Israel and the Western world, staged an unprovoked attack against Israel on July 12th. Since that time, Israel and Hezbollah have been embroiled in a war that raised the ire of the world. The Lebanese people have been used as human shields by Hezbollah whose main objective is to transform the fledgling democracy in Lebanon into another fundamentalist Islamic state.
Hezbollah is a well organized and thoroughly trained band of guerilla fighters who fight their battles while living in civilian populations and blending in with the civilian infrastructure. Since the inception of this current conflict they have fired thousands of Katyusha rockets into Israel from civilian strongholds and neighborhoods throughout southern Lebanon and in Beirut. Civilians are warned each and every time Israel prepares to strike back at Hezbollah terrorists. Thousands of leaflets are disseminated through these civilian areas, imploring all civilians to leave the area.
The recent incident in Qana, which aroused worldwide condemnation of Israel for the killing of 56 civilians, mostly women and children, deserves closer examination. According to writer David Horowitz, “Qana, be it noted was the source of 150 missile attacks on Israeli civilians, and the population of Qana was warned to leave but chose to stay alongside the terrorists. Like most of Lebanon, the population of Qana is on the side of the aggressors, and apparently like most Muslims in this part of the world, death for them is a badge of martyrdom and honor, and a noble pathway to heaven. They are willing instruments of the Islamist jihad.”
Further evidence of Hezbollah’s intent to place the Lebanese civilian population at risk has been revealed by Israel Insider’s Reuven Koret, who filed on a report on 7/31/06 which stated, “On the morning of July 30, according to the IDF, the air force came in three waves. In the first, between midnight and one in the morning, there was a strike at or near the building that eventually collapsed. There was a second strike at other targets far from the collapse building several hours later, and a third strike at around 7:30 in the morning. There too the nearest hit was some 460 meters away, according to the IDF. But first reports of a building collapse came only around 8 am.
Thus there was an unexplained 7 to 8 hour gap between the time of the helicopter strike and the building collapse. Brigadier General Amir Eshel, Head of the Air Force Headquarters, in a press briefing, told journalists that “the attack on the structure in the Qana village took place between midnight and one in the morning. The gap between the timing of the collapse of the building and the time of the strike on it is unclear.”
Gen. Eshel appeared genuinely mystified by the gap in time. He said, “I’m saying this very carefully, because at this time I don’t have a clue as to what the explanation could be for this gap,” he added.
The army’s only explanation was that somehow there was unexploded Hezbollah ordnance in the building that only detonated much later.
“It could be that inside the building, things that could eventually cause an explosion were being housed, things that we could not blow up in the attack, and maybe remained there, Brigadier General Eshel said.
Eshel reported that as recently as two days ago, military intelligence reported the building area had been used by the terrorists for storage or firing of weapons. It was a bad place to cram dozens of women and children.
There are other mysteries. The roof of the building was intact. Journalist Ben Wedeman of CNN noted that there was a larger crater next to the building, but observed that the building appeared not to have collapsed as a result of the Israeli strike.
Why would the civilians who had supposedly taken shelter in the basement of the building not leave after the post-midnight attack? They just went back to sleep and had the bad luck to wait for the building to collapse in the morning? ”
These are questions that have yet to be answered. Perhaps in the days that follow investigations of this incident will uncover facts that Hezbollah would prefer to hide from the world. Hezbollah has already won the public relations battle. They clearly have the United Nations in their corner, an international governmental body that sits with bated breath at every opportunity to condemn Israel. They have the EU and the Arab countries on their side. South American and Asian countries have chimed in with their vocal and strident condemnation of Israel as well.
Hezbollah has won the hearts and minds of the Lebanese people, however, in retrospect that wasn’t an arduous battle. The Lebanese people have thrown their support behind Hezbollah as is evidenced in the composition of the Lebanese parliament. Over 20 percent of the members of this parliament are Hezbollah representatives. The Lebanese people never demanded that their government implement and enforce United Nations Security Council resolution 1559 issued in the year 2000, which placed the responsibility of harnessing Hezbollah forces in the hands of the Lebanese military.
