August 21, 2006, - 2:08 pm

“Religion of Peace” Comment of the Day

Among the many Islamofascist kooks, freaks, and bizarros from whom I get e-mails and comments posted on this site, many of them apparently graduated from a/k/a Dearbornistan’s Fordson High School. They can’t stand freedom of speech when exercised by those who would expose their “high school” (which many Dearbornites call “The Village” or “The Fadlallah Village”–after the dictatorial, old world way the school’s principal, a cousin of Hezbollah’s spiritual leader, runs the place).
So, they’ve taken to posting their anti-Semitic pap on my post about . Many seem to think this tax-funded high school is their own private little Muslim fiefdom. They excuse the organized team Islamic prayers before the football game. Those prayers are against the law, and are prohibited when they are Christian–or Jewish–prayers. The ACLU makes sure of that–again, if Christians or Jews and their religions are involved, but apparently looks the other way on Islam.
I think this comment, below, posted on the Hezbollah High entry, says it all about our friends in the “Religion of Peace” on our own shores:

you have to be the dumest bitch ive ever heard of you dont even know what the fuck your talking about. when we pray on our football field before a game its not a big fucking deal almost the whole team is full of muslim guys and were doing it so God is with us during a game. just like at catholic schools when they do there prays before a game saying the hail mary. so shut the fuck up about that. Fordson is not Hezbollah High u fucking jew. and Ali Houssaiky and Osama Sabhi Abulhassan are not fucking terrorists.

[DS: So what kind of terrorists are they? Virgin terrorists? Just asking.]

u seriously need to get your facts stright. go liisten to this guy George Galloway he knows what hes talking about and the truth to what has been goin on during the war so debbie go fuck yourself peace bitch
Posted by: JONNY G at August 19, 2006 02:03 PM

Dear Mohammed or Ali or Ahmed (because your name is not really “Jonny,” is it?), Habibi:
Didn’t you get the memo? The Muslims in Britain are now attacking George Galloway. His hatred of America–and apparently, Britain–is apparently not enough for the Ikhwan [Brotherhood].
I certainly hope you are privileged to get a football scholarship as your buddy, Ali Houssaiky, once did, because you certainly won’t get into college on your English language “skills.”
When Houssaiky’s and co-conspirator Osama Abulhassan’s lawyer said that they lied to police because of “a language barrier,” I had to laugh because both were born and raised in the U.S. and speak English. But after reading your post and hearing that Principal Fadlallah apparently graduates those who fall short, I can see that perhaps there is, indeed, a language barrier. And a sanity barrier.

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These brain-dead, 7th century barbarians are really a laugh. These “peaceful” Muzlumz are full of bile and hatred. (I just went back to re-read the comments on the original thread about Hezbollah High. WOW, these savages really live up to their religion, don’t they?!) And, that’s all they must be teaching them in that terrorist training camp because they certainly can’t speak English properly.
AND, these barbarians are permitted to pray at school events, and on school property, and apparently that’s OK with the ACLU. If a Christain or Jew ever attempted such a thing, then all of the Muzlum lawyers at the ACLU would take them to court immediately. (These are the same ACLU MUzlum lawyers who defend terrorists, btw.)
I’d like to know what the academic standards are at that school. I’d like to know how well, these skells perform at reading, math, science, bomb-making, etc. If Debbie ever posted an expose regarding the academic achievemnet level at that terrorist training camp and it was found lacking, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of those Muzlum students. BUT, criticize their Muzlum principal who has ties to terrorists, and the fact that they say Muzlum prayers on school grounds, and the get their dirty nightshirts in a bind! It just tells you what their priorities are: Islam first, second, and last! It also tells you something about their mentality/IQ level – that of a cockroach, or a demon-obsessed pedophile – take your pick.
Ahhhhhh, the religion of peace, a/k/a the religion of the violent, murdering brain dead.
No matter how many times they lie to you when they tell you Islam is the religion of peace, or when they tell you they respect all religions – it’s just that; a lie. How do I know?
Just look at their actions.
Just look at all the lack of condemnation from all those wonderful “moderate Muzlums”.
Just look at all the turmoil around the world WHEREVER you find Muzlums.
Just look at how every religion (except the death cult) is repressed and even outlawed in Muzlum countries.
Lastly, isn’t this the time of the year when Muzlums celebrate the night that Mohammad got on his flying horse and flew to the most distant mosque, then flew to heaven (to check on his virgins), then flew back down to Earth? What the hadiths don’t tell you is that the reason he had to take his flying horse that night, was because his flying carpet was in the shop for an oil change.

