August 21, 2006, - 2:53 pm

Lebanon’s Christians: Hezbollah & U.S. Aid to Hezbollah Driving Them Out

Most of Lebanon’s Christians are Maronite Catholics. Once the majority in the country, they were close to recognizing and having a lasting piece with Israel.
But first P.L.O. and now Hezbollah terrorists made a mess of their country. And their numbers in Lebanon are dwindling. They are now just 40% of the Lebanese population, according to CIA estimates (it’s probably far less than that). Many of them left to America (a large Maronite community is present in the Detroit area) and other environs to live in peace, away from Islamists. The rest are struggling to survive.
But Hezbollah–and and strengthening the terrorist group–is driving down the Christian presence in Lebanon.

A USA Today article about Maronite Archbishop Chucrallah Nabil Hage has a headline that says it all:

Archbishop Tells Church to Stay in Lebanon: ‘You’ll Make it’

The article notes that many Maronite villages are sandwiched between Hezbollah-controlled land. But more important, Hezbollah’s social welfare network–funded by U.S. taxpayers in 2000 and, again, now–is doing Christianity in Lebanon in:

Just down the road from St. George’s in El Qlaiaa, there are billboards of a smiling Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s leader. Other Hezbollah billboards feature bearded Iranian ayatollahs or the faces of slain Shiite militia fighters.
Christians in southern Lebanon confront a job shortage. The Maronite Church can’t compete with the vast social welfare net that Hezbollah has built for Shiites–clinics, schools and other facilities–said Daniel Nicholas, 26, an unemployed El Qlaiaa native.
Nicholas, who holds a master’s degree in physics, said his fiancee’s family won’t let him marry her unless he has a job. “There’s no future here.”

American taxpayers must ask our President and elected officials, like Darrell Issa and Joe Knollenberg, why and helped defeat the only obstacle to complete jihadist domination in Lebanon–its shrinking Maronite community.

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This just can’t be! The Muzlumz keep telling me that they’re a religion of peace. That they respect ALL religions. They say all of this is in their Qur’ an. How can this atrocity happen?! Are we sure it isn’t the work of the Hare Krishnas, or some other weird cult?
On a serious note, this president (whom I supported twice) better jump off the PC train and wake up to realities. Give the Iraqis and the Assramistaninas an ultimatum: Either step up to the plate and take control of your countries or we’re pulling out and let them degenerate into the Islamic hellholes that is the norm the world over. I’d also have American taxpayers stop footing the bill for this charade in Iraq, and force them to repay us with their oil revenue.

Thee_Bruno on August 21, 2006 at 4:11 pm

First they purged the Jews…
Then they purged the Christians…
This is the Muslim M.O. everywhere (Israel, Egypt, Indonesia…). The sad thing is that the Christian Arabs misplace their anger against the Jews.

Bubbaman on August 21, 2006 at 10:20 pm

yeah debbie all here talking all this bullshit bout these arabs. ur nothin but a racist piece of dirt!!

Mohamad on August 22, 2006 at 2:43 am

ya debbie so confident bout how much u hate arabs. wow people click this link and see this picture of her wearing a scarf. not so confident bout this shit after all are you… wow ur noten but a racist piece of dirt….

Mohamad on August 22, 2006 at 2:45 am

ya debbie so confident bout how much u hate arabs. wow ur noten but a racist piece of dirt….

Mohamad on August 22, 2006 at 2:45 am

As I listened to GWB giving his speech 8-21-2006 on Lebanon, I almost fell of my chair.
He proudly bragged that the USA was giving 230 million to the Lebanese to “rebuild” its infrastructure.
Set aside the fact this is unconstitutional but what possible reason is there for America to rebuild anything in Lebanon?
Our borders are wide open to terrorists and criminal Mexicans, and yet, Bush cannot find enough money in the budget to build a fence or send the national guard to the border.
Bush needs to be impeached. He is out of his elitist mind.

ScottyDog on August 22, 2006 at 2:39 pm

That’s right. And even WITH the aid to rebuild Lebanon, the Muzlums will STILL plot against us.
The only way they’ll respect us is if we – not rebuild – but to level the place.

Thee_Bruno on August 22, 2006 at 4:41 pm

WellÖCHEER the DEBSTER!Önow this is a bold article.
And thank-you for championing the cause of the Maronite Catholics!
Unfortunately ALMOST AS persistent as the prejudice against the JewsÖis that persistent prejudice against Catholics!
TWENTY years ago one of the Maronite Generals stated, ìWe shall write our own storyÖand we shall say that the West didnít help us!î
So, now we have the sad outcomeÖthe Maronites are dwindling.
AMERICAN CATHOLICS comprise about 25% of the US population.
By 2025 that figure may be as high as 40%. Maybe then AMERICAN CATHOLICS will be more vocal in supporting ìthe household of Faithî as the Apostle Paul called it. I AM NOT talking in terms of charity, which Iím sure is already being done through Church agenciesÖbut POLITICALLY which obviously IS NOT being done and it seems ONLY AMERICA can do!
ITS SO SAD so many Catholics do not have the pride of their Catholic Faith, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II etc. had.
Pope John Paul II didnít abandon any group of Catholics.
Why would Christians anywhere, in any administration, support brainwashed MUSLIMS addicted to murderous terrorism? Christians stand by Christians. GOD has no love of cowards.
GREAT BUNCH of articles lately Debbie.
WE ALL support you even if the DEARBORN POLICE turn a blind eye to hate crimes, death threats etc, against you.
AND ITíS ALL been documented right here~

The Canadien on August 23, 2006 at 6:42 pm

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