August 4, 2006, - 12:04 pm

Attention, Terrorists & America: Important Anniversary Tomorrow

Tomorrow is an important anniversary. For the terrorists and for us.
On August 5, 1966–40 years ago, tomorrow–ground was broken on the World Trade Center.
Today, almost five years after the 9/11 attacks, the WTC has still not been rebuilt. That is an embarrassment and an American tragedy. Instead of showing the Islamic terrorists and their 1 billion supporters we mean business, the rebuilding of the World Trade Center is mired in feuding and lawsuits.
It is ludicrous. Our idea would have been five towers with the middle one being much taller than the rest–with ground broken on 9/11/02 and the project finished by 9/11/06. That would have sent a great message to those who hate us.

Instead, we will recognize the 40th anniversary of the start of the WTC, with a giant black hole still unfilled . . . a monument to the terrorists, instead of one in answer to them.
How many more anniversaries of the building of the WTC–and the obliteration of it–will pass before the WTC is rebuilt? Will we still be asking this question, say, five years from now?
Probably. Some good news, though: As we wrote previously, at least one new building, , did go up near the towers where another building was taken down on 9/11.

7 World Trade Center: Hey, Bin Laden . . . .

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