August 17, 2006, - 5:48 am

Ka-Ching!: U.S. Aid to Lebanon Will Go Straight to Hezbollah

Countless billions in your tax money are about to go to Hezbollah–and may already be in the terrorist group’s coffers.
If you liked aid to Katrina victims, you’ll LOVE U.S. aid to Hezbollah, er . . . “Lebanon.” Millions in misspending? Get ready for billions. And it won’t be misspent on tattoos, condoms, and porn.
This time, Uncle Sam will pay for something far worse. Terrorism.
Should America reward Hezbollah for starting the war against Israel that just “ended” in a shaky, empty ceasefire? Should American tax dollars go to pay for destruction that was caused by Hezbollah’s refusal to turn over two kidnapped Israeli soldiers?

Your answer to those questions is really an answer to this one: Do you want U.S. tax dollars to fund Hezbollah–the terrorist group that murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and civilians and continues to train insurgent terrorists in Iraq to kill more?
If your answer to that question is no–and it should be–then America should not send a dime of aid to Lebanon.
In 2000, after Israel left Lebanon the first time, Republican U.S. Congressman Joe Knollenberg of Michigan–and his then-Chief of Staff Paul Welday–sought at least $268 million in USAID money for Lebanon “to rebuild infrastructure in the South,” the Hezbollah-controlled area. Even though Knollenberg had no Arab constituents–and certainly none from Lebanon–he sought the money at the request of pro-Hezbollah Arab American Institute chief James Zogby, an open extremist. And at the request of then-Michigan U.S. Senator, American Lebanese Spencer Abraham, who sponsored the same bill in the U.S. Senate.
They obtained about $86 million in U.S. tax money. And–surprise, surprise–it went straight to Hezbollah. The money, meant to rebuild hospitals and orphanages, probably went to weaponry and propaganda to put people in hospitals and orphanages.
I say “probably,” because the money has never been traced, never been accounted for, never been proven to have gone to any single rebuilding project. No-one knows where it went. But one thing is certain, the money went straight to the Hezbollah bank account.
Even if the money went into rebuilding–and that’s highly doubtful (unless you’re interested in buying some land from me under the Litani Bridge)–it’s a sure bet it gave Hezbollah extra money to acquire weaponry and train kids in hate and terrorism. As we all know, money is a fungible good, extra money meant for one thing–like re-building infrastructure–always allows a party to spend money normally meant for that expense on something else.
In Hezbollah’s case, that something else includes Hezbollah textbooks in Hezbollah-run schools. That means textbooks that teach young kids that Jews, Christians, and Americans are subhuman and to be killed. That something else includes Al-Manar TV, Hezbollah’s propaganda network 100 times worse than Al-Jazeera. That something else also includes weapons, missiles, and combat training for terrorists.
Then, it was Knollenberg and Abraham pushing for aid to Hezbollah, er . . . “Lebanon.” This time, it is Republican Congressman Darrell Issa a/k/a “Jihad Darrell”–an open supporter of Hezbollah, friend of the Syrian Ba’ath party and the Assads, and former dining partner of Yasser Arafat–pimping for the terrorist group. If he’s for it, we should all be against it. Unless you agree with his statements that Hezbollah is “legitimate resistance,” “farmers,” and does “good things.” We cannot afford to fund terrorism as Jihad Darrell’s political star turn.