Thee_Bruno on August 21, 2006 at 3:19 pm

Debbie, in addition to your great courage, you have plenty of class, you demonstrate it every time you appear on television and speak on the radio. You especially demonstrate it when you deal with an ignoramus like this guy. Lord knows you hear from a lot of them. By the way, your retort ìSo what kind of terrorists are they? Virgin terrorist?î is beautiful. Thanks for doing what you do.

Rocky on August 21, 2006 at 3:25 pm

Happy Reuvensday my beloved Schlussel…[must be because i grew up in one of the jewiest parts of Jew yoawk City that the name rolls off the tip of me tongue…no debbiedoespolitrickDOTkhan for me]. explains Reuvensday, and to a lesser degree, “Jew Girl”—which i started in 1999 based on a dream i had about Donna Topel, a ‘jewgirl’ i went to junior high school with, and whom i was willing to die for by going to Israel to fight the Yom Kippor war in ’73…but i’d be willing to do the same for jewgirls named Gwenn Winnegrad, Terri Witriol, Eileen and Vicki Meltzer, Donna LeWiner, Rose Zadnowski, Robin Ostrowski, Susie Cohen, Debbie Lipsky, etc., etc., and even YOU—and it saddens me to REALIZE that in an almost brand new century we’re still bogged down with age-old stupidities!!!
i USED to follow the teachings of my church: Y’all killed JC—until a Jewish classmate, Steven Crohn, hipped me to the stupidity of THAT statement in the sixth grade.
While those of your readers that know me KNOW i embrace Malcolm’s white-man-is-the-devil theology, and being of Jamaican heritage i have seen Amerikkka’s destabilization of MY forefathers’ country firsthand…i have NEVER questioned the validity of a Jewish state in Israel sither theologically or philosophically ever since i saw the Six Day war on television as a chile.
EVOLUTION tells us that ol’ Adonai didn’t literally create the world/universe in six days…but 1967 SHOWED that He could have if he wanted to.
Cut those welfare grants disguised as “tax cuts” to the rich and invest it in EDUCATING the poor, then both your post and MY comment will be superfluous one day?

EminemsRevenge on August 21, 2006 at 3:26 pm

Everyone check out the following lick to see how Muslim women eat spaghetti. Notice the white man in the background… LOL

Freudianslippers on August 21, 2006 at 4:20 pm

Sorry, that should read “link”… sigh!

Freudianslippers on August 21, 2006 at 4:21 pm

Their obscenities directed towards a Jewish woman suggests they aren’t getting it at home…. and their repression of their own womenfolk doesn’t compensate entirely for their feelings of insecurity. The mere fact an infidel woman – and a Jew at that – can talk down to them is too much for their male ego to handle. Let’s just say we won’t be seeing NOW any time soon admonish Islamofascists for their sexism. Or for their making death threats upon that woman. Equality? We have yet to go a long way baby and Islam is not exactly an advocate of women’s rights. Just think Saudi Arabia. Debbie Schlussel would face a double disability over there. And the Left which bashes Israel and America can’t see the real enemy staring it in the face.

NormanF on August 21, 2006 at 6:28 pm

Religion of peace? No! Submission of everyone to their level of barbaric ucture? Definitely! Cult of pieces as everyone who opposes them ends up that way, in pieces. And all this coming from those people who idolized a homosexual like ASSer Extrafat.

warpmine on August 21, 2006 at 8:24 pm

I guess on a football team with all muslims it would be easy to tell who’s who. The freshman would all be “tight ends”, but by the time they’re sophmores they’d all be “wide receivers”.