The Lebanese people, particularly the Shiitte population in southern Lebanon, view Hezbollah as a big, warm and giving social service agency. Hezbollah has adroitly filled the stomachs of its constituents, fattening them up, metaphorically speaking for the kill. For the beneficiaries of Hezbollah’s outreach and social service programs are now being called upon to pay the piper. They pay with their lives and the lives of the children as human shields for those who gained favor in their hearts for all the “goodness” that was bestowed upon them.
It is of no great revelation that we hear that Lebanese president Faud Siniora praised Hezbollah for its efforts in defeating the Israeli enemy as he attempts to shore up even more support from the Lebanese population for Hezbollah, thereby encouraging even more of them to die as martyrs to an organization that cares nothing for them, their lives or the future of their children.
And yet we hear no sounds of outrage and indignation at the murderous policy of Hezbollah directed at the Lebanese people. We hear of no raucous and explosive demonstrations directed at Hezbollah for placing the lives of its own people in death’s doorway. Instead, we are deluged with condemnations and denunciations of Israel’s military actions in Lebanon. We hear the world condemn Israel’s “disproportionate” response to the constant barrage of Katyusha rockets that have rained down on Israeli cities and towns. We hear admonitions directed at Israel to exercise self-restraint when attempting to defeat their hardened enemy that seeks its destruction.
As Charles Krauthammer stated in his article entitled, ‘Disproportionate’ in What Moral Universe?’ (Washington Post, 7/28/06), “When one is wantonly attacked by an aggressor, one has every right — legal and moral — to carry the fight until the aggressor is disarmed and so disabled that it cannot threaten one’s security again.”
Mr. Krauthammer goes on to state that, “The perversity of today’s international outcry lies in the fact that there is indeed a disproportion in this war, a radical moral asymmetry between Hezbollah and Israel: Hezbollah is deliberately trying to create civilian casualties on both sides while Israel is deliberately trying to minimize civilian casualties, also on both sides.
Israeli innocents must die in order for Israel to be terrorized. But Lebanese innocents must also die in order for Israel to be demonized, which is why Hezbollah hides its fighters, its rockets, its launchers, its entire infrastructure among civilians. Creating human shields is a war crime. It is also a Hezbollah specialty.
Had Israel wanted to destroy Lebanese civilian infrastructure, it would have turned out the lights in Beirut in the first hour of the war, destroying the billion-dollar power grid and setting back Lebanon 20 years. It did not do that. Instead it attacked dual-use infrastructure — bridges, roads, airport runways — and blockaded Lebanon’s ports to prevent the reinforcement and resupply of Hezbollah. Ten thousand Katyusha rockets are enough. Israel was not going to allow Hezbollah 10,000 more.”
Today the nation of Israel faces even more deadly attacks from the Hezbollah terrorists. Today the nation of Israel, which represents the values of preserving human life, of upholding the loftiest of moral concepts has been transformed into the world’s bogeyman. It is viewed as a giant and ruthless murder machine, which displays a callous disregard for civilian lives. Today the nation of Israel is being raked over the proverbial coals by a world possessed by Orwellian values. Bad is good, right is wrong, justice is injustice. The aggressor is now the victim and the victim is now the horrific aggressor.
Mr. Orwell, wherever you are, we send you a message that your ominous vision has manifested itself. It is a world gone mad, and all vestiges of morality and conscience are slowly and methodically becoming obsolete.
At this most frightening and difficult period in history, those of us left with a modicum of morality, ethics and values must speak out. We must orchestrate a campaign to challenge the purveyors of Orwellian thoughts and to neutralize their vitriolic and incendiary rhetoric.
It is indeed a dark moment in the history of the Jewish people and of the nation of Israel. Our values and ethos must come from our unwavering faith and trust in the Almighty G-d of Israel. Our morals and values must be derived from our G-d given sources of Torah. Our values must reflect the words of our prayers to G-d. Our morals and values spring forth from the divine words of King David in the book of Psalms. It is time to rededicate ourselves to serving our G-d with devotion and passion.
May the Almighty G-d of Israel protect His nation, Israel and may we see a world that can distinguish between light and darkness and of right and wrong.

