August 10, 2006, - 6:27 am

Terror in the Skies: Brit Plot is Operation Bojinka All Over Again; Tied to Dearbornistan Terrorists Arrested in Ohio? Islamic Jihad Link

Liquid bombs on flights brought on by homegrown Muslims. Cellphone and electronic detonators. Here we go again.
Those are the details of the hijacking and bombing plot for multiple flights from Britain to the U.S., announced last night. But it shouldn’t be news. More like a “Groundhog Day” repetition.
Last night, I wrote about , 2 Dearbornistan boys who were caught with flight passenger info and details on airport security checkpoints. They also admitted to buying 600 cellphones and extracting the chips from them, used as detonators for bombs.

Deja Vu?: Ramzi Yousef, Electronic Detonators,

Earlier this year, I wrote about how Al-Qaeda’s 1993 World Trade Center mastermind Ramzi Yousef (nephew of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) . In 2001, (liquid nitroglycerin) and was caught brewing them in his apartment in the Philippines, when some of it exploded. Just like the British plot, he planned a 1995 plot to use liquid bombs in 10-12 planes all over the American skies. The operation was called “Operation Bojinka” (“Operation Chaos in the Sky”). Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote then:

Yousef escaped the WTC, but in January 1995, federal officials captured him, uncovering a plot to blow up eleven U.S. commercial aircraft in a day of terrorist rage, Operation Bojinka (meaning “Chaos in the Sky”). While mixing liquid explosive bombs designed to pass through airport metal detectors, Yousef started a fire in his Manila apartment, forcing him to flee. (Editor’s note: As WND was preparing for publication, Andrea Mitchell of NBC News reported that authorities are searching an apartment hotel in Manila, Philippines, which is the same apartment hotel where Ramzi Yousef lived.) According to the Washington Post (10/7/95), his computer, detailing the plot and another to chemically poison U.S. air and drinking water, identified him and soon he was extradited to the U.S. from Pakistan to stand trial.

My law enforcement sources say that the 21 homegrown British Muslim plotters were working for Islamic Jihad, a component of the Al-Qaeda network. Al Qaeda deputy Ayman Al-Zawahiri was the chief of Egyptian Islamic Jihad before he got together with Bin Laden.
So were the boys from Dearbornistan plotting the same thing with their passenger lists and airport security checkpoint info? And with their cellphone chips? Those are both elements involved in the British plots. And whether or not they were part of an orchestrated campaign with the Brit plotters, they were involved in something very nefarious.
While Islamic terrorists are often very creative, sometimes they aren’t.
Sometimes their plots are just deja vu all over again.
But what will we do about it? Are we going to insist on no watches on planes? Will the no liquid or drink ban go on forever?
Or will we finally do what the Israelis do? They focus on individuals–ie. Muslims, NOT women’s breast milk and gay men carrying hair gel.
When will Michael Chertoff’s “sensitivity” end–and when will the real security start?

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I thought about Osma Sabhi Abulhassan & Ali Houssaiky too, how strange that they were arrested so close to this latest terror plot. I also wonder very much about the missing Egyptian students and why their disappearance is also within this time?? When are we going to get serious about security, our borders/immigration and visas. I say if anyone wants to travel to this country and they come from a country that have anti-American terrorist organizations, sponsors terrorist, trains them, whatever – then access to the US should not be allowed from anyone from such a country.

xyzgenericid on August 10, 2006 at 9:18 am

Debbie, I’m not sure that these airline security checks are strictly random. They are actually set up to avoid catching anyone. I used to get singled out for attention fairly often and I always thought maybe the airline ticketing people sensed I wasn’t DAR material (I’m Ashkenazi). Meanwhile there would inevitably be some young Arab or Pakistani man with a laptop waltzing by me, probably saved from inspection by anti-discrimination standards.

shleppy on August 10, 2006 at 10:03 am

All liquid items, hair gel included, are banned from all flights.
I also wonder, as xyzgenericid has, whether those missing (innocent, non-threatening – according to the authorities) Egyptians are a linked to this, as well (anyone read Annie Jacobson’s series “Terror in the Skies, Again” at – sounds eerily similar). Those missing Egyptians were in circulation for weeks – how did they get by all that time? Where did they sleep? Where did they get money for food, transportation, hotels, etc.?
This is the Religion of Peace (the only religion defended by LIBERALS). There will be no peace unless the RoP is finally vanquished from the face of the Earth (the Crusades were a direct response to Islamic barbarism and aggression).
This is a clash of civilizations – modern society vs. 7th century barbarism. However, even with this latest plot, the LIBERALS will still call for non-profiling, understanding, and for swapping bodily fluids with these 7th century savages.
I still say that TWA flight 800 was a terrorist plot and was covered up by Slick Willie in 1996. 1996, after all, was his re-election year. And, like ALL of the terrorist attcks on U.S. interests during his reign of terror, the Slickster always turned a blind eye.