Jihad Darrell: Congressman Darrell Issa Cries for U.S. Aid to Hezbollah

USAID–the U.S. Agency for International Development–gives out billions in U.S. taxpayer money, most of which has very little if any accountability or strings attached. And there is virtually no scrutiny over the funds, once they are given out.
At least with Katrina aid, we know where a lot of the misspending went. We will not never know the details on where the USAID money to “Lebanon” will go. USAID has very little–if any–oversight.
On July 9, 2001–just two months before 9/11–the USAID Bulletin noted that in the first half of Fiscal Year 2001 alone, the U.S. gave $118 million in aid to the Taliban-run Afghanistan. Guess where that money went? We don’t know the answer because it cannot be accounted for. And it certainly didn’t stop 9/11 from happening or Afghanistan’s Islamist government from harboring the man who planned the murder of at least 2,800 Americans on a single day.
The money was hardly a prophylactic against extremism. Instead, it subsidized extremism.Why was the money given? Like aid to Lebanon, it was a very expensive PR move paid for by American taxpayers. A PR move that failed like this one will.
And then there is USAID Ambassador/Administrator Randall L. Tobias, a Bush appointee. Ironically, USAID is part of the OPIC, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, which Tobias heads. But there is nothing “private” about the Enron-style investment American taxpayers are involuntarily making with billions now pouring into Lebanon.
On Tuesday, he was interviewed by FOX News’ Shepard Smith–the only TV journalist asking any tough questions. Smith reported that all Red Cross and other aid in South Lebanon and other Hezbollah-controlled areas goes straight to Hezbollah. Hezbollah administers it, without any interference–or oversight–from outsiders. That will not change anytime soon.
Smith asked Tobias if he will work directly with Hezbollah to administer the gazillions in U.S. aid now going to “Lebanon.” Tobias repeatedly danced around the question and wouldn’t answer. That means the answer is a big “Y-E-S.”

FOX News’ Shep Smith asked USAID’s Randall Tobias Tough Questions;

He Didn’t Give Answers

Guh-reat! The U.S. openly nodding and winking at giving billions of our money to those who tortured and murdered hundreds of Americans and are helping Al-Qaeda continue to do so in Iraq. Brilliant.
Tobias, when he did answer, said something just as frightening. He told Smith that he will work with “NGOs”–Non-Governmental Organizations–to distribute the billions in aid. If lack of oversight of USAID money is a hemorrhaging gash, oversight of NGOs is a mammoth black hole.
But in the U.S., the two biggest U.S.-based NGOs operating in the Islamic world are Islamic “charities” under investigation by several federal agencies for money-laundering to terrorists.
One–Life for Relief and Development (LRD)–openly admitted on its tax forms to giving millions from 1995-1997 to HAMAS’ Jordanian operations. In 2004, at a Los Angeles fundraiser, a speaker more than hinted that money would go to train individuals for more operations “like Fallujah” (where U.S. contractors were burnt to a crisp). Its Iraq offices were raided by U.S. troops, perhaps because it was founded by men connected with Al-Qaeda.
LRD got its USAID status when “former” Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist and FBI award revokee Imad Hamad lobbied Senator Carl Levin (D-MI). LRD’s General Counsel is the President and attorney for Hamad’s Midwest Regional American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. All of these parties are openly pro-Hezbollah. LRD’s spokesman, Mohammed Alomari, is the proud author of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory book and articles decrying Jews in the Bush Administration.
Then, there is Islamic Relief. It is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, from which Al-Qaeda’s #2 Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Yasser Arafat, and HAMAS all emanated. A 2004 Islamic Relief fundraiser I attended in Dearborn was hosted by a former employee of a HAMAS charity, and the entertainment was young kids simulating beheadings of other kids wearing the American, Israeli, and British flags–set to Arabic music about jihad and martyrdom. This was right after the Nick Berg was beheaded on video. Israel says the group funds HAMAS, and its Gaza chief stored Nazi images on his computer.
These are the groups to which U.S. aid to “Lebanon” will go. It isn’t going to Lebanon. It’s going–if not straight into Hezbollah’s hands–right to groups that support and fund Islamic terror and openly cheer Hezbollah.
If American taxpayers are going to donate billions to Hezbollah, we might as well wave the white flag in the War on Terror.

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12 Responses

Its not going to get the same level of attention as taxpayers dollars going to Al Qaeda. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two terrorist groups. We’re talking about a group though with millions of followers in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. The only way to get rid of Hezbollah permanently would be to wipe Lebanon’s cities and villages clean with a couple of neutron bombs – and we’re too humane to contemplate it. We have to face the fact that unless we’re prepared to do the unthinkable, Islamofascism will be a threat we will be wrestling with for our entire lifetime – and well beyond.

