August 28, 2006, - 11:36 am

Dearbornistan: Debbie’s Excellent Adventure with HAMAS/the Brotherhood

With all the money going to Hezbollah, my “friends” in Dearbornistan have less to give to the Palestinian brothers and sisters in HAMAS. That was the lesson I got Friday evening, when I attended a fundraiser for Islamic Relief, a HAMAS “charity” (wink, wink) founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.
For those who know I observe the Jewish Sabbath, I had a team there with me to take over when I had to leave. We were “doing the work some Americans just won’t do.” In this case, those “Americans” are the FBI and ICE. (Maybe that’s why we always see Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge at the gym after the bankers hours he keeps in the heart of Islamic America for a tax-paid salary and benefits exceeding $200K a year.)

Fortunately, this year’s Islamic Relief event wasn’t as scary as the one we attended in summer 2004, which featured little kids simulating beheadings of Jews, Americans, and Brits . . . as the evening’s entertainment. Nope, this time around, there simply wasn’t the crowd or the money to reprise that “dance” troop from Milwaukee. Instead, there were other expressions of hate over halal dinner and separate seating for men and women.
Most scary to us was that, while, in 2004, we only saw one woman in attendance who was wearing the niqab, this time around half of the women were donning them, which shows us that the extremism and increasing denigration of women is gaining even more momentum in Dearbornistan’s minority Sunni community than we had earlier diagnosed. (Photos of the face covering niqab, with just slits for eyes below–though the women at the event had even the bridges of their noses covered unlike the “immodest” women below, whose “sexy” nose bridges are exposed for all the men of the world to see and by which to be enticed.)

We asked the Palestinian woman sitting next to us how she could tell her various niqab-bearing jihadi girlie-buds apart. She told us that “sometimes it’s her shape beneath the thobe,sometimes it’s the way she walks, sometimes it’s the sparkle in her eye.” Whatever. That BS sounded like a bad Frank Sinatra imitation. And coming from a woman, it was just plain weird.
Then, there was the experience of watching the women in niqabs trying to eat. As you can imagine, it’s kinda difficult. Reminds us of this spaghetti video (a must-see; watch the guy reading the newspaper). Hilarious. And ludicrous.
So, it was yet another interesting few hours with our friends from Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen (“The Muslim Brotherhood”). And the Akhawati (“Sisterhood”), too.
The scary details on Islamic Relief and what we saw, coming late Tuesday/early Wednesday. Stay tuned.

**** UPDATE: Niqab Group Photo . . . .

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5 Responses

Was this a Halloween Party you attended?
These people are just absolute savages who have no interest living in the 21st century. These barbarians ENJOY living in the 7th century. That’s because Islam is a religion of submission – not a religion of peace.
AND, the gathering was for raising money for Muzlum terrorists. Isn’t that wonderful!!!
I say, throw the whole bunch of these primitives BACK to Islamic shitholes from whence they came.

Thee_Bruno on August 28, 2006 at 1:21 pm

babysitting ? i can not imagine what goes on there. i bet they have a raffle at the end to the night with the masked women lifting there mask up and guessing what harem they belong to

PNAMARBLE on August 28, 2006 at 7:45 pm

LOL….even with those Armani Niqabs on, you can still make out the fatties…

Avatar on August 28, 2006 at 8:34 pm

Good they have niqabs or whatever-the-hell it is called! We don’t have to see their ugly hairy faces.
And Debbie, there are Google ads showing i-slamic ringtones, Mozlum girl magazine and Mozlum clothing on this page.

anonymous twit on August 29, 2006 at 4:21 am

Just look at these BARBARIANS! Normal humans don’t dress up as they do, and normal humans don’t subject themselves to a life of BARBARISM. These women are treated worse than dogs.
These BARBARIANS come here NOT to become Americans. For, if they did, they wouldn’t dress up in costumes reminiscent of the Dark Ages. They would REFORM their invented, BARBARIC cult so that they would blend into NORMAL society. BUT, THEY DON’T…and the reason why is that they are here in the U.S. to plot against us.

Thee_Bruno on August 29, 2006 at 8:30 pm

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