CornCoLeo on August 21, 2006 at 11:14 pm

Still…some sense of context is needed about Herzbollahville(Dearborn C.E.-common era)
The Jewish Degradation of American Baseball,and you get-free-a classic Henry Ford entry from The Dearborn Independent/September 10,1921;he also has the chutzpah to attack almost my number one hero (in sports and
out)Jewish boxer Benny Leonard(Ring Magazine rated him eighth of the top 80 boxers of all time,a few years ago)as a coward for avoiding being hit.The Herzbollah-types that are writing these f..u comments would be good buddies for ‘Heinrich’ Ford-one of Hitler’s heroes.

jaywilton on August 22, 2006 at 11:14 am

I liked the part where they say “what we’re doing is no different that what a Catholic school team would do”.
The difference is a Catholic school is a PRIVATE school not run by the state (except for minimum curriculum requirements and testing, etc.). It is run by a religious entity to purposely be a school with at least somewhat of a religious bent, just like a “Hebrew High School” (that’s the term I remember it being called) being run privately by a Jewish religious entity.
So you would be free to do the on-field prayers if your school was a private school that purposely had an Islamic bent. But instead you are supposed to be at a public school for the people of Dearborn to be able to freely go to get a basic secular education without the influence of a particular religion. So maybe you should form your own parochial school and then pre-game pray to your heart’s content.

hairymon on August 22, 2006 at 1:05 pm

This is August 22. This is the anniversary when Moohammad takes wing on his flying horse to the most distant mosque, flew to heaven, then came back down to Earth. (This is found in Isamic scripture. No matter how crazy this sounds, I’m not making this shit up. Research it.)
Now, even the most fucked-up cult has never, ever dreamed up such a psychotic adventure (a flying prophet who flies on a magic horse…LMFAO!!!!!). But Muzlomz are so stoopid, they’ll believe anything you’ll tell them as long as you you tell them that Moohammad said so. They even believe in 72 virgins when they murder innocent people. What kind of a fucked-up cult is this?!
Ask yourself this:
Where does a flying horse live?
What does a flying horse eat?
Are there any other flying horses?
Are they Unicorns, or are they Pegasuses?
How old was that flying horse?
Where did that flying horse live prior to Moohammad putting a saddle on him?
Was it an English saddle or a Western saddle, or did he ride him “BAREBACK”, HMMMMMMMMMM, ;()~~~ ?
Did anyone ever see this flying horse prior to Moohammad “mounting” him, HMMMMM, ;()~~~~~?
Who cleans a flying horse’s stable?
Does a flying horse need horseshoes?
Does a flying horse need a fly mask?
Who were the flying horse’s parents?
What SPECIFIC breed was that flying horse, anyway? Was it an Arabian Horse? A Quarter Horse, A Thoroughbred? Was it a Paint Horse? Was it a Paint Pony? Was it a Lippanzanier? Was it a Mustang? Oops, that just might be a technicality that the Qur’ an overlooked! Gee, whiz, the Qur’ an isn’t complete and perfect, after all. OHHHH SHIT!!!!! Moohammad forgot to dictate the details about the various types of horses. Therefore, he wasn’t perfect…therefore, he couldn’t possibly be a prophet because “profits” supposedly knew everything. And, you know WHY he wasn’t perfect? Yes…believe it or not…he was ILLITERATE. Now, what kind of a prophet would allah choose? Would she choose someone who was literate, or illiterate? If allah would choose someone who was illiterate, then allah, herself, is flawed.
Now, let’s speak the truth:
Moohamad was a demon-obsessed pedophile who invented a religion to enrich himself while subjugating his followers to a life of self-imposed poverty, self-imposed disease, self-imposed ignorance, self-imposed dementia, and a self-imposed life of non-invention, a self-imposed life stagnated in the Stone Age while the rest of civilization progressed into the Modern Age.
There is a reason why Muzlumz are invading the West and not even the most destitute African is invading Muzlum countries. And, the reason why, is that Muzlum countries – Islam – are barbaric societies.
Ask yourself this: How many desperate Africans want to illegally emigrate to Muzlum countries? Answer: NONE!
Answer: Because Muzlums countries are mired in the Stone Age and cannot afford anyone a life beyond 650 A.D.

Thee_Bruno on August 22, 2006 at 9:14 pm

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