NormanF on August 17, 2006 at 7:33 am

Debbie. We have forgotten how to fight and we have pressured Israel to back down. The time has come to go after Iran who will again launch into Haifa or Tel Aviv rockets from Lebanon and wait for a response. The US lion should roar and attack with overwhelming force all of Iran’s nuclear facilities that enrich uranium and pound Syria’s borders where the weapons cross. Do it now or passively wait until it gets worse. We owe this to our future generations of freedom.

Verno on August 17, 2006 at 8:33 am

We’ve seen this kind of thing before, of course. Hundreds of years ago, Sir John Harington noted that–
“Treason doth never prosper.
What’s the reason?
If it prosper,
none dare call it treason.”
and back in Harington’s time, we didn’t have universal suffrage.
Don’t get me wrong. what Debbie does here is great, and she should be commended.
BUT–the simple reason why we have such rotten leadership is this: If a crack addict (for example…fill in the blank with any other non-producer) has the same vote you do [and he does, of course], what do you expect???
Add to that the extreme state of denial most people are in about virtually EVERY aspect of their lives, exacerbated by most people legitamtely being forever occupied just trying to make a living, and it is not a pretty picture.
Sad to say, it will take much, much more blood before the public outcry will change things. Only, don’t hold your breath.

Red Ryder on August 17, 2006 at 8:57 am

You want denial?
The only 9/11 “conspiracy” even worth talking about is the obviously fraudulent scenario posited on how the Twin Tower aircraft were commandeered. The official explanation was “box cutters.”
In its usual iteration, it goes something like this–
Mr. Terrorist holds box cutter to throat of poor flight attendant, demanding entrance to cockpit.
Mr. T: “Please Mr. Pilot, open the door to the cockpit, or I will kill this nice flight attendant.”
Mr. P: “Sure, thing, Mr. T. I have no fear at all, that if I open this door you would want to do anything bad. Why should I be wary of opening the door if you are merely threatening to kill a flight attendant?”
Mr. P. then opens the door, whereupon Mr. T. and his accomplices overcome the three man crew with box cutters, doing all this in the very cramped quarters of the cockpit.
Meanwhile, none of the passengers notice any of this, and do not impede this attack in any way, because even if they did notice what was going on, more than 100 people are no match for three or four guys with box cutters.
Ladies and Gentlemen–
Get a grip. This thing could ONLY have gone down if there were weapons hidden on the aircraft. The investigation should have been focused on how weapons got on the plane.
My take is that they were put on the plane by an employee, authorized to service the aircraft, aided and abetted by other ground personnel, and possibly even security personnel. As Debbie has noted, they don’t really check these people too thoroughly, and of course, this would have been before 9/11.
Heck, with 0.000000001% of the resources necessary to strike the Taliban, we could have broken up the cells at home. But, that would have been too uncomfortable politically, I guess.

Red Ryder on August 17, 2006 at 9:21 am

under the Clinton administration we kicked millions over to the Taliban, how many billions did we dump int indonesia where much of it wound up being co-opted by islamic groups, then there’s the hundreds of millions pumped into Arafat’s coffers, 800 million in aid to Pakistan… the list goes on and on and unless people really stand up it won’t change any time soon

sultan_knish on August 17, 2006 at 10:51 am

What a great job of connecting dots (dollar signs).
Sorry to hear those feds cut and pasted your work.

Jeremiah on August 17, 2006 at 11:12 am

Right again, Debbie.
In the 1960s and 1970s, we did the same thing with the Soviets. When are we ever gone to learn that certain groups will not use the money that we give them for good? Instead, they will only pass their funds on to terrorists like Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Sandinistas, or the Viet Cong?