Thee_Bruno on August 10, 2006 at 11:19 am

I keep thinking about it and 5 years after 9/11 we’re still asleep. If a couple of thousand more Americans had been slaughtered today, we’d still deny we’re at war. At least half the country does. And I hazard a guess the development in this news this morning won’t shake things up at Homeland Security. No use dismissing doing things the politically correct way – even if we might get hit even worse next time.
Today was an extremely lucky break, thank G-d. For there will be a next time since the enemy won’t ever give up trying to kill us. How about kill them instead?

NormanF on August 10, 2006 at 11:19 am

Linked from “Old War Dogs >> Authorities Break Up Major Terror Plot In Britain – Post 2” —
That’s the first mention I’d heard of taking the chips out of cell phones and using them for something besides communications. Fascinating.

Bill Faith on August 10, 2006 at 12:38 pm

Just wanted to mention that this morning WCBS-AM News Radio here in NY did mention Youssef and his 1995 tinkering with “liquid bombs” in the Phillipines when talking about today’s events.
Considering that the attitude towards security, Muslim terrorists, etc. in Europe is usually more lackadaisal than even the poor job in the US, kudos to the Brits on this one!

hairymon on August 10, 2006 at 12:38 pm

Unreal. A “lucky” break indeed. I just wonder how long our luck will hold out. Why do I get the feeling that if it weren’t for the “Brits” and Israel we would be in this “terror” fight alone –
the U.S. /Homeland security needs to get tougher …

Arty on August 10, 2006 at 12:51 pm

Hello America!! Wake up and smell the coffee…we are too PC and too afraid to step on toes. How long are we going to allow this to happen to our great nation before we stand up and say, “Enough is enough!”? It is do or die, us or them and I surely don’t want it to be me because everyone is sitting around with their heads in the sand. There is no negotiation with these lunatics who want to kill us and we should not think twice about not allowing them to even enter this country. These hate mongers are 2close4me.

2close4me on August 10, 2006 at 1:15 pm

Proportionate Response
There can be little doubt that there is a whole lot of Jihad going on in the Middle East (among other places). This means that all Muslims are recruited to battle. (Citations are not provided as they are easy enough to find.) The supply of soldiers is the number of adherents to Islam in the world. We know that Muslims from other countries are already in Lebanon fighting the Jews of Israel.
Much has been written and said about the Israeli response in the current conflict. It is disproportionate.
Here is one way to analyze proportionality:
World Population Muslim Population Percentage
6313.78 1757.96 26.99 (sic)
27.84 (1757.96/6313.78)
World Population Jewish Population Percentage
6313.78 14.596 00.231
For every Jew, there are 120.44 Muslims. (1,757,960,000/14,596,000 = 120.44)
As of August 9, 2006, 1005 Lebanese deaths and 101 Israeli deaths have been reported. Letís assume this is correct.
Casualties as of 08-09-06 Lebanese Israeli
1005 101
Number of Lebanese (Muslim) casualties to be proportionate: 12,164 (101 x 120.44 = 12,164)
Number of Lebanese (Muslim) casualties to go to be proportionate: 12,164 ñ 1005 = 11,159
Percentage Israeli deaths compared to Lebanese: 101/1005 = 10.05
This analysis is, of course, unfair. World Jewry is not fighting World Islam. The fight is being fought in Israel with World Islam against the Israeli Jews (although there have been higher volumes of Muslim calls to kill all Jews and their interests worldwide. Still, World Jewry is not calling for mobilization against World Islam.) So, let us assume the fight is overwhelmingly in Israel.
There are 6,276,883 Jews in Israel. For every Israeli Jew there are 280.07 Muslims.
Number of Lebanese (Muslim) casualties to be proportionate: 28,287 (101 x 280.07 = 12,164)
Number of Lebanese (Muslim) casualties to go to be proportionate: 28,287 ñ 1005 = 27,282
Some nuances have been excluded. For example, the World Islamic fighters of the Hezbollah have killed some Israeli Arabs. Whether such fine points tilt the numbers significantly is for someone else to show. I do not believe it will. Also, some Lebanese Christians have died. The responsibility for their deaths, though considered together with the Muslim deaths in Lebanon remain uncertain if one subscribes to the reports of Hezbollah using human shields.
Whatever the fine points, the Israeli response is without doubt disproportionate. (I realize that if you are dead or the caring family member of a dead person, the point is not so ìfine.î The term was used analytically, not personally.)

emet-veritas on August 10, 2006 at 2:19 pm

“They focus on individuals–ie. Muslims, NOT women’s breast milk and gay men carrying hair gel. When will Michael Chertoff’s “sensitivity” end–and when will the real security start”
Which Muslims?
SE Asian Muslims? Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims in the world?
African Muslims? Aren’t their more Muslims in Africa than all of the Middle East?
Arab Muslims? Persian Muslims?
Phillipino Muslims? Phillipino’s have Spanish last names, so you have to be wary of Latinos…especially with the borders so porous.
Chechnya was a former Russian state.
Johnny Walker Lindh was a white kid…but his parents were also liberal.
You’ve got East Asians, Blacks, Persians, Arabs, Whites, Central Asians, all commiting violence in the name of Islam. All swearing allegiance to Al Qaeda. All different colors and nationalities. Who do you profile? What good is it to case Pakistanis and Arabs if a black guy is gonna slip through? Where does “real security” start and end. What are you truly advocating?
It’s one thing to get folks foaming at the mouth at Towelhead McCamelJockey BinLadenHussein. That gets a lot of hits for a blog but it doesn’t actually solve problems. You’re a smart woman, and I’m sure you actually care about the well being of this country, but calling anyone who disagrees with you a terrorist (in the “Your Mama” vein of insults) isn’t helping anyone and fomenting a lot of ignorance.

