August 9, 2006, - 2:33 pm

Where’s the Title IX “Equality” Crowd When Girlie Men Need Them?

So much for feminist activists who claim they’re for equality in sports. They aren’t.
Proof of that is what happened to a men’s synchronized swim team. The San Francisco Tsunami Swim Club has been barred from a meet at Stanford University. The International Olympic Committee designated synchronized swimming as a “women-only” sport and barred the men from performing an exhibition at the FINA World Masters Championships.
On the other hand, it’s hard to say whether men who participate in synchronized swimming are really men. And in this case, the team is from San Francisco (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
Read the hilarious details of these “men” who just want to dance in the water.
Nothing in this post is to be interpreted as an endorsement of the view that synchronized swimming is a sport. It isn’t.

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There is a fine line between stark humor and cruelty…
It’s simply impossible to cross that line when it comes to men’s synchronized swimming. Much as I loathe Title IX nonsense, this is hilarious.

MarkD on August 9, 2006 at 6:11 pm

The Title IX nonsense is just that out there. Now, I don’t think sychronized swimming is a real sport and Debbie is on record as being against the metrosexualization of the American male. But she’s also against the feminist hypocrisy of trying to get women into sports where men excel and they’re not that great at it and here the feminists are trying to ban men from women’s only sports. Talk about equality! Here for the Left, as with everything else – its a one way street. And feminist is simply a fancy title for a LIBERAL woman. The NOW NAGs are liberals first before they’re women and what’s hilarious is they deny the existence of gender differences. A female professor just came out with a new book about the female brain but it won’t be long before she’s denounced for its not politically correct to acknowledge women are different from men. No – they are men apart from the plumbing. With that kind of view, its not surprising few guys want to marry someone as masculine in outlook as them, apart from the plumbing. That’s the contribution feminism and liberalism have made to male-female relations in this country. And to get back to Title IX, if the feminists are correct, they should welcome a do-over of female sports! Now THAT’s bang-on funny!

NormanF on August 9, 2006 at 9:33 pm

Forgive me debbie, i just want to clear one thing up. You hate women,(presumably excepting yourself), you hate gay men, you hate muslims, you hate “foreigners” especially when they enter your school system (though i should point out that all americans other than native americans were foreigners not too long ago)- by the way do you hate them too? You hate “feminine” men and you really, really must hate “masculine” women. Phew! that is a lot of hate girl, have i missed anyone out? if you really believe all that stuff about men/women why aren’t you at home cooking your husband’s tea?

coolgal33uk on August 10, 2006 at 1:57 pm

To coolga33uk: What business is it yours to be invested in the blog host’s private life? Of course to liberals, the personal is the political. That’s why they seek to politicize sexual perversion, sex differences, racial differences and religious differences – usually with a view of denying those differences exist. Such a strong word – “hate” – addressed to a conservative for having the temerity to acknowledge them rather than pretend they don’t exist. Debbie Schlussel could make every liberal happy by agreeing homosexuality is normal, men and women are the same, no one is using the race card and Islam is the Religion Of Peace. If she did all those things, you’d be saying that girl has a lotta love! Then again she wouldn’t be Debbie Schlussel. You may have a problem with her telling it like is but the rest of us will defend to the death her right to speak her mind.

NormanF on August 11, 2006 at 12:18 am

Norman, first of all i too would defend her right to speak her mind, but there is always room for debate isn’t there? I do not disagree with everything that Debbie says, but when i disagree i speak my mind too. Yes, hate is a strong work and i apologise for that but you must have noticed that my comment wasn’t exactly meant to be taken literally. I do not believe men and women are the same, and being gay is certainly not “normal” by the dictionary definition, but they are most definitely men! There is no need to try to humiliate or put down people JUST because they are different from yourself. It is petty, spiteful and stupid. If that makes me a liberal, then maybe i am!

coolgal33uk on August 12, 2006 at 12:44 pm

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