Loser on August 17, 2006 at 4:25 pm

When I was in Europe during the 60’s and meeting the ‘regular/normal’ people the common thought was that the American people were ‘nice’ but that the government of the United States were “Suckers with their money and financial support”. The feeling that we spent money like ‘drunken sailors’ seems to persist and sad to say it seems to be very accurate. If the press would inform us, the American people, as to how the money that is given to ‘assist the poor’ and about those who help put government assistance aid into law then maybe some of us U.S. ‘sucker’ taxpayers would be able to vote some of these social/economic criminals out of office. But that would also assume that more of the U.S.voters would have some backbone to do something instead of sitting on their backsides and whine and complain. I am sure that our Revolutionary Forefathers would hang their heards in shame and amazement at the lackluster attitude and behavior or both our citizens and our Government officials.
Keep up the good word Lady ‘D’, it is very much appreciated and needed to clear the air with words of truth.

Grundy on August 17, 2006 at 7:29 pm

>>A 2004 Islamic Relief fundraiser I attended in Dearborn was hosted by a former employee of a HAMAS charity, and the entertainment was young kids simulating beheadings of other kids wearing the American, Israeli, and British flags–set to Arabic music about jihad and martyrdom.<<
Do you have pictures or film of this event? If so I wish you would publish it. Americans need to face the fact that the majority of devout Muslims in the US have attitudes ranging from open support of terrorism/radical Islam to at least tacit approval. We need to call them out on it and demand loyalty and help from our Islamic citizens.
I hope you can further expose their hateful sermons and speeches. Islam is an infection raging out of control.

Samoyed on August 18, 2006 at 4:43 am

I just got a petition from the GOP. It is due to the ACLU’s fight on government surveillance. A liberal judge in Detroit who was appointed by a Democrat ordered an immediate halt to the terrorist surveillance program.
Here’s the link to the petition:

TheIcePrincess on August 18, 2006 at 8:28 pm

Guys, we are in big trouble. As I’ve noted before, Our Govt. is not going to
”Do it right” concerning ANY aspect of this supposed ‘War on Terror’, war on Islamic fascism etc.
If you think the situation is grave based on what you now know, just check out Hal Lindsey’s info.
He has a TV show on Daystar TV, which is called the ‘International Intelligence Briefing’. He has a
Web-site, ( HALLINDSEYORACLE.COM). His site has much good info, but to me,
it is rather confusing to navigate, if you want to track down and hear a particular TV rebroadcast.
Daystar Tv’s site might be more helpful in that regard.
Recently, he detailed a 3-way treaty between Russia, Syria, and Iran whereby Russia would build and
man a missile station in Iran which would be capable or striking Israel ANYWHERE within it’s borders. The
‘Primary’ use of the missile station would supposedly be to protect a huge new Russian Naval base which will
be built, which will finally enable the Russians to have a ‘warm-water port’ available to them.
They have wanted this for 100 years. I checked a map of the world , and Iran does indeed have direct access
to the Indian Ocean.
I’m glad that my faith rests in the Lord Jesus Christ, not our Govt. The Muslims
can only do what The Lord permits them to do. This gives me a great deal of comfort. But,God also uses
people to carry out His will, as when the Crusaders took up their swords and physically stopped the
Muslims/Moors in the much-maligned and misunderstod Crusades. ( Lied about etc. for the past 50 years, at least,
in the Mainstream Media.)
I’ve read the final chapter of the Book (Bible), and I notice that we do not get destroyed by Muslims,
or die of pollution, or starve to death due to over-crowding or overpopulation. This too, is comforting to me.
( Am I giving too much away here? )
One thing I find to be strange as I read people’s comments , is the practice of leaving the ‘O’ out of
‘God’, as…’G-d ‘ . Are people having trouble getting the name ‘God’ past their internet firewalls or screens?
Thank you for your time and consideration of my thoughts, folks.
Greg P. 8-20-06 5:36 AM

Greg P. on August 20, 2006 at 6:35 am

I like to see all people of faith in the Lord , cry out to this giving to lebanon . I remember what the Lord had said , I will bless those who bless and curse those who curse you. If we give this money knowing it will go to them ones that inflict pain and death upon Israel we will have that same fate. Cal your congressman and local reps, shout out , lets go christians, Amen

ben on February 9, 2007 at 11:00 am

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