Jaime R on August 10, 2006 at 2:26 pm

“When will Michael Chertoff’s “sensitivity” end–and when will the real security start?”
When our officials understand what the islamic texts (qur’an, hadith, sira) order all muslims to do. They are to kill all infidels or if we are allowed to live after they have defeated us, whether by war or population, they will impose a heavy tax accompanied by a beating.
I was listening to Laura Ingraham a little while ago (guest hosted by some congressman) and someone called in with the facts on islam. Of course this congressman believes the “noble religion hijacked by a few radicals” BS. He KNOWS A NICE MUSLIM, so therefore islam is not the problem. I want to pull my hair out. There are moderate muslims…islam cannot be moderate.
Untill we are all educated in what our enemy believes, we will not win this war.

Carolyn2 on August 10, 2006 at 3:04 pm

Jaime R asks blithely, “What Muslims?” Indeed, which Muslims should be singled out for examination by airport security?
The answer: someday, perhaps, all Muslims, but so far, we have seen only young males from the Middle East and Asia hijacking planes. Every male Muslim passenger of Middle Eastern or Asian descent should be subjected to intense preflight scrutiny. If black or white American converts to Islam start bombing planes, then the search criteria will be widened. If Muslim grandmothers from the Philippines begin blowing up airliners, then further extend the criteria.
It’s not that hard. Calling our enemies by name is not “ignorance,” and it’s not “foaming at the mouth.” We call people “terrorists” not because they disagree with us, but because they blow up airplanes full of people most of whom can barely even find the Middle East on a map. Yes, profiling would be annoying to a lot of people. Yes, occasionally a Sikh or a Lebanese Christian dude would be needlessly searched.
When our society is willing to implement actual security measures (that necessarily involve profiling), it will not be because we are all Nazis, fascists devoted to an ignorance-fueled persecution of Muslims. Instead, our willingness to defend ourselves effectively will arise from an understanding of Islam and what it demands of its adherents, a grasp of the paucity of “moderate” Islamic opinion and the realization that while moderate Islam may exist and even be relatively innocuous, it holds no power to reign in the fervor of the fundamentalists.
Jaime R and the rest of the “Let’s commit national suicide” Left try to silence debate by claiming a moral superiority based in multicultural sensitivity. They delude themselves.

ErnestD on August 10, 2006 at 5:47 pm

-“The answer: someday, perhaps, all Muslims”
Are you looking forward to that day? That’s a frightening answer. If you don’t know why, you never will.
-“Calling our enemies by name is not “ignorance,” and it’s not “foaming at the mouth.”
What would you consider Debbie Schlussel’s retorts of: YOUR NAME IS JOE? MAYBE IT SHOULD BE JOE QAEDA! OR JOE BINLADEN! Maybe it’s lying about Muslims in New Jersey dancing in the street on 9/11 or ignoring the Iranians waving American flags in the streets of Tehran or the statements of condolence by Muslim countries. Why lie? Because it bolsters the narrative of that at the heart of every Muslim is a terrorist praying to kill you.
Or maybe it’s actually worrying about the threat of Mother******* snakes on Mother******* planes. Maybe it’s ignoring the absolutely vile and hateful call for death to non-believers in our own Bible and misinterpreting, purposefully so, the intents in others Holy Book.
Maybe ignorance is being all too willing to give up our liberties to defeat the people “who hate us for our freedoms: forgetting this country was founded on “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” and not “Save Me Big Brother”.
Maybe ignorance is not being able to tell the that YOU are in charge. That the folks YOU elected are running the country…and they suck. And the answer is not to give them MORE power.
Maybe ignorance is not searching for common ground in a differing viewpoint but to mistake the people who hold them for enemies.
But what do I know, I’m just a terrorist sympathizer hoping for the wholesale destruction of the American way of life.

Jaime R on August 10, 2006 at 7:06 pm

A little healthy paranoia is not a bad thing. It does lead to longevity. Don’t take it to the lengths of Mel Gibson and mad- dog- foaming- at- the- mouth Howard Dean, but we need to be aware of the world in which we live.
The Dearborn Darlings scare me, especially when Chertof and company continue to treat Homeland Security as an adventure rather than as a job. They haven’t had a clue for months. Thank goodness they can change alert colors from orange to red to show us they are on top of things. The Brits call the situation “critical” , But if Chertoff can make us see “red” I guess we should be happy. How tacky to be blown up under “orange”, or even worse, the dreaded “yellow.” Actually, I’m worried more about Hesbollah and Hamas “green.”
Here’s a horrible thought. Suppose Chertoff is color-blind.

cactus on August 11, 2006 at 2:43 am

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