June 2, 2010, - 12:23 pm

ABSURD & Sad VIDEO: The Ultimate in Liberal Child Abuse

By Debbie Schlussel

Q: Doesn’t a child need to know who George Washington and FDR and JFK were?

Dayna Martin, Unschooling Mom: I don’t know. Do you think they do? Do you think that’s necessary?


You gotta watch these ridiculous womb donors–they certainly aren’t moms, despite their claims.  Be thankful your parents made you get up and go to school.  Or, if you’re home-schooled, be thankful your parents actually cared enough to teach you, and didn’t do this.  If these are your parents, it’s long past time to run away. These kids are going to grow up to be morons, stoners, losers.  They will be as competent as–maybe even less than (but it’s debatable)–welfare-class kids in the People’s Republic of Detroitistan Publick Skoolz.  Good luck getting them to add, subtract, or use critical thinking skills (not to mention common sense). They will not be able to function well in the real world.  Thank G-d my parents were conventional, normal, caring people, not hipsters and hippie-wannabes, like the “parents” in the video.

To me, this is passive child abuse.  I doubt, back in the day,  these PINOs (Parents In Name Only) could get away with this.  Forty or fifty years ago, the state would send truancy officers to this home and get tough.  And that’s one case of statism that I think I’d support.  I also noticed that men are barely in the picture, including the obviously wimpy Martin dad, Joe.  That’s a big part of the problem, no doubt. And you just know that these “parents” voted for Obama. Bet on it.

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I am with Joni. Dayna is EXTREMELY intelligent and she represents Radical Unschoolers, not homeschoolers. She is a very involved mother who takes anything her children are interested in and gives them all she can so they can learn. The dad is always around, they are one big happy family. They’ve been together since she was 15 years old….how many couples can you say that about??? This particular blog is very ignorant, and the idea that someone is doing something different than you are is somehow child abuse???? Come live in my neighborhood for a freaking week and you’ll see REAL child abuse. AND they all go to school! My neighbors are all prostitutes, crack heads, and gangbangers. I call the cops and DCFS on a regular basis for these poor children. I look at Dayna’s HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL children and I see a family full of LOVE. Can I ask all you Republican judgmentalists do your children even like you at all? I bet not. You see kids that LOVE their parents and you think “Oh, they must be doing something wrong because kids are supposed to fear their parents”. My kids are homeschooled, and even unschooled, and they are respectable in public, they are smart, they read ON THEIR OWN, they learn math naturally….oooh because they WANT to! Not because anybody makes them! You think that just because you don’t make your kids learn they won’t???? Ignorance! My son knows EVERYTHING about WWII and military, and all sorts of history, science, math, and has one of the highest reading levels for a boy his age. My youngest has a very high reading level as well, LOVES math, loves to cook, draw, and build things. He’s only 8 so I don’t worry he doesn’t know about WWII yet and other history, but he will someday. I don’t get why you all think kids NEED to be forced to learn to be able to do it?? Illiterate???? Honestly, how many kids do you know that don’t know how to read? hahahaha I will repeat, that’s such an ignorant view. I think every one of you should be ashamed of yourself for crying “CHILD ABUSE” when this family is happy, fed, clothed, and full of knowledge. Knowledge your kids will probably NEVER have because being forced to learn will kill any internal curiosity of how the world works. I feel sorry you, and I think public schooling and FORCING knowledge down your children’s throats is a form of child abuse. I can name lots of things you all do that I would probably consider child abuse.

Jamie on July 8, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    As usually you liberal miss the bigger picture. I am sure you go crazy over a kid getting a slap on the wrist when trying to steal something or put their hand on a stove. Teaching your kids to function in the REAL WORLD IS IMPORTANT!!! Yes there is some knowledge that needs to be taught to your kid. Common sense things are important. I agree not everyone is cut out for college but it is your side that attacks Trade Schools and is making most two year degrees worthless. My friend’s husband has plenty of curiosity on finding out how things work… can take apart anything and get it to work but he has no drive. His parents were like these guys. So a guy that should be making tons of money doing several things he enjoys is on welfare right now blaming others for his lack of motivation.

    kim on August 15, 2010 at 8:26 am

These are just lazy people who want to live off of their sex organs nothing else. And they think this is smart.

G. R. SCHAROUBIM on October 19, 2013 at 12:20 pm

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