August 31, 2006, - 4:43 pm

Dumb: Chertoff Rejects Muslim Profiling Because of “Women;” Other BS Answers

If memory serves us correctly, today marks the second patting-himself-on-the-back interview Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff a/k/a “Mr. Burns” has done with USA Today’s editorial board in a year. His latest, taking up the whole USA Today op-ed page, is entitled “The ‘Why’ Behind Air Security.”
But that’s assuming there actually is “Air Security.” There isn’t.
Chrtoff claims he and DHS are “constantly vigilant.” Really? When I flew to Chicago, last Friday, the woman sitting next to me was putting on liquid lip gloss from a flexible tube. When I asked how she got that through security at Detroit Metro Airport, she showed me her entire make-up bag, full of liquids, hairspray, etc., and told me there was a shift change at security, and no-one cared. Maybe Chertoff should spend more time on his hole-filled sieve of air security, instead of doing media interviews pretending we’re safer.

BS: Mr. Burns Opposes Profiling Because of “Women”

But that’s wishful thinking for Mr. Burns. In the USA Today interview, he makes a number of boneheaded statements and assertions. Among them his silly reason for profiling male Muslims:

Question: The terrorism threat comes predominantly from young, Muslim male extremists. Without racial or ethnic profiling, are there ways to make airport security better match this threat?
Answer: Yes. At the extreme, 3-year-olds are not probably a threat we need to worry about, and 75-year-old grandmothers are probably not a threat. But if you look at the experience of watching suicide bombers in other parts of the world, saying those can’t be women is just not factually correct. So I’m hesitant to say that we should focus only on males, or Muslims of a particular age.

Well, who said not to profile women? Clearly, they aren’t profiling women anyway, given the allegedly “” who easily got a bag full of forbidden items on the plane from London Heathrow to Washington (diverted to Boston Logan).
They should profile the women, too. Muslim women. Arabic women. Middle Eastern women. But Chertoff doesn’t want to do anything to offend those communities, so he uses the red herring about women and skips the question, which was mostly about Muslims. If he really cared about your safety, he’d profile them. But he doesn’t. So he won’t.
He also goes on to say that “racial profiling . . . is a bad thing.” Why? It’s only bad in his mind because it might mean that he can’t sup at Ahmed’s Falafel Joint, without dirty looks while he and Homeland Security “civil rights” officer Daniel Sutherland are busy sucking up to Islamic extremists. For the rest of us, it ain’t bad at all.
The rest of his answers aren’t consistent or reflective of reality in the least.
Chertoff is asked about the gap in screening cargo. He claims that “is a big priority.” Really? Then, why are He claims that it’s not true that they don’t screen the cargo because the shipping companies have to “verify the person who’s bringing the package in.” Am I missing something here? How in the heck does that constitute screening? Simple. It doesn’t. More smoke and mirrors from someone who needs to look in the mirror.
Chertoff supports the Registered Traveler program, which would exempt travelers from additional searches and questioning at checkpoints. But the databases DHS has to conduct background checks are a lower level set of databases and an archaic set of checks that are done. They don’t have access to all of the terrorism lists.
Regardless, the background checks would not have caught most–and probably none–of the 9/11 hijackers. Most of them could probably become Registered Travelers on 9/10/01. Terrorist groups don’t recruit known people with security blemishes to engage in operations. They pick people with clean records.
Chertoff also said, “At Homeland Security, we have to bat a thousand.” Do you see DHS batting a thousand? Not even close. Not even in single A minor league baseball.
This is the Big Leagues. But they keep fouling and striking out.

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“They pick people with clean records”.
We would hope that people who are on the Watch list would not be able to fly in a plane or be able to enter the country but it’s not always the case. So many people “of interest” just drive in from Canada. They fly to and from Canada to the Middle East and just drive back to the US. The no-fly list is only as good as the people checking it and the people who enter the information into the system. If you don’t have to make a long trip, drive.

Minnie Mouse on August 31, 2006 at 11:27 pm

We’re not likely to be endangered if Debbie applies lip gloss during a flight. Banning liquids and gels is silly. Its not things we need to focus on; its the people who commit terrorist acts. And we won’t have security unless we profile likely terrorist suspects. Thanks to political correctness, we’re nowhere near to doing that and go to great lengths to inconvenience passengers by banning personal toiletries in flight without making the flying experience more pleasant and more secure and conducting mindless random checks of passengers so we don’t offend Muslims. Puhleeaze. After 5 years, DHS is not up to game. Not even close!

NormanF on August 31, 2006 at 11:29 pm

There are no better authorities on terrorism and how to deal with it than the Israelis. El Al’s safety record is impeccable. Every passenger is screened. Some say that we can’t completely emulate El AL airlines due to the sheer numbers of travelers we have here in the US. Maybe, but I’ll tell you one thing, if things don’t begin to change, and that includes intelligent racial profiling, we WILL have another 9/11 on our hands. It’s just a matter of when.
We could learn a thing or two from Marvin Badler, El AL’s former security chief. Instead, Chertoff ignored him.
Profiling must become a part of our strategy against the war on terror and not just in the airline industry but also in other areas I need not go into.
Not allowing the use of racial profiling because some idiot from CAIR says its “racist” is incredulous and, in my opinion, will prove to be deadly.
The only airline nowdays I feel really safe on is EL AL.

Phoenix on August 31, 2006 at 11:30 pm

why are you so small minded for? why the need to seperate a religion because of the idiotic actions of people part of it? Timothy mcvay (sp?) blew up a building in oklahoma are we profiling white males due to what he has done i highly doubt it the white male would have a fit about that! Why on earth are we going to start profiling muslims acouple million people bcuss acouple of idiots. I have no respect for you debbie because you constantly make a religion look like it is a piece of shit. Did ww2 did the holocaust did the seperation of the african americans not open your SMALLLLL extremely small mind just alittle bit!

hanadi on September 1, 2006 at 1:33 am

White males are profiled every day in this country in college admissions, promotions for jobs, ridiculed as idiots in sitcoms and commercials, not selected for various sports just for being white (remember the world champion Boston Celtics with Larry Bird, Danny Ainge, and Kevin McHale? But NO white males ain’t good at basketball!!)
I had a college degree when I joined a large police force as a rookie cop, spent 10 yrs on the job, obtained a Master’s Degree, then was passed over for promotion to a Lieutenant position by a black female with a highschool education and four years on the job. I quit and went on to get a PhD.
So tell me about profiling.
Even if a SMALL number of Muslims are murderers and believe “infidels” should have their throats slit, there have been enough incidents to warrant very active profiling. Every terroist plot that I’m aware of within the past few decades have been by Muslims. Tim McVay was an anomaly. Meaning it is not a way of life for Whites to actively plot and carry out suicide bombings and mass murders for religious reasons and have entire governments that support such actions (Iran and Syria).
My question to you and all other such Muslims who support Hezbollah and Hamas et al is why did you come to the U.S. when you knew this is was a Judaeo/Christian country? And why are you in the WEST at all? Islamic culture and Western culture are incompatible.
If on the other hand, you are a peaceful Muslim and insist on living in our countries then you should follow our rules not your own. And that is what Westerners would have to do if they lived in Muslim countries. In the meantime, you should support profiling too unless of course you support terrorists.

Phoenix on September 1, 2006 at 4:10 am

One other thing: profiling is a way of staying alive. For every young lady who has moved away from home by herself for the first time, you had better learn how to profile and do it quickly. I don’t care what your race is.

Phoenix on September 1, 2006 at 5:47 am

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