Fern Sidman on August 1, 2006 at 5:08 pm

Hi Deb ( Newly Joined )-
There is certainly a lack of media coverage for ANY wounded or dead in Israel, not just children. Of course their numbers are much lower…Maybe because Israeli mothers don’t hide Ketusha rockets in their homes…or maybe they LEAVE with the children when they know there is danger..or posiibly it’s because they’re not pawns to a terrorist regime that invites their deaths to encourage world outrage..or maybe I’m wrong.

Mister P on August 1, 2006 at 5:21 pm

Fanatical Muslims faking death scenes to inflame outrage against “the infidels”? Preposterous! Pffftthfffthlblblbthhtfffthh!!!! Sorry, I knew I couldn’t say that and keep a straight face. If they can use innocent civilians as shields, knowing that some of them will be killed, I have no doubt that they would stage scenes to be far worse than they are if they don’t get the result they want…dead civilians. They kill innocents with car bombs and IEDs…why wouldn’t they deliberately put civilians at risk of artillery and air attack by “the infidels”? It serves only their purpose…and similar to the liberals in our country…their purpose is more important than anything. Islam a religion of peace? I won’t believe it until the Muslims of our world eradicate the Islamo-fascist fanatics that are a cancer to their religion. I haven’t seen that AT ALL. I’ve seen plenty of “normal” Muslims dancing with joy whenever “infidels” die…but I don’t see them purging the fanatics from their religion. A Christian fanatic tries to convert you to their church, or if you’re already there, take a bunch of your money. A Muslim fanatic wants to kill you. Perhaps all of Islam needs to be purged…they haven’t done anything worthwhile for the world during their entire existence. I’m all for freedom of religion…but when religion wants me dead…well, I have a problem with that. I suppose that’s just me being selfish and what I REALLY should do is just lay down and die for the Muslims. WRONG ANSWER!!

Ziggy Spaz on August 2, 2006 at 10:49 am

Thank you Debbie for speaking the truth! I get so tired of Liberals whining and complaining that Israel is not willing to roll over and accept the fact that terrorists want to kill them. And you’re right, as sad as it is that innocent civilians get killed, it is a part of war, and war is Hell. I think that it is cowardly of Hezbollah and their supporters to use innocent people as human shields in their terrorist war.

American Man on August 2, 2006 at 12:13 pm

Kill Hezbollah
Strike them down in the dirt
Strike them down from above
Strike them down in the name of justice
National self defense family and love
Fly down on them with jets
Let the Apaches rain down steel
Let Hassan Nasrallah’s desire for martyrdom
Become all too suddenly violently real
Send in the special ops
Send in the enemy’s GPS locations
Let the terrorists know
They have no hide-a-way nation
Artillery shell them from afar
Shoot them from just a few feet
Let them pay the price for their misdeeds
Deliver unto them a complete defeat
Roll in on them with tanks
Fire those 120 millimeter rounds
Leave them no safe haven
Rubble down the whole damn town
Use those bunker buster bombs
On their underground meeting places
And everybody around those crazies
Had better find a whole new set of graces
Besides chanting death to Israel
Besides chanting death to the USA
They best quit burning flags
And find themselves a saner way
Kill the Hezbollah leaders
Kill their lunatic base
Kill them from a distance
Kill them face to face
5:31 pm

neilsthepoet on August 2, 2006 at 6:41 pm

Right on, Neils.
Ziggy Spaz,
What do you mean, “Perhaps all of Islam needs to be purged…they haven’t done anything worthwhile for the world during their entire existence?” Islam needs to be eradicated. It is the religion of devils. Mohammed was a terrorist, liar, and idolator. He was the infidel, not the Jews or Christians.
Thanks for telling me about the WHOLE BODIES that were found at Qana, a BOMB SITE. Does anyone find that an obvious clue? WHOLE DEAD BODIES mean death by means other than Israeli bombs. That’s obvious. Maybe someday the press will figure it out. Maybe they will not help the Saddams and the other tyrants of the world to lie to us and cover up the truth. But then, we can always dream……

Loser on August 2, 2006 at 11:28 pm

Excellent comments. Just wanted to say that. I hope everyone will really start thinking and doing what we can about these things. And we’ve got our Debbie leading the way for us. I sure wish you could ever get more air-time on both your radio and TV appearances Debbie. But, you do the best you can with what you’ve got, I know that. Thanks.

Eric on August 4, 2006 at 10:45 am

Almost all of the comments posted here are very good. But two in particular are tremendous. The Flop and Fern Sidman both ought to find a way to present their comments in their own columns and websites. These are two exceptional thinkers! I thank both of them for such clarity and straight-to-the-point writing.

Kart Lover on August 4, 2006 at 10:59 am

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